Clarins Everlasting Foundation Review and Swatches

Not so long ago, in the near distant past, the Muse was every so delighted when she heard about Clarins Everlasting Foundation. This brand new foundation is dubbed “everlasting” for a reason as it promises 15 hours of staying powder. For the Muse finding a foundation that doesn’t oxidize and lasts on her face for 15 hours is equivalent to discovering the holy grail and owning the Hope Diamond. I mean imagine it…you put your foundation on in the morning and it lasts and lasts and lasts. Never again will your foundation slip away, melt off, or just disappear. Yes, indeed this sounds like what I need in my makeup life.

Jump ahead for my take on the Clarins Everlasting Foundation.

Clarins Everlasting Foundation is formulated with an SPF 15 and the promise of 15 hours of wearing and tearing, yeah boy, likey! It’s non-transfer formula has a high fidelity system which allows it to smooth on and even out skin tone while enhancing your complexion. Light optimizing complex helps to minimize and blur fine lines and imperfections while the formula protects against free radicals, pollution, and UV rays. This foundation packs just about everything one would want!

The real question is does it work….

I can’t go 15 hours without a touch up but it lasts at least 12. I choose to wear it on two separate occasions when I knew I’d be wearin’ and tearin’ around for a good long while. At around four hours in it still sticks around my face which is the norm for foundation on my skin. Half way in at around six hours my face still looks fresh and gorgeous. Eight hours in I’m shocked and amazed that my face still looks good, my blush is wearing out so a quick touch up on my blush, a little gloss and I’m golden. Twelve hours and my face still looks good but definitely needs a little powder to battle the oily forehead. Hour 13 and I’m just beginning to see my foundation wearing away. Clock hits the 14th hour and foundation is definitely gone at this point.

Honestly, count me impressed it wore that long!

The formula is super creamy, super moisturizing, and super pigmented. Coverage is sheer but can be built up to medium or heavier if desired. As most Clarins foundations typically sport a fresh, floral scent this is no difference. I love the fragrance but realize some may not.

The texture of the foundation allows for super easy absorption. It feels like a cool glass of water for your skin. Upon contact with your face it almost feels as if the foundation bursts into tiny drops of water and as you blend. Sadly, Clarin shades are always a toss up for me as they are always so beige but thankfully they seem to adjust accordingly.

The final finish of the product is dewy and slightly moist but it dries down quickly to a flawless, airbrushed looked. Very natural, very fresh over all.

In my experience with the foundation it almost feels like they crossed Make Up For Ever Elixir with Clarins Foundation. The hydrating effect of the foundation is what I felt kept it fresh and long wearing while preventing it from oxidizing on my skin.

Overall, the foundation was a win for me. It could possibly change my mind about using BB Creams daily as that’s my go to product for coverage. At $35 for a higher end foundation it’s afford-ably priced as well. If you’re seeking a long wearing foundation I’d suggest checking this out, particularly if you suffer from foundation that oxidizes super quickly on your skin.

Clarins Everlasting Foundation, pretty fantastic stuff as deemed by this Muse.

Available now from Clarins.

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  • 2/1/10 13:29 kira:

    this sounds amazing, but wouldn’t it melt off just as easily for super oily skin? :( damn skin.


    • 2/1/10 13:31 the Muse:

      hi kira not sure as my skin is not oily at the moment :( I’m unsure how it’ll react with oily skin!


  • 2/1/10 13:47 shooshi:

    I have never really been interested in Clarins makeup, but will keep this foundation in mind. You are right it does look a tad bit beige/darker than your skin tone. Thanks for for reviews, they’re greatly loved and appreciated!


    • 2/1/10 13:53 the Muse:

      hi shooshi! aw thank you! I really appreciate your lovely comment.

