The Muse’s 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways: Cover FX The Big Cover Up Set

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12 Days of Christmas

Pssstttt the Muse was supposed to have six geese a laying ready and waiting for you yesterday but she got busy and the geese got impatient and flew off into the horizon.

So today I bring you the sixth and seventh days of Christmas in two new giveaways, the first of which you’re about to be privy too!

On the first day of Christmas my Muse gave to me a Clarisonic Mia Sonic Skin Cleansing System.

On the second day of Christmas my Muse gave to me two DKNY Delicious Gift Sets.

On the third day of Christmas my Muse gave to me three Milani Rock and Glow Glitter Creams.

On the fourth day of Christmas my Muse gave to me four Harajuku Lovers Snow Bunnies Perfumes.

On the fifth day of Christmas the Muse gave to me a huge haul of color cosmetics from the Body Shop Holiday Collection!

On the six day of Christmas my Muse gave to me a Cover FX Big Cover Up Set! The Muse wants you looking fresh and flawless for the holiday season so for this giveaway you’ll get yourself the perfect way to do just that.

Cover FX Milani 1

Cover FX The Big Cover Up includes all the essentials for creating flawless, beautiful skin in three easy steps.

The set includes:

  • Cover FX Skin Prep FX
  • Cover FX Foundation (M Series, Universal Shade for Medium Skin Tones)
  • Cover FX Setting Powder FX
  • Cover FX Essentials DVD How To
  • Cover FX Full Size Foundation Brush

The set has become a staple product for me during mornings I want quick, flawless coverage. It’s richly pigmented, blends seamlessly, and creates a beautiful finish to your face!  It’s not six geese a laying but I like to think it’s an good substitute.

In order to win you simply leave a comment here and follow me on Twitter (if you’re following me already you’re all set).

The contest runs until the end of December. A random winner will be selected and alerted via e-mail.

The contest is open to everyone! US, Canada, Europe, Asia, wherever you are, whatever planet, you can go right ahead and enter to win.

Good Luck!

Visit to learn more info about the set and Cover FX makeup!

  • 12/7/09 19:30 Hero:

    Ooh this looks wonderful! Thanks Muse

  • 12/7/09 19:42 Casey M:

    I love you blog Muse. I am following you on twitter. I would so love to win something this christmas!!

  • 12/7/09 19:50 Shame:

    I want it!

  • 12/7/09 19:55 sue tennant:

    fingers crossed!

    love the blog xxxx

  • 12/7/09 19:57 Ashley:

    Funny how CoverFX is a Canadian brand (I think) but I have never used it. I here good things so you would assume I’d get me some.
    P.S. I was thinking about your 12 days of giveaways & almost up until now you’ve had no international give away. Almost all of the prizes until now were for US readers only. Are you planning on having one specifically for Canadians? And Europe/Asia seperately? That way ladies/gent’s will have better odds if the giveaway is for their home country as the US readers did :)

    • 12/8/09 14:29 the Muse:

      hi ashley! yea weird right? I just recently learned it was canadian! Anything that’s offered worldwide is for everyone…canada, asian, europe, etc….I’m not up for breaking it into different countries that would be too confusing for me to organize. I haven’t really had too many for International readers since airmail costs can really be high for stuff that’s heavy and the giveaway postage is coming out of my pocket. It’s the holidays and putting out airmail costs is kinda not on top of my list at the moment with all the other money I have to spend with xmas and such :) anything that’s smaller size and I’m able to ship (not liquids and such) I do open to non-US readers. I’m trying my best to keep everyone involved that’s for sure :)

  • 12/7/09 20:06 Sandy:

    Thank you so much for doing these giveaways! I’ve never seen Cover FX and would love to have a chance to play with some of the products.

  • 12/7/09 20:09 Carol:

    Oooh, want it! Sounds fantastic.

  • 12/7/09 20:11 Selene:

    Oh, I love this one! Great idea for a giveaway–I’ve never tried Cover FX but have heard that it gives amazing coverage. Keep up the awesome work!

  • 12/7/09 20:13 Diana:

    Hi Muse! I remember reading how much you love their concealer. I would to give it a try to hide my dark circles and acne scars! :)

  • 12/7/09 20:15 Hailee:

    Niiiiice! Sone loyal geese they are…

    Haha I like smashbox HD liquid coverup, but this sounds like nice powder! Would love to try it

    • 12/8/09 15:35 the Muse:

      good luck hailee 😀 sorry about the geese LOL!

