Would You Buy It? Fresh Creme Ancienne Eye Cream

You know the Muse, when eye cream is involved she’s on it like white on rice! Fresh Crème Ancienne Eye Cream is the newest eye cream that launched in January from Fresh and get this, it’s made entirely by hand in a monastery located in the Czech Republic. Hello awesome. I swear that has to make it uber special, perhaps even divine! Yes, indeed, that’s what a Muse needs for her eyes, divine cream!

Question is would you buy it?


The hand-blended, all-natural age-delay eye treatment visibly reduces the signs of aging, offers nourishment, and is proven to deliver significant moisture for up to 24 hours. For the most part after reading about the cream I’m thinking it concentrates on delivering a heavy dose of moisture to eyes in need of heavy hydration and honestly, even now in my 30’s, I can honestly say my eyes can use as much moisture as they can get.

Fresh Crème Ancienne Eye Cream promises to visibly reduces the signs of aging, offers supreme nourishment, and is proven to deliver significant, long-lasting moisture for up to 24 hours.

Lev Glazman, Fresh Co-founder and Director of Research and Development started researching ways to preserve the richness of the original 2nd century blend of oils and waxes while offering a formula lightweight enough for the delicate eye area. Creme Ancienne Eye Cream was born from this concept.

The formula is a whipped, lightweight texture that’s rich but glides on easily and absorbs quickly. It’s made of very little water and has a high concentrate of waxes and oils. The formula includes ingredients that specifically address the aging concerns of the eye area.

Sugar apple seed extract, which is making its debut in Fresh skincare here, is derived from the annona squamosa fruit, indigenous to the tropical Americas. Similar in shape to an artichoke, this fruit is not actually an apple but just affectionately referred to as such by the natives. The extract, packed with peptides, stimulates the synthesis of collagen fibers to visibly reduce the appearance of wrinkles while firming and toning the skin. Jojoba oil, an extremely nourishing oil, also helps prevent water loss, while seabuckthorn berry oil, rich in omega 7 fatty acids and antioxidants, fights wrinkle-causing free radicals. It is further enriched with rosemary leaf extract to improve circulation and reduce puffiness. To preserve these delicate ingredients and the formula’s rich history, Crème Ancienne Eye Cream is prepared entirely by hand in a monastery located in the Czech Republic.

Here’s an interesting video with Lev Glazman discussing the cream.

Honestly, it sounds incredible to my ears so count me on board for getting my hands on some. It’s a bit above my budget priced at $95 but who ever said beauty was cheap?

Wants me some!

Loving the sound of it.

Would you buy it?

Tell the Muse!

Available now from Fresh and Neiman Marcus.

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