The Muse’s Mail Bag: Allons-y, Alonso!

mail bag

I’ve created a monster I fear with my Who-isms as the e-mails aren’t stopping with questions and questions and more questions about The End of Time. I’ve officially become house expert on Who-isms, much to my secret delight.

Which is why today we get a mail bag question that’s Who-themed. Yes, well, I know you want a makeup one but at the moment the e-mails coming in are related to all else bug makeup, apologies dears.

Dear Muse,

Who’s Alonso anyway and why is the Doctor hooking him up with Captain Jack?

I don’t get it!   Can you tell me?

Have a jump (if you must) to get the deets.

Dear Jamie, Wilson, Nesta, Kristy, Nancy, Jennifer, Liblet, Christa, and Captain Jack (god I love that Captain Jack is e-mailing me but ado must be just an alias) and the rest of the fandom who I didn’t mention but e-mailed me asking after the same thing!

You have to take into consideration Jack was at that particular bar, drowning his woes, soon after the events of the Children of Earth episode. Take it from me he needed a little cheering up and I guess the Doctor knew that.

Who’s Alonso?

If you read my tweets you already know the answer but here it is again!

Well doh haven’t you been watching all along?

Must the Muse tell you everything?

For shame!

Ha, hope this clears up who Alonso is and where he came from.

I do find it interesting that the Voyage of the Damned was somehow taking place along the same time as Children of Earth, don’t you?   Something to contemplate.  The cross references in the time line do tend to boggle the mind.

Anymore questions? You can take me back as far as 1966 and I could prob give you a reply, although you’d be pushing it if we went to ’63, bit rusty trivia wise during Hartnell’s reign.

  • 1/5/10 6:57 Jessie:

    NooOOooOO! Muse I have to say this, leave Captain Jack alone! He belongs to Ianto only~

    Hehe, sorry. This coming from a Torchwood fan.


    • 1/5/10 7:45 the Muse:

      LOL Jessie..perhaps it’s a one night stand deal only 😀

      I’m a TW fan as well but I’m at odds with Ianto since his stunt with the cybergirl haha!


  • 1/5/10 19:58 Hailee:

    What in the what is going on here….ahaha captain jack? I mean I’m all for non makeup posts but this is craziness ahahahah I have to go google “dr.who”


    • 1/5/10 23:58 the Muse:

      lol hailee I fear Doctor Who sometimes takes up resident on Musings. Now that the end of time is over I think we should be ok to go back to makeup LOL! I have ALOT of who-fans that read Musings and I THINK they like a few posts about Who here and there 😀 haha! The mail bag was full of good questions about the recent episodes and the theme of things seemed to be “Alonso” hehe so it turned into a Muse Mail Bag 😀

      Hope you don’t mind the geek-ness!


  • 1/5/10 23:06 craftyorchid:

    Will Dr. Who ever be the same without David Tennant? How will we ever get along without him?

    Maybe I should take a trip to Ulta for some shop therapy. Boohoo.


    • 1/5/10 23:46 the Muse:

      Oh Crafty I thought the same when Tom Baker took to regeneration lane. We have to hope Matt Smith will somehow fill the void!

      😀 Retail therapy helps LOL


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