  • 12/7/09 20:20 Phyrra:

    Mmmm, goose. Tasty.

    • 12/8/09 9:23 the Muse:

      LOL DD I can arrange for the geese if you prefer them :)!

  • 12/7/09 20:28 Rin:

    I’ve always wanted to try this!
    & I’m already following you on twitter (shinpuruhappy)

  • 12/7/09 20:30 K:

    Oooooooh, *drools* ME wants! =D

  • 12/7/09 20:42 Jenny:

    Aww… another awesome giveaway MUSE!

    You been so nice and generous with gifts, I hope Santa brings you everything on your list :)

    • 12/8/09 9:22 the Muse:

      aww thanks jenny hugs! good luck!

  • 12/7/09 20:57 electronicfly:

    yay! another giveaway I can join 😀

  • 12/7/09 20:57 Dawn H.:

    Oh boy, cover up. Me needs bad!

  • 12/7/09 21:00 Nina:

    I’ve always been looking for the best foundation and I’m glad to have a chance to win this! Thanks Muse!

  • 12/7/09 21:02 adrian:

    Thanks for the chance! Great prize!

  • 12/7/09 21:04 Alice:

    oo that looks awesome! /want

  • 12/7/09 21:16 sindy:

    please count me in!!!

  • 12/7/09 21:28 kira:

    haha muse i would definitely want this over six geese a laying! at least it doesn’t poop all over the place 😛

    • 12/8/09 9:21 the Muse:

      LOL kira!


      good luck hun!

      No geese promise!

  • 12/7/09 21:29 Jaime:

    This looks lovely. I’d love to try it out!

  • 12/7/09 21:30 Preeti:


    Love reading your reviews – very helpful :-) I have been wanting this set for a long time, so just trying my luck here.


  • 12/7/09 21:35 Kathie:

    This looks amazing! I hope I win this 😛
    I saw this product online and it looked really nice!

  • 12/7/09 21:43 Christina:

    Whoa I just got the Foundation and I love it! This would such a good opportunity to try their other things!

  • 12/7/09 21:43 Sha:

    Awsome! I always wanted to try this product but afraid to purchase it in case it isn’t good.

    tweeter: kettyny

  • 12/7/09 21:50 Janice:

    i want i want! following in twitter already. xD

  • 12/7/09 21:53 Dana:


  • 12/7/09 21:53 Jennifer B.:

    awesome! thanks!

  • 12/7/09 21:53 Phoi:

    Hey Muse! I would love to win this! Thanks! Happy holidays : )

  • 12/7/09 22:03 Halifax:

    Thanks so much for this giveaway. I kept waiting for one that allows international entries :-)

  • 12/7/09 22:09 Ally:

    Been following (stalking! hehe jk) you already (@allysunlee) 😀

    Winter season is lethal for my combination skin.. esp. in the U zone for it gets so dry with flakey patches n couple pesky pimples that I can’t even pop but I always go for it and end up with ugly red spots that seem to stay forever before they’re gone (doh!) :/
    I wonder if CoverFX’s 3 steps will cover those red spots? Also, when you have time, will you share me your favorite concealers? XD

    • 12/8/09 15:34 the Muse:

      haha stalk away ally 😀 I’d def say that this would do you well 😀 and of course will do promise!

      Good Luck doll!

  • 12/7/09 22:41 imprompturoses:

    Thanks Muse — this is much better than silly geese. I actually saw CoverX on Hautelook about a week ago (I think?), but I’ve never tried they’re products & am a bit iffy about buying cosmetics randomly online. Winning them on the other hand…. 😉

  • 12/7/09 22:43 Nadine:

    OMG, my skin has been going crazy so I definitely need some cover-up help!

  • 12/7/09 22:52 Sue C.:

    This sounds like a great set and I sure could use some help with my cover-up technique. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • 12/7/09 22:55 Carol L:

    I almost bought the primer from Sephora, but thought that I should finish what I have. Almost there. The primer does work well, when I tried it.

  • 12/7/09 23:18 Jessica A:

    I would love some flawless skin for Christmas, and I follow you on twitter too.

  • 12/7/09 23:30 Andrea:

    Yay! I WANT this!!!! OH, how I love Santa!

