Lush Spring Collection 2010: Lush Valentine’s Day Collection 2010

Romance and Spring are in the air or perhaps in our bathtubs with the brand new Lush Valentine’s Day Collection available for a very limited time from Lush Cosmetics!

Lush Spring Collection 2010


Lush always jumps on board Valentine’s Day and creates small gifts and treats for the season. I’m not all that big on V-Day myself but I admit to having a little squeal of joy when Lush introduces the new treats!

This year we are privy to the once UK Exclusive, Lush Vanilla Scoop Gift Set ($79.95). Hit up your husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, partner, etc…for this all in one vanilla scented gift set which includes all of Lush’s most popular vanilla scented goodies!

  • Lush Vanilla Scoop Gift includes:
  • Lush Vanilla Delite Moisturizer
  • Lush Vanilla Puff Powder
  • Lush Vanilla Fountain Bath Bomb
  • Lush Vanillary Fragrance

Lush Valentine's Day Collection 2010 2

The entire set comes tucked away in a ice cream inspired bucket! Cutes!

The Lush True Love gift set ($44.95) comes packaged up in a red sequined heart shaped box and includes:

  • Lush Love Soap
  • Lush Sex Bomb
  • Lush Heavanilli
  • Lush Yummy Yummy Yummy
  • Lush Vanilla Delite

Lush Valentine's Day Collection 2010 3

The Lush Be Mine Gift Set keeps your budget in check with a sweet $25 price tag for a gift wrapped box that includes all the following lovely treats:

  • Lush Flying Fox Shower Gel
  • Lush Honey Trap Lip Balm
  • Lush Soft Coeur Massage Bar

Lush Valentine's Day Collection 2010 4

Make up your own Valentine’s Day inspired gift by selecting from Lush Love Soap ($3.95) which is scented like Lush’s popular Sex Bomb Bath Bomb and shaped like a heart or the new Lush Magic Mushroom Bath Bar ($4.95) which combines one part Lush Vanillary and two parts fruity Yummy Yummy in the red cap! Or grab yourself a Lush The Ex Factor ($4.95) Bath Bomb. Shaped like the cult favorite Gingerman this little guy smells like Lush Butterball and lives your skin silky smooth!

Lush Valentine's Day Collection 2010 1

Lush Valentine's Day Collection 2010 5

Lush Valentine's Day Collection 2010 6

Indulge in the collection now by visiting The Muse doesn’t even think it has to be Valentine’s Day to enjoy these treats.

  • 1/18/10 7:03 LEANDRA _ BONETHUGS:

    I’m going to buy all 3 of the last row theysare soooo cute .


    • 1/18/10 8:34 the Muse:

      me too Leandra 😀 can’t help but lurve them!


  • 1/18/10 7:26 Smirking Valet:

    OMG to the Magic Mushroom!!! The Mario nerd in me says “yes please!”


    • 1/18/10 8:33 the Muse:

      smirking as soon as I seen it I was thinking, “Imma Mario!”



    • 1/18/10 12:10 Marina:

      That is exactly what I thought of…Sooo Mario obsessed XD Cuteness.


      • 1/18/10 12:15 the Muse:

        hehe Marina ;-D


  • 1/18/10 8:20 Fee-ona:

    Oooo nice one muse, I don’t think my BF would appreciate all the lovely smelly things but he knows I would. Time to go lay down some hinthints!

    I am loving all three of the new items.


    • 1/18/10 8:34 the Muse:

      hehe fee-ona go get him girl!


  • 1/18/10 20:54 Gia:

    oooo!! I want the gift sets and the Mario mushroom!! I really shouldn’t buy any. I’m still using up some of the stuff from my last month trip to Lush. But I should buy it considering they are only for Valentine’s Day. I mean I should buy a present for myself right?


    • 1/20/10 16:01 the Muse:

      gia the mushroom is so calling to me 😀 You SHOULD you SHOULD 😀 everyone deserves a present for themselves, gotta justify these things hehe!


  • 1/18/10 23:24 jackieg02:

    Ugh, I wanted to stay away from Lush for a long time and use up what I have. I see that is next to impossible with all the love and cuteness going on.


    • 1/20/10 14:40 the Muse:

      LOL tell me ’bout it jackie!


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