Get More For Less: Cargo Pro Picks Collection

Happy Monday chicklets!

I was thinking about how the recession has affected the makeup world and I noticed one great thing, you get alot more for less lately dontcha?

Cargo Pro Picks Collection contains four full size products for $39.

Check it!

The new Cargo Pro Picks Collection contains four full size products favored by the pros plus a face chart with tips and tricks for creating that perfect look.

The best part?

It’s price! Valued at $84 it comes with four full size products for $39!

The Cargo Pro Picks Collection includes:

  • Cargo Color Palette in Los Angeles
  • Cargo The Reverse Lip Liner
  • Cargo blu_ray Mascara
  • Cargo Classic Lip Gloss with Timestrip Technology

The collection will be available exclusively from Ulta shortly.

Are you a Cargo fan?

How’s the Pro Picks lookin’ to you?

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  • 3/1/10 14:09 dina:

    pretty eye shadow colors!! and awesome price . . . . might have to ck this out :)


    • 3/1/10 14:22 the Muse:

      def dina I got the eye palette and it’s sizzling, loving all over the aquas/greens!


  • 3/1/10 17:42 Comrade_Garlic:

    The gloss looks a bit blah, but for the price I can live it. I’m going to need a new Reverse liner soon anyway…


    • 3/1/10 17:47 the Muse:

      I got the gloss comrader, it’s a bit warmer, nice formula, like the time strip, however the entire HD lipgloss thing takes HD to the next level LOL


  • 3/1/10 20:37 alyssamae.:

    Awesome steal! Thanks Muse!


    • 3/1/10 20:38 the Muse:

      my pleasure miss alyssa :)


  • 3/1/10 22:26 Gia:

    Pass!! I’m not a big fan of Cargo’s glosses and mascara. The mascaras that I have tried from them have been clump crazy. And I hate those glosses that have the time strip on them they make me parnoid!! lols

    But they do have amazing eye shadow colors, very pigmented and stay. And that Cargo reverse lip liner is a holy grail item for me!!!

    Some company should come up with a changeable gift. like you can switch a mascara for a lipstick or something. I have too much time to think about this!! :)


    • 3/2/10 9:21 the Muse:

      LOL gia omg that’s kinda true right? I love the strip but yea for sure paranoid totally lol! I find I check it daily LMAO

      No, no that’s a super idea! create your own gift set ha! 😀 I like the shadows too kinda debating on the reverse liner…lots of ravings!


  • 3/2/10 23:57 jackieg02:

    I am a Cargo fan…but only the foundation and blush. Everything else I can leave!


    • 3/3/10 10:28 the Muse:

      hey jackie that’s right you love the iv drip foundation hehe!


      • 3/4/10 0:25 jackieg02:

        I forgot about you calling it IV Drip…yet just hook it up to my IV, I need some cargo, STAT!


        • 3/4/10 20:53 the Muse:

          LOL jackie! very fitting you being a nurse 😀


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