BeautyDIY Spearmint Oil-Cut Triple Hydrating Icy Gel Review

Just for the record, I’m pretty crazy about mint.  I like it in my shampoo, and my toothpaste, and my shower gel, and now I even like it in my skincare.

Mint and me are close.

A little more discussion about the joys of minty fresh skin care lay ahead!

Beauty DIY Spearmint Oil-Cut Triple Hydrating Icy Gel is a bloody mouthful isn’t it? But it has mint so that makes it cool, pun intended, by default!

This is an oil-free makeup remover by a BeautyDIY which is a Taiwanese brand plus, hello, dude, it has spearmint. God, life is good when your skin care has mint in it!

It’s meant for combination or oily skin types particularly oily as it not only rinses makeup clean off but also mattifies skin. I used it on my skin at the moment which is behaving pretty normal and I didn’t notice any drying out or tightness so I imagine most skin types can enjoy it but unsure about those who are sensitive as the mint does have a cooling sensation when applied to skin.

The gel-like formula rinses clean off the skin and works great at lighter makeup but not so fab on waterproof so don’t expect to attack heavy eye makeup with this, besides it isn’t meant to be used around the eye area anyway, just the face and neck. The product doesn’t lather up or foam, it merely breaks up makeup upon contact with dry skin and rinses off. It’s a soothing, cooling gel which has a fresh spearmint scent that I find delightful. It contains glycerin which could account for why it doesn’t leave my skin dry or tight after use but nice and dewy fresh.

It isn’t the best makeup remover I’ve used in my life but it is good for days I’m not wearing the vanity cabinet on my face if you know what I mean. For lighter makeup it’s a fab little treat for removing or just to cleanse face in the morning for a little pick me up from the mint.

Overall, I absolutely love it and think it’s cheap enough to snag for quickie makeup removal days at $13 or so. I love mint so I could be bias in my opinion about how much I’m loving on it.

Like I said not going to attack major makeup but nice none the less.

Available from Sasa.

Disclosure: The following item was purchased by me for review purposes (and because I like flinging my money at makeup products of any kind) on Musings of a Muse. For further information please see my FTC Guidelines or my Disclosure/Disclaimer posts.

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