mark Spring Collection 2010: mark Pretty Wild Color Collection

mark plays with the wild things this Spring with a release of new glosses and palettes for Spring 2010.

mark Pretty Wild Color

Take the jump!

mark Pretty Wild Color Palette $14

A palette featuring four shades of all over color and shimmer in a cream to powder formula to be used on eyes and cheeks plus three sheer, shades of gloss for lips, and a built in mirror!

mark Pretty Wild Color Collection 1

mark Pretty Wild Color & Shine Lip Gloss $7

Three limited edition shades of gloss with a mint flavor in a tube in tube packaging allowing clear gloss and colored gloss to combine and
create a mirror shine on lips!

mark Pretty Wild Color Collection 2

So whatcha think? I can prob pass on the palette but the glosses look pretty sweet. I always say I’ll indulge in more mark, we need to make that a New Year’s Resolution, the Muse will do more mark reviews.


Likey the glosses though for shiz not so sold on that palette though.

We’ll see, Spring is long and we have alot of collections to get through. Happy Days!

  • 1/5/10 14:11 Smirking Valet:

    I fully support more mark reviews!!!


    • 1/5/10 14:24 the Muse:

      lol smirking duly noted!


  • 1/5/10 15:25 Lisa Kate:

    I’m loving those glosses! Except that I generally hate glosses. So honestly I’ll pass. I love the colors, though XD

    And I hate palettes with lip colors in them with a passion. I don’t get it! I’ll never toss that whole thing in my purse to whip it out in the car whilst driving to reapply. That sounds very dangerous, Mark!

    But I digress…please more mark reviews since I’m poor and can actually afford it!!!


    • 1/5/10 16:38 the Muse:

      Lisa I used to hate glosses too ha :) kinda a lover now though and a convert! I used to be totally against palettes too but somehow found a love for ’em but yea it’s a mess I never travel with palttes!

      LOL!!!!!!!!! will do, duly noted, mark reviews to come :)


  • 1/5/10 15:44 suz:

    girl…all these reviews you do make me want money…I have college bills to pay…I really need spending money….like I don’t spend already lol…but you do so many reviews so I never catch up to all these gurus who do reviews on asian, american…products….all I can say….WHAT THE HECK DO YOU DO TO PAY FOR ALL THESE STUFF lol…give me a hint so I can join you and make more money to spend!!


    • 1/5/10 16:37 the Muse:

      aw been through the collage days suz, totally know that feeling 😀 hahawell this isn’t a review I didn’t actually buy the products LOL so haven’t technically speant money if though I WANT to spend money on these LOL!

      haha I work, 9 to 5, living the grand old American dream where I have to work to get what I want hahahaha, heavy sarcasm :)


  • 1/5/10 18:42 Heather:

    I adore mark! They have so much cool looking stuff I can’t decide what to order, so reviews would be awesome 😀


    • 1/5/10 23:55 the Muse:

      heather 😀 will def try to get reviews up doll!


  • 1/7/10 2:24 del:

    I sense some clenching of the teeth regarding that comment about your moolah! Very polite, I must say. ; ) Regarding makeup, is it just me or does Mark products cost a lot more than Avon? Leading to…would you rather do DS or Mark?


    • 1/7/10 11:50 the Muse:

      lol del naa not at all although it is a pet peeve of mind when people ask me about my finances, that’s somewhat private and not typically open for discussion on a beauty blog hehe! yea they do LOL and never have deals like avon GRRR! 😀 that’s a good question I actually leans towards mark in some ways as it is cuter right? but not as much selection!


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