Beauty News: Join in on the 2010 TotalBeauty.Com Beauty Awards

The folks over at Total Beauty have selected over 50 categories of beauty products to take part in their 2010 TotalBeauty.Com Beauty Awards.

Everything from mascara to shampoo and beyond will be taken to task and tested out to see which deserves the Total Beauty Award. Total Beauty is inviting readers to join and select the “Readers’ Choice” on their fav beauty bits!

Voting ends March 31st so visit to join in!

  • 3/8/10 4:43 Pei:

    I’m in awe that u did know alotsa asian brands even like anosa and shills!! Well am from malaysia, hot and humid and ppl here are monopoly by nasty blackheads and oily skin….Do wanna recommend something for mask peeling blackhead strip off thingy from shiseido…it’s far more better than Kose itself!


    • 3/8/10 13:22 the Muse:

      hey pei. :) I enjoy Asian brands very much. Oily skin def comes out to play in warm weather :) I’m not sure what you mean..did you want to recommend me something or do you want me to recommend you something? Little confused :)


  • 3/11/10 13:49 Natrelle:

    Living in Hawaii, I no exactly what you mean!


    • 3/11/10 14:03 the Muse:

      mean about natrelle?


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