UK Beauty Alert: FrontCover Rainbow Eyes Palette

Time to start praying to the makeup gods in the hopes that one day soon we’ll be blessed with FrontCover cosmetics. Until that time we can oooooo and ahhhh over the cult favorite palette being reintroduced from FrontCover Cosmetics at Boots.


FrontCover Cosmetics has been a listening to your constant blather concerning it’s popular Rainbow Eyes Palette and they’ve finally done something about it!

In 2008, the FrontCover Rainbow Eyes Palette launched with the brand. This giant book of eye shadow sold out weeks before Christmas that year and so began an e-mail campaign to please for the love of makeup, BRING IT BACK!

FrontCover took that popular palette and improved everything about it right down to the applicators it comes with! Starting February 23, 2010 the much loved palette will be available at larger Boots stores all over the UK.

The best news is the palette will be available for a very limited time for £15 after which it will return to it’s normal price of £30. The palette features 25 eye shadows plus applicators and the popular FrontCover Shadowline which change any eye shadow into an eyeliner!

Hot on the heels of this return, FaceFront will follow up with the Spring/Summer Collection which features a new range of fresh kits in warmer shades to suit the season.

As for this Muse she’ll keep hoping for it’s US release. If you want it I suggest visiting a beauty forum or hitting up E-bay to see if you can score a deal.

UK’ers the Boots world is your oyster and you can grab it at retail at your local shop.

  • 2/23/10 14:39 Jenny:

    Do you think they’ll sell this in the boots section of target??!!! =( sighhh


    • 2/23/10 14:44 the Muse:

      jenny maybe one day but not now sadly. sigh. I suggest checking out MUA maybe a kindly brit will get one for you as a CP?!


  • 2/23/10 15:51 Robyn:

    im sure they had this same deal in boots at xmas or maybe it was a slightly different palette looks similar but i remember my friend bought it to give as a gift then liked it to much so kept for herself lol


    • 2/23/10 16:06 the Muse:

      could have been diff robyn? from what I hear this is the 1st time it’s back since ’08. don’t tell me that! Now I want it more lol! I’ve done that believe it or not. Kept stuff for myself and had to go back and get another for a friend 😀 lol


  • 2/23/10 16:29 Anitacska:

    I bought this and the one from last Christmas too as I really liked the first one. Sadly I don’t think last year’s one was nearly as good as the first one. But I will check out the new spring/summer one because it’s still good stuff.


    • 2/24/10 11:58 the Muse:

      hey anita! I’m gonna review/swatch shortly, very curious about it 😀 Spring/Summer is looking/sounding good :)


  • 3/3/10 17:45 Su:

    I have seen similar palettes in boots last year…didn’t buy them since I doubt the quality will be decent..but now I am interested in trying out…I am going to Boots on Friday…


    • 3/3/10 19:07 the Muse:

      lucky su! 😀 have fun hauling!


  • 3/4/10 8:42 Ally_D:

    I have seen these before and never bought one because I thought they were aimed at tweens / teenagers. The half price offer, and your enthusiasm, made me reconsider and I picked one up this morning. It has some great colours in it so I can’t wait to get home and try it out.

    I think a fair deal would be for the US to be able to get Front Cover and us in the UK to get NYX


    • 3/4/10 23:03 the Muse:

      aw allly you lucky poppet! I really wanna try one. Not at all for tweens 😀 it gets some great raves from the older crowd too :) hells yes I can arrange that lol


  • 3/18/10 5:12 Frontcover:

    We’re so glad you love the make-up, and now everyone around the world can buy Frontcover on ! Love and lipstick xx


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