The Skin Food Fresh Juice Toning Mist Review

Bringing you a little more Korean brand loving today with The Skin Food Fresh Juice Toning Mist. Loves it!

The Skin Food Fresh Juice Toning Mist 1


The Muse is kinda obsessive when it comes to face mists. I don’t think I can rightfully live without them in my life. They make moisturizer application so much easier especially when my skin is uber dry and not willingly participating in aiding my skin to actually absorb product and instead letting it sit above my skin, yeah, no likey that.

The Skin Food Fresh Juice Toning Mist 2

The Skin Food Fresh Juice Toning Mist is the latest mist to hit my stash and I’m enjoying it so far. Problem, it’s too damn small. The mist will last you about two weeks tops with daily use, it’s quite tiny in size. Hells the way I mist myself I should just get a spray bottle with water and use that, cheaper.

The Skin Food Fresh Juice Toning Mist contains vitamin C mixed fruit extracts and elasticity enhancing vitamin E mixed-veggie extras to give skin a boost of vitality and firmness….ok, they MAY have gone a little crazy with the description. I’m not sure I need to boost my elasticity as of yet but so far it’s simply a really nice mister that smells clean and very, very subtly of fruit but in regards to vitality and elasticity, I seriously haven’t seen improvements in those areas.

The Skin Food Fresh Juice Toning Mist 3

The good news?

It’s a rather great pick me up mist. It sets makeup (I don’t set makeup with mist but you can easily use this to do so), it aids moisturizer absorption, or it’s just great to use before bed as it leaves my skin feeling dewy come morning.

If you’re a fan of facial mists you’ll probably love this one. Don’t quote me but I think it retails for $9 bucks in Korea which is where I got it however I’ve seen it on E-bay for around $14.99 or so. The size kinda makes me meh on the price but it’s worthy of a haul and even a Muse Approval as the sprayer distributes a very fine mist plus it smells nice and makes my skin look choice. Overall, one of my nicer facial mists for sures.

Also, I haven’t really explored yet as I’ve been busy but I THINK Skinfood Singapore ships worldwide maybe. Granted, the prices are so obscene as Singapore gets items imported which raises the cost but if you’re desperate they may ship to the US, but don’t take that for a fact, I haven’t explored as of yet but will let you know as soon as I do.

Visit for further details!

Disclosure: The following item was purchased by me for review purposes (and because I like flinging my money at makeup products of any kind) on Musings of a Muse. For further information please see my FTC Guidelines or my Disclosure/Disclaimer posts.

  • 1/12/10 22:11 Melissa:

    There site is so fun! It says the deliver pretty much anywhere and so i played with an order and the shipping was $42 SGD which is about $30USD to ship to Phoenix AZ. so with shipping a $189.0 sGD order would be about $150. I dunno if this is good bad indifferent? What do you think.?


    • 1/12/10 22:12 Melissa:

      make that $189 – SGD = $135 USD … thats better isn’t it?


    • 1/13/10 15:19 the Muse:

      awesome melissa wasn’t sure as I didn’t get a sec to play! How many items though do you get for $135!? the prices are SO jacked up from original retail but hey when you’re desperate to try it, I’d say worth it and $30 shipping for the heavier bottles (all the bottles are glass on most of these products) that really isn’t bad at all for airmail!


      • 1/13/10 19:13 Melissa:

        I actually picked 5 items. They all varied in price. I’m thinking I might go ahead and order from them. I’m really interested in trying a couple things and now that I understand that the website is showing SGD it really makes the prices about the same. Sasa has the one bb cream for more so it just depends if I want only skinfood. I need to buy my book of shadows this week but next pay day I see skinfood in my future. :)


        • 1/14/10 20:35 the Muse:

          hey melissa 135 you said for 5 items? hmmm a little pricey but hey it’s not available in the US better than nothing ;-D BOS rocking and rolling 😀 I’m swatching right now actually.

          You’re gonna love skin food it’s really a great brand :)


  • 1/13/10 8:56 suz:

    I LOVE MISTS!! Have you tried the moist-full mist by etude house?

    I love that one…but like you said the moist-full is small also…but I don’t use it daily!!


    • 1/13/10 11:15 the Muse:

      I have indeed suz! so pissy it’s so small though! 😀 They go so fast :( they really need to make larger sizes grrr!


  • 1/13/10 12:54 Sami:

    I shall have to pick some up on my way to work tomorrow, thanks for the tip. I live in Korea and have seen that it costs 8,900 won retail. I just never got around to trying it because it was so tiny.


    • 1/13/10 12:57 the Muse:

      sami that’s what I paid and I winced slightly LOL it’s so small *kicks self* but I love it!

      Tell me whatcha think!?


  • 2/23/10 10:21 Vanessa:

    Im from Singapore! But have yet to try this product. Looks pretty interesting. Will go check it out in stores soon (: Thanks!


    • 2/25/10 15:53 the Muse:

      you’re most welcome vanessa 😀 It’s worth checking out!


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