Reader’s Request: Soap and Glory One Pit Wonder Deodorant Review

On days like today I do so fear I have a teenage boy trapped inside my very chick-y body. I’ve been playing around with Soap and Glory One Pit Wonder Deodorant and the bloody thing gives me a case of the giggles everything I use it. Much like saying fart in a room full of teenage boys I simply laugh when I say the word pits or in this case read the label which says “for really peachy pits…”

Soap and Glory One Pit Wonder Deodorant 1

I’ve no idea why but I burst out laughing when I read that. Could be I’m thinking of fuzzy under arms? Or maybe I’m remembering Julie Roberts stunt at that awards ceremony a few years ago…gawd how does one forget to shave under their arms at such an important event? I dunno…but I do admit to laughing myself into a little bit of a fit when I use this.

Easily amused? Perhaps or maybe just that teenage boy trapped inside my body.

Jump ahead to hear my review on Soap and Glory’s first ever deodorant stick.

I realize it’s not very beauty like, deo that is, but I got quite a few requests to please review One Pit Wonder so here I am a month later giving you the low down on how it makes me laugh!

Soap and Glory One Pit Wonder Deodorant 2

I’ve seen this set at $5.99 and $6.99 price tags and I gotta admit that’s the most I’ve ever spent on a deodorant. My normal range sets me back in the area of $5 bucks or less….Dunno if you want to tramp around town in near $7 buck deodorant but hey it is Soap and Glory, cheers for that!

Before you get your hopes up too high I will say, sorry kids, it does not have the signature Soap and Glory scent. Even though you won’t be sporting that sig scent in the pit (I love that word) area you’ll see be delighted with the fresh, crisp scent of this regardless. It smells very fresh and clean, quite nice really.

Does it stand the test of sweat?

I dunno. It keeps me dry but I don’t sweat. Seriously, cool as a cucumber here even in 100 degree weather. So yes it keeps me dry but I’m also not one for stinky, smelly man sweat either…it’s ok you can admit you sweat like a pig most of us are chicks around here and the guys that do read Musings are cool ones so we can admit we smell on occasion without causing too many raised brows. My sister actually got a bar too but again she’s not the sweaty time. It stands up to all day wear pretty well from what I’ve seen and I’ve even taken it on my absurdly long walks in the morning and it manages to keep me smelling clean and fresh. It happens to be a gel formula so it kinda stays moist for a second or two which can be annoying if you want to put it on and slide into a shirt right away. I normally apply and stand around in my bra for a sec doing my hair or makeup until it fully dries as it feels somewhat sticky if you put your shirt on right away.

Soap and Glory One Pit Wonder Deodorant 4

So far, so good.

Overall, a tad expensive for a deo but nice none the less and like I said it’s Soap and Glory, I’m a fan can’t ya tell. Likey! Worthy of a look at when it’s on sale at Target.

Anyone try?

Do share!

Disclosure: The following item was purchased by me for review purposes (and because I like flinging my money at makeup products of any kind) on Musings of a Muse. For further information please see my FTC Guidelines or my Disclosure/Disclaimer posts.

  • 1/12/10 8:08 Taryn:

    Muse, I am so envious of you. You have clear skin, it’s not oily, and now you tell us you don’t sweat! Dang, girl, you hit the jackpot!

    I’m very intrigued by this. If I’m not going out anywhere major, I wear deodorant because I’m really worried about anti-perspirants, but if I have a lot of errands to do or whatever, I have to bring out the big guns. I would *love* to find a deodorant I could wear all the time, because I’ve tried about eight of them and the only thing that comes close to keep me feeling fresh is men’s Brut, LOL!


    • 1/12/10 8:31 the Muse:

      LOL taryn! You’re too KIND! Seriously my skin is strange, I’m not that lucky 😀 I’m not not really one for sweating…it’s odd…even in really hot weather you won’t see me dripping sweat of any kind thank god.

      LOL no way seriously? This is odd right but have you tried Teen Spirit? My friend Jai SWEARS by it.


  • 1/12/10 8:44 Kristina:

    I was just at Target yesterday looking for their hot cloth cleanser (not there yet) and now I’m waiting for this to show up too!


    • 1/12/10 9:03 the Muse:

      hey kristina I got this one at target, surprised you didn’t see it there yet! The hot cloth cleanser I’m estimating the middle of Feb!


  • 1/12/10 12:14 Chelsea:

    I’m the sweatiest of the sweaty, and the only deo that has ever worked for me is, shockingly, Lush’s The Greeench. I initially wrote it off as one of those hippy (and therefore ineffective) deos, but I got desperate enough to try it and have lived happily ever after.


    • 1/12/10 12:21 the Muse:

      chelsea I cannot use Lush deo at all! For some reason it burns terribly on me! ouchie!


  • 1/12/10 23:57 Charmaine:

    I’m a teenage boy trapped in the body of a nearly 41 year old chick, cuz I laugh hysterically at anything fart-y! lmaoooo

    I’m interested in anything that might help keep mah poor sweet hubby smelling sweet in the pit area, he’s a very clean guy who doesn’t offend smell-wise, except for whiffy pits [like most boys, as boys are STINKY! girls are, too, but we’re more likely to try and DO something about it]. I’m kinda like you, Muse, in that I have no pitscent, neither does mah li’l sis or our Mommy [Daddy is a stinky boy, but he’s kinda cologne/deo/breathmint happy, lol]. Babbling, I know, so anyways, fanx fer the review, I fink I need to goes check it out, especially since you mentioned it’s on sale at Target right now.
    love ya!


    • 1/13/10 15:18 the Muse:

      charmaine totally a boy here! ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      LOL yes we are most likely to do something ’bout it, boys are just lazy! aw my pleasure lol I lvoe your babbles and miss you around here I’ve been swamped and out of contact sorry :( I know I have an email I need to reply to and perhaps a comment or two as well forgives me!?

      Love ya!


  • 1/25/10 17:02 Amy B:

    Just found your review. Wish I could say the same for me. Does nothing for my stinky pits and they are definitely not peachy. Thank goodness I am wearing long sleeves today.
    So bummed I love their products so much…thought this was going to be a no-brainer for me.


    • 1/25/10 22:02 the Muse:

      awww no amy! that stinks doll! Sorry to hear. It is deo and not antip so that could be why sniffle :(


  • 4/23/10 22:49 Jannette:

    I noticed that my sister had been using this for a while. I was intrigued that she could use a deo for a long time. The time came that my roll-on got empty, and I took a swipe or two on my pits using this product (I know it’s gross! I ran out of stock!), I just love the scent. I usually use fragrant deodorants, but this one is nice. For me, it’s dry and I can wear a shirt after a few seconds, I love the scent that I feel like I smell like freshly used bathroom (LOL).

    Too bad I can’t use it that much coz there’s nothing here in my country that I could find. My sister got it from an aunt who’s in Chicago. Oh, well, I’ll stick to my regular and cherish the memories with S&G.

    No itchiness on my skin, no bad odor, and it’s gentle on my skin. Love it!


  • 7/10/11 9:29 Kimberly:

    Where can I purchase One Pit Wonder, I can’t find any since Target stopped carrying Soap and Glory


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