  • 12/7/09 23:31 anna:

    great giveaway- i am running out of foundation! following you- annashos

  • 12/7/09 23:33 Ziemah:

    count me in! 😀


  • 12/8/09 1:37 Sydni:

    I would love to win!

  • 12/8/09 7:35 su-pah:

    cyoool! enter me priddy please!
    and i’m following you on tewitter. xox

    • 12/8/09 7:36 su-pah:

      cyoool! enter me priddy please!
      and i’m following you on tewitter (sksuper). xox

  • 12/8/09 8:30 Kayvid:

    Hola! Awesome giveaway!

  • 12/8/09 8:42 Nessa:

    Great giveaway! Thanks!

    twitter name: MissNessa

  • 12/8/09 9:30 gio:

    Sounds great, thanks for the giveaway!

  • 12/8/09 9:51 Aretha:

    would love to win! pls hold more giveaways for international readers hun! :)

    • 12/8/09 14:21 the Muse:

      def trying aretha :) just a bit expensive around the holidays having to pay for airmail out of my own pocket but I am def tryin’!

      good luck!

  • 12/8/09 10:10 fathima:

    Can i say………..AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! u rock musepie……u r THE best!!!!!!!

  • 12/8/09 10:10 Paloma:

    of course I want this 😛 followed @ truedovemomma on twitter

  • 12/8/09 10:10 Connie:

    Ooooh! I’d love to try this brand! Thanks for the chance to win!

    I’ve been following you on twitter already. =P

  • 12/8/09 10:22 Trinh:

    Uh duh…who doesn’t want flawless skin?

  • 12/8/09 10:25 brittany b:

    this looks amazing, thanks for having all these contests!

  • 12/8/09 10:33 Dhini:

    very nice..enter me

  • 12/8/09 10:34 mj:

    Oh wow, this is awesome! I really need help in the flawless-skin department…

  • 12/8/09 10:52 Bakeneko:

    Yay, this is a great giveaway. Thanks Muse!

    Already following you on Twitter as ‘Kuwanyauma’ :)

  • 12/8/09 11:05 Angie:

    Yes, please! I need to be flawless!

  • 12/8/09 11:19 Ida:

    I definitely want to try this! I have a lot to conceal these days. Followed on twitter earlier :)

  • 12/8/09 11:28 Lisa:

    I would love to win. Though I am fair and not medium, I could so give this to my sister.

  • 12/8/09 11:35 Tina Matuchniak:

    Hmm, I’ve never thought to try cream foundation before. I, too, have dry skin, and prefer a liquid foundation, but do not always get the kind of coverage I want so have to go over with BE to get the smooth finish. I would love to try this one, though. I’ve checked out your review, and it sounds promising. Need to go to their website and figure out shades, though.

  • 12/8/09 11:39 Kimberley:

    ohhh i would love to try this out! =D

  • 12/8/09 12:16 myolie:

    would love to have these and cover up my blackheads,pores,scars and acne. muse your gifts are getting better and better. loving it.

    • 12/8/09 12:40 the Muse:

      thank myolie :-D!
      You’re awesome!

  • 12/8/09 13:21 Erin:

    Oooooo, I’ve never tried this stuff, but I’ve been wanting it ever since I read your review on it!

  • 12/8/09 14:01 dangster:

    I’d like to try this out. Being of medium skin tone, I think this might work for me! :)

  • 12/8/09 14:04 Daituf:

    Wooot yay! I’ve been wanting to try cover fx!!! It’s a canadian company too i hear.
    Thanks muse!

  • 12/8/09 14:34 evelyn:

    I’m a follower :)

  • 12/8/09 16:33 Mandy:

    This sounds like a great kit! Can hide imperfections all from one set.
    Thanks for the great giveaway! You’re spoiling us ^__^

  • 12/8/09 16:34 Kyungheeee:

    oooh your giveaways are too generous 😀
    your the best muse! (:

  • 12/8/09 16:44 audrey d:

    i always wanted to buy this every time i drop into Sephora (which is like once a week O.o) but it was always too $$$ for me. i hope i win!

  • 12/8/09 17:02 Heather T.:

    ohh *major lemming* Heather likey! haha

  • 12/8/09 17:14 Masa:

    Hey Muse, tnx for opening some of the giveaways to international readers.
    I was wondering if it is ok if I follow you on twiter via rss feed?

