Public Service Announcement: The I Need To Catch Up Edition

Just a quickie note, I’m VERY (like weeks, months, but not years) behind on comments.   Bit swamped with life, the universe, and everything.

Keep ’em coming though and I promise to answer as soon as I can.  I try to get to the newer ones first but than the old ones pile up, sorries.

Love you all!

  • 2/19/10 12:21 Nia:

    Take your time Muse :)

    I personally am looking forward to all your posts, even though sometimes I have no change to see the stuff in person as they are US only. I love your blog because you have a personal opinion and stand by it. Sooo many blogs out there just like everything and after a while reading them everything sounds the same.
    There are certain types of products where I know I can trust you blindly because I know what you like and what your skin is like and can compare this with mine.

    Another thing I absolutely lovelovelovelove about your blog is your writing style. Proper sentences 😀 And I love that you throw in a little stuff on the side like cheesy videos from the 80s. All that makes your blog very unique and very personal. I am still waiting for a post to include a Monchichi 😀 (and yes, this was a dare!)

    I also like that you have a nice mixture of things, the brand new and upcoming together with stuff that has been around for ages, but is often overlooked.

    Personally it hurts me a lot to see how people bash you. If I do not like a site, then I do not like it and that’s it. It’s really low to do that.
    So, just try to ignore them and continue to be as amazing as you are :)

    Sorry that came out longer than I planned 😉


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