Victoria’s Secret Sexual Secret by Michel Germain

Lean in close I wanna tell you a Sexual Secret….um ok, let’s not go there. We share alot of things but not that.

But I can tell you about the new Victoria’s Secret Sexual Secret Parfum Collection created by Michel Germain.


  • Victoria’s Secret Sexual Blush ($35)

A fun, flirty blend with notes or red apple, cotton candy, orange, and kiwi! Evoke your inner flirt with a yummy cotton candy note and plenty of fruity, sweet layers. Comes with a blush lip gloss!

  • Victoria’s Secret Sexual Star ($45)

A glamourous blend of vanilla, honey, orange flower, apricot, and jasmine! Includes a glittering gold purse spray for touch ups on the go!

  • Victoria’s Secret Sexual Secret ($48)

A fruity, oriental blend that contains otes of red mandarin, rose, jasmine, white musk, and pink mango! Includes a mini purse spray, perfect for spritzing on the go.

Count me wrong but I think these are going to be heavier scents that I can’t rightly pull off aside from perhaps Sexual Blush! But looking forward to a little sniff when I’m next at Victoria’s Secret.

Whatcha think?

  • 2/10/10 15:35 Mollie:

    That Star one sounds perfect for me. I’m such a perfume addict though, more so than makeup. As soon as I decide that I have too much I freak out and have to get another one, or ask for another one… lol


    • 2/10/10 16:24 the Muse:

      lol mollie! I used to have a thing for fragrance myself was always into tracking down obscure fragrances. are you a fan of bpal by chance? or have you tried the dianne brill parfum? incredible stuff!


      • 2/11/10 0:46 Mollie:

        I’ve smelled the Diane Brill before! =) I love it, and my mom actually did too, which was weird because we never agree! What is bpal? Lol… maybe I know and don’t know I know. You know.


  • 2/10/10 15:57 Phyrra:

    They sound like heavier sweet scents to me.


    • 2/10/10 16:22 the Muse:

      dd I’d go with heavier for sure….I hope not though!?


  • 2/11/10 10:56 Lisa:

    Oh, I hope they’re heavy so I can skip them! But I love the fruity notes…


    • 2/11/10 14:45 the Muse:

      me too lisa! I’m keeping my fingers crossed for fruity!


  • 8/21/11 2:16 Peter:

    I think Vs Sexual is hot hot hot scent and one of best Ive seen.


  • 8/21/11 2:18 Peter:

    Do they still have Sexual at Victorias Secret?


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