Bourjois Paris 1001 Lashes Mascara

Ahh…I’ve always wanted 1001 Lashes and now I can have them thanks to the new Bourjois Paris Mascara!

Check it!


New Bourjois Paris 1001 Lashes Mascara tells me you should say good bye to mascaras that only thicken and lengthen your lashes because it’s not only going to do that, it’s also going to multiply them!

This brand new mascara supposedly visually multiplies the number of lashes for a full fringe of lashes that are dense and fuller! The new double helix brush applicator has 12 rows of bristles that work to capture every single lash, pulling them up and outwards while plumping.

OMG! It’s so exciting! Ok, that was a little too much excitement on my part but it sounds kinda cool doesn’t it? Hmmm wonder if it actually works!

Should be in Boots UK soon me thinks, I shall indulge and tell you the good word.

Whatcha think?

1001 lashes? Hype?

  • 1/19/10 14:12 Sarah:

    Any news on whether this will hit US shelves? Such a cool looking mascara needs to find its way to me :)


    • 1/19/10 14:16 the Muse:

      sarah it seems like BP has pulled out of the US completely. Even the main portal site no longer has the US listed :( I’ll def let you know if it does but I’m losing all hope lately of getting any updates from BP to US shelves :(


  • 1/19/10 14:20 Stephanie:

    i’ve got this one, in brown, and I like it, though it’s not like it multiplies my lashes or anything =P But yeah, I really like it!


    • 1/19/10 14:29 the Muse:

      hey stephanie where you from hun? UK?

      ha the claims of multiply lashes had me skeptical :)


  • 1/19/10 14:36 Robyn:

    its in boots, for a while i think a friend has it. Good enough mascara but she still looks like she has the same number of lashes, i would say multipying is probably impossible without false lashes


    • 1/19/10 16:28 the Muse:

      aw man robyn you’re killing my jive. not good 😛 I want multiply lashes! :-D!


  • 1/19/10 16:02 Lisa Kate:

    Ahhh!! What sadness that I can’t get this in the US! Sounds pretty neat though, maybe I can get my cousin in Manchester to send it to me XD (This is why it PAYS to have British family members!!)


    • 1/19/10 16:36 the Muse:

      Lisa I hate how BP seems to have yanked the plug on us :( sigh I love the brand but it’s impossible to get the new bits over here!

      Thank god for brit friends, no fam but plenty of mates 😀


  • 1/19/10 21:25 kenzie.:

    I’m pretty sure my ULTA had this mascara. Don’t quote me on it, tho. 😉


    • 1/20/10 14:30 the Muse:

      really kenzie?! that’s awesome considering it just launched UK side! I’m at Ulta after work if that’s the case 😀


  • 1/19/10 23:32 Hannah:

    Multiply??? Unless its a growth serum that promotes lash growth I honestly don’t see how its gonna ‘multiply’ my lashes. Oh the claims of mascara companies nowadays. The best you can get imo is a non flaky mascara that holds curls and you’re pretty much set. Want more? use false lashes LOL.

    So why do I still keep buying mascara by the tons in hopes of a HG one that does everything it says hahahahahaha.


    • 1/20/10 14:39 the Muse:

      hey hannah I guess they just mean it’ll make lashes fuller :) awww haha I guess we are all searching for the perfect everything when it comes to makeup


  • 1/20/10 9:37 Isabelle:

    Hello the Muse,
    I live in France and am the lucky owner of this mascara! I must say I love it. It doesn’t provide as much volume as some of my other favorites (Effets Faux Cils by YSL or Hypnôse by Lancôme), but it does a good job for a price which is, as always with Bourjois, quite interesting.
    Sorry to hear that you can’t get that brand in the US. I think we should start an international exchange: I could send you Bourjois makeup, and you could send me some Great American products that we don’t get here!!! I have a birthmark that I can only hide with Maximum Cover by Estée Lauder, but this product doesn’t exist in France (altough the brand itself does).
    Life of make-up lovers is sooo unfair!!!


    • 1/20/10 13:57 the Muse:

      hi Isabelle we share the same name just spelled differently!

      aww I’m jealous, lucky! I’m trying to track it down now! I always find BP is great quality for the $$ :) I really don’t understand what happened. Ulta carries some of the line but Sephora stopped carrying it completely :( I need to start a forum for JUST that purpose 😀 It sounds like a GREAT idea actually I know a blogger who does these fun rounds of boxes and stuff to swap up. that would be a cool idea to do dontcha think!?


  • 1/20/10 14:06 Isabelle:

    I would love swapping things!!!
    It’s so frustrating to read some of your reviews and know that I would not be able to put my hands on the product…or at least, not after several months…
    I don’t know how we could organize this swapping thing, but I’m in!
    I didn’t know your name, although I read your blog everyday. It’s funny that we share the same one. Isabelle is the French spelling. I suppose yours must be Isabel or Isabella…


    • 1/20/10 14:12 the Muse:

      hey isabelle. I was thinking it would be fun for us all to do 😀 let me think on this and get back with you! I’m kinda silly busy at the moment but maybe we can arrange something for readers! I’ve always wanted to do one but I’m always too busy :) after my renewal season at my office perhaps we can try it out and see what happens with a limited number of folks!

      Isabella 😀 but everyone calls me Izzy hehe how about you?


  • 1/20/10 14:30 Isabelle:

    Lovely idea. It may be a bit difficult to organize at first but it sounds so funny!
    Of course, there’s no hurry. I hope you did not think I was putting any pressure on you, we all get so busy with our jobs, it’s kind of crazy sometimes…
    Let’s just keep the idea somewhere in our crowded mind!
    I’m glad I took the chance to leave a comment today. I had never done it before, and it’s really nice getting to know you better.

    My friends call me Isa most of the time, but I love Izzy!
    Have a nice day/morning/afternoon. It’s 20:28 here, I don’t know about new York…


  • 3/5/10 8:09 Nia:

    This mascara seems to be more for length than volume. It has a thin wand.

    As Essence is now also available in the US, get yourself to an ULTA and check out their mascaras. Some of them are really nice :)


    • 3/10/10 13:34 the Muse:

      hey nia! aw damn not good either?! I’m trying a few essence mascaras now they are ok for the price but I’m not rolling around in utter fits of excitement yet :)


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