      I was never into Clarins either and I tried out their Joli Rouge two years ago and was hooked ever after πŸ˜€ I find that Clarins foundations run very beige but lighter when blended out πŸ˜€


  • 2/1/10 14:01 Kristina:

    I never have much of a problem with my foundation disappearing, but this one and another Clarins foundation are my list of things to buy next anyway. Right now I’m loving Dior Nude foundation although it does like to rub off on my coat collar. Or maybe it’s my powder… I don’t know. How is this as far as transfer resistant?


    • 2/1/10 14:13 the Muse:

      Kristina I have a dickens of a time keeping my foundation on. It oxidizes fairly quickly. Stila had a foundation (not sure they make it anymore) that wore so long on me plus the Too Faced Magic Wand Foundation always wore long on me too πŸ˜€ but most times it oxidizes fairly fast :( haven’t tried the Dior. It’s not so much transfer resistant as the fact that it wears long and doesn’t oxidize. I really don’t know how it works but I’m assuming the high water content and perhaps other ingredients that keep the formula hydrating and moisturizing is what allows it to wear longer but I’m def no chemist πŸ˜€ that’s just my assumption.


  • 2/1/10 20:59 Marcy:

    I bought some BB Skin Fdtn on a recent holiday in Australia and it was like a must buy at the time, but ended up a little disappointing?? I wouldn’t mind sth that seriously lasts 12 hrs – I have trouble finding a fdtn that will last through work. (Must be the environment here :S) So I am sure to give this a go, thanks Muse for the inspiration!!

    (Oh also – I have tried a couple of primers recently – Smashbox and Shiseido The Makeup – neither of which seem to help that much, and they’re completely different primers…???? I have left a comment a while about brands available in NZ… not sure if it is even worth investing in primer anymore!)


    • 2/3/10 21:55 the Muse:

      hmm marcy only ever tried skin food bb’s but not the foundation. BB’s are best for me as they don’t oxidize well. This seems to hydrate very well which could account for while it lasts so longer!

      I’m really not a big primer person myself. I don’t like silicon primers so I kinda avoid them and in many cases they don’t help with my foundation πŸ˜› Korres makes a nice one I use religiously also like UD’s! :)


      • 2/3/10 22:27 Marcy:

        oh lol i meant Bobbi Brown. I suffer from really bad acronym syndrome… it is so bad at my workplace, we even have an acronym for acronyms. (TLA = Three letter acronym)
        Yeah Bobbi Brown Skin fdtn was a bit of an anti climax for me. (Have you used it before?) So have to get this Clarins a go!
        My skin is too dark for BB creams >.< Which is totally un-Asian, but never mind.


  • 2/2/10 4:09 Nia:

    If I ever need a foundation I will get this. But normally I am just happy with my MSFN.
    Btw, I bought the new MAC foundation and for a complete foundation noob I like it a lot πŸ˜‰

    How are the colours? The problem with those companies is that they mostly have only shades too dark for me.


    • 2/3/10 20:49 the Muse:

      hey nia this is a nice hydrating one πŸ˜€ I don’t use MAC foundations to be honest never really liked them but so glad you’re liking it πŸ˜€ mmm clarins is always a little too beige for my liking but manages to lighten up once blended out :)


  • 2/2/10 5:34 Renata:

    HI, Muse! My friend swears Lancome Teint Idolee lasts for many hours and won’t transfer. Have you tried it?


    • 2/2/10 9:22 the Muse:

      oooo no renata must try it if that’s the case πŸ˜€


  • 2/9/10 15:14 Alicia:

    hi there, just want to ask you if this or clarins’s instant smooth foundation have got a more natural look? because i do not want a too made up look and i’m thinking of moving past BB creams into liquid foundation as BB creams are mostly too fair for my skin.


    • 2/9/10 15:17 the Muse:

      hi alicia!

      It’s quite natural on so long as blended out correctly. I find this has a more natural finish than the instant smooth. I actually like both but this coverage is a bit more hydrating which creates a more flawless, natural finish. Have you tried Missha for your BB Cream needs? They make some darker shades.

      Hope this helps!

      Also be sure to head to counter and swatch!


