Harajuku Lovers Sunshine Cuties Baby Review

Haul out the swim suit kids and get on board with the new Harajuku Lovers Sunshine Cuties. I reviewed little G for you last week and today I’ll give you a taste of Baby.


I’m so confuddled. I thought these scents would be lighter for Spring but I feel like they are actually stronger and deeper than the regular versions. How odd! But hey, I’m not complaining, good throw and longer linger is always a desirable trait in my perfume selections.

Baby actually went from being a powdery floral scent that was reminiscent of the smell of a newborn’s head, what? Every baby’s head I’ve ever sniffed had that powder smell going on…anyway! Baby went from being powdery and baby-ish to more of a twisted floral.

Her original notes contained Freesia, Bergamot, White Rose, Orange Flower, Tiare, Jasmine, White Musk, Soft Woods, Heliotrope, Vanilla, and Violet.

Her new notes contain Crisp Mandarin, Wet Neroli, Bright Sunflower, White Poppy, Living Valencia, Orange Flower, Jasmine Absolute, Soft Musk, Rich Vetiver, Creamy Birch Woods.

As you can it’s almost completely different so I’m unsure how they successfully kept the baby powder scent but also managed to jack it up to a new level making it fresh yet floral but not cloying or headache inducing…it’s interesting, let’s put it that way.

I don’t get the mandarin in the mix but I do get a heavy note of sunflower which I love and plenty of jasmine with a dry down of poppy, more sunflower, and touches of neroli. It captures the original blend but proceeds to recreate it with heavier notes of fresh florals, nothing tropical or sunny, but leaning more towards a sweeter floral. Very nice and actually better than the original in some aspects as I did get a tiny migraine with all that baby powder that the original sported.

If the scent isn’t enough to convince, check out Baby’s cute little itty, bitty polka dot red bikini! Instead of ribbons in her hair she now sports pink hibiscus. All set for a little side trip to Hawaii me thinks.

So far enjoying the twists on the new Harajuku Lovers and looking forward to trying out the rest.

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  • 3/10/10 0:01 Ying:

    This is adorable. I really enjoy your blog–I just started a new one and yours is pretty dang inspirational :)


    • 3/10/10 13:11 the Muse:

      aw cheers ying thanks! hugs! and good luck!


  • 3/10/10 0:16 Angie Twe:

    Too cute!


  • 3/10/10 3:14 Janet:

    i’ll fess up too – picking scabs just gives a strange sense of satisfaction and a weird feel of accomplishment. haha!
    i love the packaging, so cute… ^^


    • 3/10/10 3:19 Janet:

      oops, got this post mixed up with the peel post hehe :)


      • 3/10/10 8:29 the Muse:

        lol no worries janet!


    • 3/10/10 8:30 the Muse:

      LOL Janet 😀 I hear ya! def a satisfaction like I really accomplished something lol!


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