Beauty Abroad: The Skin Food Honey Black Tea Cleansing Oil Review

Would you like a little honey and tea with your cleansing oil?

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OMG dudes. Story time….so hating on most of Skin Food Cleansing Oils because they come without a pump. WTH? I swear this irks me. I find cleansing oil is a little messy to have to squeeze out of a bottle rather than pump out. Did we run out of cash that we can’t include a bloody pump with the oil? Come on, so annoying.

Ok, got that off my back.

Review time.

So yes obviously my biggest pet peeve about The Skin Food Honey Black Tea Cleansing Oil is it’s lack of pump. It comes a 6 oz bottle sans pump and allows you to tip the oil into your palm. I guess it’s not a major deal but I find it a little messy to use this way.

On another note the scent of this reminds me of MAC Naked Honey Salve. Instead of a warm honey smell it comes across more floral. I’m not keen on the scent as it does smell mature and grandmotherly but I’m slowing trying to adjust as the formula is quite good.

The formula is a nice thick, slippery oil. I like my cleansing oils to sport thicker formulas as they feel so hydrating on my skin and this definitely brings that to the table. As with any cleansing oil it can be used on any skin type and is applied to a dry face full of makeup including waterproof mascara, simply massage on, add a little water to emulsify, and rinse clean away. It works a treat at removing ALL my makeup including waterproof and makes my face soft and hydrated after use.

Overall, a very nice cleansing oil from Skin Food aside from a few things I didn’t like such as the smell and lack of pump.

The Skin Food is a brand sold within Korean and a few select Asian countries. The Skin Food Singaporean site ships worldwide however pricing is considerably higher on items so I’d suggest checking E-bay for better deals.

Disclosure: The following item was purchased by me for review purposes (and because I like flinging my money at makeup products of any kind) on Musings of a Muse. For further information please see my FTC Guidelines or my Disclosure/Disclaimer posts.

  • 3/18/10 14:19 Melissa:

    I’m okee dokee with out a pump. So – I need this now because you say it take- my waterproof Make Up Forever mascara. Did you get it on eBay? I can’t find it on the regular site. PS. Still debating on hauling for the SG site so I can try those masks you mix.


    • 3/18/10 14:39 the Muse:

      hey melissa! got it from a friend in Korea tbh so no ebaying on this guy 😀 yup works a treat at getting off my waterproof mascara 😀 the SG site is so $$$ though grrr!


      • 3/18/10 14:51 Melissa:

        The masks I want are 12.00 SGD on the site which is $8.60 usd so they arent soooooooooo bad but to make it worth I “need” other things.


        • 3/22/10 21:03 the Muse:

          that isn’t too crazy melissa 😀 start filling that cart 😀


  • 3/18/10 14:38 jojoba (My Makeup Reviews):

    i don’t know why i am not into asian makeup and skincare enough. i just don’t. but skin food has been an exception because of what i had tried and its good customer service (back in Malaysia). i even brought the banana stick concealer with me here. but the color is too ligth for me now that i am much more tanned.

    i do like honey and green tea as skin care routine so this sounds relly good to me. unfortunately i will have to wait till go back to give this a try. i hope i will remember it by then. there are too many things i try to remember to try. LOL


    • 3/22/10 21:04 the Muse:

      jojoba me too! I make a list and forget half of the things I want to try 😀 I think you’ll like this particularly since you already a skin food fan!


  • 3/18/10 22:33 Comrade_Garlic:

    Cleansing oils need to make it into the US market. We only have a few to choose from, and the prices are insane. Other than DHC , MAC and Fancl, most are $30 and up-plus a bit of a pain to get. Thank Jeebus for the internet and all those Asian shops I live near now.


    • 3/19/10 8:33 the Muse:

      comrade you and me both feel the same way. le sigh. Seriously we need cleansing oil. I’d love to stop by a cvs and pick up a cleansing oil from Biore or something damn shame Kao doesn’t do the Biore line here lol! 😀 I hate having to pay hefty airmail to have cleansing oil flown in, it’s a tad absurd. I agree internet/Asian shops, I’d totally go bonkers without both!


  • 3/19/10 2:29 Janet:

    I had the foaming cleanser from this line! It was nice, everything has a nice smell there! :3


    • 3/19/10 8:29 the Muse:

      hey janet I haven’t tried the foaming version 😀 must see about a test!


  • 3/20/10 2:33 Paul:

    Hey Muse, it’s been a while since I last posted. So I just got a few updates on my end. I’ve been using the tomatox and I’ve noticed my skin has slightly and ever so gradually take a brighter tone color. It’s pretty unreal how this thing can work. I usually stick to using at nights when I’m going out and want a lively look. Also, I’ve been trying the entire Skinfood Caviar Line and I got to say, this is the best line I’ve used so far. I usually only at night because the weather has warmed up and it tends to really moisturize the face quite well. Another product I’ve been using is Missha’s Near Skin Visible Deep Wrinkle Filler. A couple of years back, I never used to take care of my face and it all started 5 years ago since then that I noticed the damage my face was taking without the proper management. So I took action 5 years ago and my skin has improved dramatically. However, there are very small lines that appear when I smile. For some reason girls say they love it when a guy has those slight wrinkles around the eyes when they smile. I have no idea why. I guess that’s what makes us different. In any event, I’ve used the Missha wrinkle filler and was shocked to see how well it works! So the way I use most wrinkle filler’s (including the BRTC one) is I apply a very small, and I mean very minimal amount of Hyaluronic cream after my daily morning routine. Then I apply the wrinkle filler and then I apply a small amount of BB Cream. This process actually works best for me. I’ve been sticking to the Dr. Jart BB Cream as the weather has warmed up because its light and it doesn’t leave you with a heavy creamy feeling on your face. I’ll keep you posted on some new BRTC products I got and some new ZIRH plantinum ones as well.


    • 3/31/10 19:59 the Muse:

      thanks for the update Paul 😀 always enjoy your little reviews on what’s going on in Korean skincare/brands!


  • 9/19/13 1:45 FS.Rain:

    Haha.. I feel the same as there are US/UK cosmetic n skincare that I wish to try yet hate the hefty shipping fees. I’m in asia btw.. xp

    Truly enjoy your reviews which has a really good spread of international beauty products.


    • 9/19/13 9:11 the Muse:

      agreed fs rain! sucks :( aw thank YOU! so glad you enjoy Musings :)


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