      • 2/9/10 15:36 Alicia:

        oh, i have yet to try anything from missha yet so far! hahaha. now you’ve got me wanting this clarins everlasting foundation! hope it’s available in Singapore already! hahaha!


        • 2/9/10 16:29 the Muse:

          alicia I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised as missha has quite a few darker shades of BB πŸ˜€ also skin79 seems to adjust best imho!

          Aw I hope so too!!!!!! :-D!!!! I think so as Jojoba reviewed it from my Make Reviews and she is in m’asia so ‘pore should have!


      • 2/9/10 15:50 Alicia:

        also, would like to ask if you used a foundation brush or just fingers to apply this? and would this two give the finishing a different look?


        • 2/9/10 15:58 the Muse:

          hey alicia

          I’m a finger kinda girl when it comes to foundation. I don’t use alot of foundation so blending with my fingers works perfectly. I start at the corners of my nose, swipe a bit or dot down and blend out :) I do think that using a brush will give a different effect as a brush tends to pile product on. I know lots prefer the a mac brush to striple on foundation but I find this effects gives more of a mask-like finish. Or at least in my experience it does.

          If you’re a BB cream user you are prob used to hand and finger application, I suggest doing so with this too if and when possible :)


          • 2/9/10 16:05 Alicia:

            oh yay! i’m lazy to wash the brushes anyway! hahaha! i shall go take a look at the clarins counter real soon! =D

            thanks for you replies and advices! really appreciate them!

          • 2/9/10 16:13 the Muse:

            hey alicia!

            Good on you! πŸ˜€ I think you’ll like it especially if your skin is a bit dry causing your foundation to oxidize. This is why I like BB’s as they are hydrating and tend to wear longer than regular foundations πŸ˜€

            I hate washin’ brushes too lol!

            Good Luck and stop back, curious to see how it works out for u!

          • 2/22/10 13:18 Alicia:

            i went down last week, and no, they don’t carry it yet!! i was so disappointed!
            shall keep going back until it’s out!! am so so determined to try it out! hope it won’t burn a big hole in my wallet though!

          • 2/25/10 16:29 the Muse:

            any luck yet alicia? I’m looking forward to hearing what you think hun!

          • 3/2/10 13:53 Alicia:

            nope! still not available over here yet.
            ultra sad! i just can’t wait to give it a try! come on!!

          • 3/3/10 10:38 the Muse:

            alicia sending good vibes your way :)

          • 3/30/10 0:31 Beck:

            the Muse,
            Thankya, thankya, thankya, I refer to this site often and it has yet to steer me wrong.
            Just bought Clarins Everlasting, and I love it.
            Question for you what is BB? You mention it several times and I have no idea…I am probably sounding like a real fool.

          • 3/30/10 16:49 the Muse:

            aw becks cheers! I live for awesome comments like this *Hugs* I’m so glad you’re loving it dear!!!!!!!! here sweets this will help!

  • 4/26/10 22:14 Sarabeth:

    hey just got some today and the lady at dillards recommend it to me. She was so nice I even bought some Jadore Dior from her just beacause of the overall sense of happiness which made her really happy hope to god it works good though it was 48 dollars here:)


    • 4/27/10 9:11 the Muse:

      hey sarabeth I think you’ll like it πŸ˜€ quite lovely stuff!


  • 5/22/10 18:37 Peg:

    Just bought it. Fair skin, 54, dry skin. I was unsure of the limited colors available and bought 107, Beige. Applied it and found it too much for daytime. Cleaned my face, toned, moisturized and took 1 drop of Clarins Everlasting Foundation and added some Revlon AgeDefying Makeup with Botafirm and an SPF of 15 in 01 Fresh Ivory.
    So far, Voila! I can see myself considering the Clarins product on it’s own for the evening or being photographed. Easy to mix, no returns made and now I have a use for the “too white” Revlon Product and I found the Clarins product a tad too yellow. If there are any changes, I’ll let you know.