    • 12/9/09 14:36 the Muse:

      masa following me on twitter ups your chances of winning but following me via rss won’t help as I won’t know you are following via RSS….hope this makes sense!

  • 12/8/09 18:27 Diana:

    yay enter nicee

  • 12/8/09 18:29 Diana:

    folowing you on twitter dcoa15

  • 12/8/09 18:58 alex:

    ooo looks nice

  • 12/8/09 18:58 chelsea:

    enter mee

  • 12/8/09 19:14 A. Ozair:

    oh museeey…I LOOOVE YOu even more with all these lovely giveaways..hehehe

    i follow u on twitter as well (aaj83)

    • 12/9/09 10:30 the Muse:

      aw thanks A! good luck hun!

  • 12/8/09 19:27 Lizzie:

    Oooh this would be amazing!!
    I also follow you on twitter @wizfoe

  • 12/8/09 20:23 Grace:

    =O i wanted to buy this but i just didnt have the extra money :[

  • 12/8/09 21:10 Ashley C.:

    I’ve never tried CoverFX, but this set looks awesome! Thank you so much for doing this giveaway and being so generous to all of us!

    • 12/9/09 10:26 the Muse:

      aw thank YOU ashley! good luck!

  • 12/8/09 22:22 MarciaF:

    As a Twitter follower I thank you for keeping us so well informed.

  • 12/8/09 22:45 Fahima Nasimi:

    I was actually interested in buying this. Thank you so much for doing this

  • 12/8/09 22:47 karlenma:

    i want this!!! :)
    i follow you on twitter.
    twitter name: ilaybalilay

  • 12/8/09 23:01 Hana:

    I would love to win this one! I hope it would work for my rather pale skin though.

  • 12/8/09 23:07 Mai:

    I definitely want to win this, and I’m a follower :) under maimaimaiii

  • 12/9/09 1:18 Hannah:


    I’ve been driving myself nuts trying all kinds of products to achieve this flawless canvas look lol. This looks like something I would love to try too hahaha.

  • 12/9/09 2:05 Grace:

    Boy do I need this! Already following you Muse :)

    Twitter: japanesejunkie

  • 12/9/09 4:34 Mariza:

    I’d love to have a chance to try this!

  • 12/9/09 8:28 Michelle C.:

    Ohhhh! I’d look so flawless with this!!

  • 12/9/09 9:44 Heather:

    I would love to try this! Anything that helps make foundation application quick and flawless sounds amazing to me!!

  • 12/9/09 10:39 laura r:

    you know it’s love when Muse gives up concealer, lol. wow.

    • 12/9/09 10:42 the Muse:

      LMAO Laura! Nice one 😀 Good Luck hun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 12/9/09 10:57 evie:

    woots! thanks for having this giveaway! would love to try this!

  • 12/9/09 11:58 Lulee:

    i neeeeeeeed this!

  • 12/9/09 15:56 Ronnie:


  • 12/9/09 23:28 Cindi:

    I could really use this product! I have a birthmark on my face and it is very difficult to cover. Many thanks, Cindi

  • 12/10/09 7:24 Lisa:

    I’ve heard some great things about Cover FX!

  • 12/10/09 18:25 Alejandra:

    Youre the best! =)

  • 12/11/09 0:21 Jodi:

    YokiB612 on Twitter

  • 12/11/09 4:07 Reggi:

    omg i would love to win this one! i need something quick for the mornings because i like to sleep in =P

  • 12/11/09 8:03 Jywoi:

    Love it!
    twitter: AnneDufour

  • 12/11/09 12:06 Heather!:

    I’m following! (You’re the first…I *just* set up my Twitter account!)
    Another great giveaway…thanks!!

  • 12/11/09 13:40 Ana:

    Omggg this looks amazing!

  • 12/11/09 17:47 Gabriela:

    This set is perfect for covering everything. It`s amazing! I didn`t know it but now it`s in my wishlist. Thanks a lot for the chance!!!
    I follow you on Twitter (username: ConBdeBelleza).

  • 12/11/09 20:41 Melissa:

    Now following!

  • 12/12/09 6:04 Angela:

    hey there
    im following you on twitter
    please enter me

  • 12/12/09 11:15 Abby:

    Another great giveaway! Yet another brand i have yet to try!

    Twitter giveaways: darkmotives

  • 12/12/09 11:34 shiki:

    Great love this! Thanks!

