Live Q&A With Bobbi Brown on Twitter!

Happy Monday! or not depending on how you feel about Monday.

Bobbi Brown is going to be on Twitter tomorrow! w00t! She’ll be having her first ever Live Q&A session on the popular social network.

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Have a little jump to get details!

Tomorrow, January 12th, starting at 12:30 PM EST Bobbi Brown will be live on Twitter answering questions from followers.

The session will last one hour, ending at 1:30 and allows fans a unique and rare opportunity to chat live with Bobbi and tap her brain for beauty advice, tips and tricks.

Simply follow AskBobbiBrown and ask questions in a tagged format. Example: @AskBobbiBrown What is your favorite concealer? #prettypowerful

The #prettypowerful tag is a teaser for a spring initiative that will be unveiled shortly from Bobbi Brown.

I had the chance to submit my question(s) early and I’m hopeful both will be answered.

Question 1: How can I keep foundation from oxidizing on my skin so quickly?

Question 2: What are some of the best ways to conceal puffy eyes (not treat)?

If you’re feeling shy and not wanting to participate or you don’t have a Twitter account you can visit @AskBobbiBrown and just watch the Q&A session unfold.

What sort of questions would you ask Bobbi?

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  • 1/11/10 9:57 Tina Matuchniak:

    Thanks for the tip, Muse! My question would probably be a dark circles under the eye one.


    • 1/11/10 10:28 the Muse:

      Tina awesome tell us if she replies?! and what she recommends!


  • 1/11/10 10:24 Nia:

    Oh, this might be interesting. Will you let us know the answers to your questions (if you get any)?
    I guess she will be flooded with questions.


    • 1/11/10 10:28 the Muse:

      I surely will Nia! :) Let me know if you participate and if she answers!


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