    • 5/26/10 12:28 the Muse:

      Peg thanks for your mini review πŸ˜€


  • 5/26/10 12:46 Peg:

    BB creams look fascinating! So far I am very pleased with my Combo of Clarins and Revlon! Thrilled to find this site, it is exactly what I have been looking for! I have been a product fiend for 40 years~LOL!

    I just tried Suave Ocean Breeze Body Wash and Suave Advanced Body Lotion and I must say it is fine. I personally prefer the St Ives Body Wash and Body Lotions. St Ives delivers a great product. The Citrus Body Wash smells great and the Body Lotions really do keep skin ultra soft with so little used! I’ll use up the Suave products but will now stick to St Ives.


  • 5/27/10 10:04 eurocentrix:

    I tried this and appart from the weird colours ( I got the Honey shade as I am quite yellow and NC25-30 in Mac), I felt as if the foundation had alchohol in it, hence the cool sensation and teh quick drying time, you have to be really quick when applying it. I am a tad combination-oily and I found that this foundation looked too even, if I can put it. I usually like a bit more coverage but this was a tad too high/flat for me. It is definitely on the high coverage spectrum, (pro; it does not budge!) so I looked a bit weird to myself in the mirror, in particular indoor. I looked like I had a mask on! :) Outdoor i looked a little better, however the mask effect called for more make up to be applied just ot justify it:)) I am researching a few foundations currently, so far Chanel Pro Lumiere and Mac Studio Fix Liquid does it for me the best..I would not recommend this for mature skin as it will make one look flat and dull..


  • 5/31/10 3:56 tiffany:

    Hi Muse,
    indeed like a fairy tale, we need a everlasting disney on our face :) thanks for the review, babe!
    may i know what shade would you recommend for NC 20 for this clains everlasting? i was hoping to glimpse your face of the day with this foundie but….never mind, hope to see more of your reviews and thanks for all your efforts!


    • 6/1/10 11:41 the Muse:

      aw tiffany you’re most welcome πŸ˜€ I really don’t know hun because clarins runs extra dark in most shades, def go to the counter to get suited up hun πŸ˜€ I’ll see about an FOTD sometime soon πŸ˜€ thanks for the great comment!


    • 8/30/10 18:51 Emily:

      Hi, I’m around a NW15/20 and i use number 105, if that helps a little?
      Oh and these foundations run a little on the yellowy-beige side (:


  • 8/28/10 15:59 Emily:

    I have this foundation aswell and I can apply it at around 10 am, and it’s still on my 1 am (so 15 hours), and i live in dubai where the humidity can get to around 95%, and it’s really hot, and i can even blot my face with tissue and it stays there. Also people comment on how good my skin looks when i use it and that it looks sooo natural!
    I’ll definitely be buying this foundation again!


    • 8/30/10 15:13 the Muse:

      so awesome to hear emily :-D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • 3/6/13 16:41 Lindsay:

    I LOVE your reviews and I come to your blog whenever I am wanting to purchase something:) Have you tried the Bare Minerals Ready foundation?


    • 3/6/13 16:43 the Muse:

      lindsay I have..haven’t reviewed it though…I’m a little iffy with BM foundation because I have dry skin so I tend to go with creams/liquids versus powder. I didn’t have great results with it as it clings to my flaky areas :-/ not good. If you have oily/combo skin it’s a pretty good formula. and thank YOU ;-D so glad you enjoy Musings πŸ˜€


      • 3/6/13 20:46 Lindsay:

        Thanks for responding:) I have normal skin and I have always preferred powder foundation so I think I’ll give it a try) thanks again:)


        • 3/7/13 9:31 the Muse:

          my pleasure! :)


  • 8/6/14 3:24 Cristina:

    Hi, i’ve been wanting to purchase this online because Clarins here in the Philippines don’t carry their foundation line (bummerπŸ‘Ž).. But i am having troubles with the shades.. What shade would you recommend i get if i’m a nc25 shade with yellow undertone? Thank you so much!!!😊❀


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