  • 12/12/09 11:55 Melissa:

    This would be incredible to win!

  • 12/12/09 21:34 Deb Anderson:

    OMG!! I soooo need this!! I have red blotchy skin and NOTHING seems to help. If I put on enough foundation to really cover it up, I LOOK made up and that’s not good.

  • 12/13/09 0:28 Mimi Pham:

    looks nice.

  • 12/13/09 14:32 Tiffany:

    !!!!! I hope I get to win this!! My friend uses this, and her skin looks great! My twitter is birdjunkieee :]

  • 12/13/09 18:28 Carol Mathesen:

    The Muse knows exactly what I need! Spooky!

  • 12/13/09 19:15 Laurie A:

    This looks like serious coverage. Good deal!

  • 12/14/09 4:31 Carol:

    I follow on Twitter cdziuba and thanks for the chance to win

  • 12/14/09 9:44 Terri Dell:

    Twitter follower – Ziggywag

    Awesome prize

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    Really need this!

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    i love this! and i’m following you on twitter meandbells

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    This def has my interest………in am SOOO in!

    Happy Holidayz….thanks again!

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    Once again..what a great giveaway. I love the 12 days of Christmas!!
    I already follow on twitter on lissaxolove

  • 12/14/09 16:23 Patricia Garcia:

    WOW! Great giveaway…heard this works great for melasma…I not only want it I need it!!!

  • 12/14/09 17:13 Julia:

    great giveaway

  • 12/14/09 18:36 susan varney:

    i would like to win

  • 12/14/09 18:41 martan:

    Thanks Muse for this giveaway
    twitted martaale

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  • 12/14/09 19:27 Jannet Tseng:

    I want one, too.

  • 12/14/09 20:29 Jessie:

    Hmm, is this for medium skin tone only? too bad, as I’m light~

    • 12/15/09 9:12 the Muse:

      jessie did you want me to enter you anyway? let me know as I need to add it to my spreadsheet. thanks!

  • 12/14/09 23:44 Jennifer G:

    I’d love to try this!

    • 12/14/09 23:45 Jennifer G:


  • 12/15/09 0:23 Jen:

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    thanks for the chance

  • 12/15/09 9:00 Kristi C:

    Oh, I really need something to cover up my huge pores that nothing seems to help.

  • 12/15/09 10:27 cherie:

    Thank you for the chance, would definitely love to try this!
    PS Don’t ever stop blogging! I like reading your reviews!

    • 12/15/09 11:09 the Muse:

      awww cherie thank YOU you totally made my day!

      Cheers mate!

      Happy Holidays and Good Luck!

  • 12/15/09 12:04 Mandy H:

    This would be nice to have. Thanks.

  • 12/15/09 17:24 Jennifer Lachman:

    I don’t usualy use cover up because it seems to confusing to get a natural looking finish. I would love to see how this works. I follow you on twitter as jennielee685

  • 12/16/09 2:40 yuki:

    wow!! I want this!! I’ve been reading lots of stuff abt CoverFX… too bad malaysia doesn’t sell these products… I want the setting powder the most!
    Good luck everyone~~

  • 12/16/09 2:47 Monique Rizzo:

    I have wanted to try this. Thanks for the chance.

  • 12/19/09 17:51 Jenna:

    Great giveaway

  • 12/21/09 2:14 L.D.:

    Following you on twitter; @wantsandwishes

    I would love to win this please enter me in your contest.

  • 12/22/09 0:44 Nicole O.:

    Laaahhhhhhhhvvvvvv this!

  • 12/24/09 16:21 Aline:

    Kids and work getting me up at the crack of dawn. Need something to cover up these rings under my eyes. They used to go away when I was younger, but now they seem to be a permanent fixture. Sent a request to follow you on Twitter from @monkeygrl59

    arobimom at gmail dot com

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    Thank you so much for the chance to win.
    I am following via Twitter as jlsc123.


  • 12/28/09 19:16 Elizabeth:

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  • 12/29/09 15:38 Happi Shopr:
  • 12/29/09 17:07 Pamela S:

    With all the pigmented areas on my face I NEED a good cover up. Thanks for the great gift, and the 12 days theme is so much fun!!

  • 12/29/09 23:18 Sheryl C:

    Great giveaway….thank you!!!

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  • 12/31/09 11:29 heather c:

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    (twitter = choochoo428)

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