MAC Spring Colour Forecast 3 Review and Swatches

Hey chicklets!

I’m chugging my way through the MAC Spring Colour Forecast Collection.  Phew, it’s a big one isn’t it?  What have you hauled so far?

Today I have swatches of MAC Spring Colour Forecast 3 for you plus a review.

MAC Spring Colour Forecast 3 2


Two gems from this collection for the Muse which are the Blush Ombre in Vintage Grape and MAC Lipglass in Purple Rage. I wasn’t sure about either but ever so happy I tested out because they are gorgeous. But let’s discuss the eye palette first? Good deal?

First off I would like to toss it out there that I LOVE the new eye quad design. So please can we keep this? They rock! It’s a little larger than the old quad design, only slightly, but the real reason I adore it is it’s a smooth, flat square. It seems to stack and store easier than the old quads plus it’s way more elegant looking. Whatcha think? Isn’t it a keeper? Let’s see any future quads released in this new packaging!

That’s all I have to say good about the palette.

I hated the colors sadly. I normally like purple and I thought the promo model was rocking but up close they were somewhat uneventful plus they made my eyes tired looking. The quad contains Minx Pink (Soft Pink), Bruised Plum (Dirty Mauve), Black Tulip (Dark Grape), and Jungle Moon (Eggplant). The shades proved incredibly difficult to work with, blended really badly, and just weren’t up to my normal raving when it comes to MAC shadows. Honestly three of the four shades look matte to me so imagine my surprise learning only one is a matte and the others are veluxe and frost finishes. Maybe it was me and the skills I simply do not have but I couldn’t make this one work (hell I had to work HARD for the swatches I did, they just don’t apply correctly). I’d skip it if you haven’t hauled already.

MAC Spring Colour Forecast 3 14

MAC Spring Colour Forecast 3 5

MAC Spring Colour Forecast 3 9

MAC Spring Colour Forecast 3 8

MAC Spring Colour Forecast 3 7

MAC Spring Colour Forecast 3 6

Now as I mentioned above the real winners for me were the MAC Blush Ombre in Vintage Grape and Lipglass in Purple Rage.

MAC Spring Colour Forecast 3 16

Vintage Grape has people up in arms on whether they need it or not, I’d like to think you do. Some are scared it’ll apply a bruised purple but on my cheeks it was a very soft shade of warmer pink. I’d liked it very much and think it’s do-able with a very light hand.

MAC Spring Colour Forecast 3 3

Purple Rage Lipglass had me worried as I def do not do purple lipgloss or lipstick well. But turns out it’s just a very lovely deep, rich shade of berry on my lips. It’s quite a stunning shade, I wouldn’t call it Spring really but it’ll rock during the Holidays. I loved it and deem it worthy of a haul if you like vibrant, bolder shades of gloss.

MAC Spring Colour Forecast 3 13

MAC Spring Colour Forecast 3 11

Overall, MAC Spring Colour Forecast isn’t my fav of the Forecasts but it has some nice pieces worth exploring.

MAC Spring Colour Forecast 3 FOTD 19

MAC Spring Colour Forecast 3 FOTD 12

What did you haul from it?

Anything I missed out on that I SHOULD be buying?

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  • 2/19/10 19:34 Norlyn:

    Hmm, I actually think the eye look you have here looks beautiful on you. But I’ll take your word for it that the eyeshadows are difficult. I love the lipgloss on you, I’ll have to go check it out when I do my haul. Your eyebrows look great, btw!


    • 2/26/10 11:16 the Muse:

      aw thanks norlyn! yup a little bit of a bitch to work with! Aw thanks! Cheers! *hugs* by now u prob hauled whatcha get? sorry for the delayed reply!


  • 2/19/10 21:01 Kristina:

    Thanks for the review. I looked at that eye palette today when I stopped by my MAC counter to see if they had Ripe Peach (they don’t), so thanks for saving me the money! I may check out the lippie now though…


    • 2/26/10 11:15 the Muse:

      kristina my pleasure dear :-D def get the lippie though or maybe you already have eep delayed reply sorries doll!


  • 2/19/10 21:34 knownever:

    Of all the shadow quads in the collection this is actually the one I’m most into. However, I could see the light matte and violet shimmer shades giving people problems! I’m just such a sucker for matte purples.


    • 2/26/10 11:14 the Muse:

      god knowever I sure wish I can say that I could work well with mattes but no such luck!


  • 2/19/10 23:23 daisyv316:

    first of all thanks for giving us an honest opinion. Sometimes I feel that reviewers are a little to nice but I feel that you are true to your word when it comes to your reviews. Second of all, I am going to get vintage grape and the lovely l/g u are wearing =)


    • 2/26/10 11:12 the Muse:

      hey daisy my pleasure :-D Thank YOU! yay! by now you probably hauled it right?! Do share :) if so!


      • 2/26/10 18:39 daisyv316:

        I got vintage grape at my local counter, and I really love it! I apply the dark color as my contour and the pinkish part as my blush and I top it off with coralista =) my favorite combo. I am of olive skin tone, I am mexican so it just gives me the right color to my cheeks =)


        • 3/3/10 11:02 the Muse:

          oooo daisy that’s a nice combo, must try that out :-D!!!!!!!


  • 2/19/10 23:53 Phyrra:

    Honestly, the 3 I think are a necessity are Pink Burst Lipstick, and Kumquat and Electric fuschia lipglasses. Kumquat can be wild or neutral, believe it or not. I put on Nyx lipliner in Natural, which is sort of a peachy-brown-pink liner, and filled in my lips and then put on Kumquat and my lips looked nice but natural. I was impressed.


    • 2/26/10 11:07 the Muse:

      Sounds like a gorg combo dd :-D


  • 2/20/10 3:26 Ling:

    Hi Muse, i am eager to get my hands on MAC’s spring collection.. its calling out my name…just wait till the collection hits the Singapore shores… : ) Meanwhile, i was thinking of getting Vintage grape , i am a MAC NC 37, not too sure if i will end up looking like a bruised grape? what do you think?


    • 2/25/10 21:53 the Muse:

      hey ling sorry for the delayed reply :-D by now maybe you guys got it?! :-D Mmmm I don’t think so but not sure….I’m bad with mac foundation colors sorries :(


  • 2/20/10 8:38 Andrea:

    I really like that lip gloss. It reminds me of sparkly grape juice. Who woulda thought that’d be such a flattering color?


    • 2/25/10 21:52 the Muse:

      hey andrea yea kinda true :-D ha!


  • 2/20/10 23:57 Megan:

    Oh, why must you torment me so? [sigh]
    I’ve been fairly good about keeping away from the MAC counter for the sake of my poor wallet. And then you have to go and show me that absolutely GORGEOUS Lipglass!
    Seriously, I think one of these days I am going to have to spoil myself and pick up at least one MAC product for my collection [I know – how can I call myself a makeup junkie without having any MAC? LOL]


    • 2/25/10 21:48 the Muse:

      LOL Megan sorries! maybe it’s a good thing! Once u buy a single piece of mac it all goes down hill soon after LOL!


  • 2/21/10 12:08 Katros:

    Hi Muse, I read you everyday but rarely post a response. Thanks for your reviews! Quick question please? This quad looks like a warm purple? If it is, that would be perfect for my daughter. (I have three daughters, and I am a makeup addict too so my poor husband is outnumered huh? :-D)


    • 2/25/10 16:35 the Muse:

      hi katros thank you so much *hugs* I appreciate your reading! Sorry for the delayed reply! mmm yes def warmer hun! LOL your hubby must indeed be sobbing lol! three daughters? oh that poor man :)


  • 2/21/10 12:29 Astrid:

    I absolutely adore berry coloured glosses so it looks like I’ve got another thing to add to my wishlist!!


    • 2/25/10 16:35 the Muse:

      astrid I think you’ll love! really fab :)


  • 2/21/10 18:58 Sarah:

    The looks of this forecast scared me a bit since it SO purple. However, after seeing your pics, I really like it. I think that these products look so lovely on you, especially the lipglass. I may have to try it myself :)


    • 2/25/10 17:54 the Muse:

      sarah totally scared me too but now I love it :-D Aw thank you you’re too KIND :-D!!!!!!!!


  • 2/21/10 21:11 Valerie:

    This whole MAC spring color forecast has been something I have been trying sooooo hard to love, but the colors just aren’t grabbing me at all. I might *might* get the peach ombre blush though, or actually maybe the purple, that one surprised me! :O


    • 2/25/10 17:54 the Muse:

      really valerie!? I’m so loving it at the moment :-D the purple surprised me too! It’s quite lovely :-D Did you end up haulin at all?!


  • 2/22/10 8:15 MC:

    Hmmmm…Purple Rage looks a bit like Jam Packed from Cult of Cherry. Are they that similar in color?


    • 2/25/10 16:18 the Muse:

      a little bit mc but this is deeper!


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