Philosophy Raspberries and Cream Shower Gel & Lotion

Here’s something berry sweet from Philosophy. Available excuslvely from QVC, new Philosophy Raspberries and Cream Shower Gel & Lotion sold together for $34.

Raspberries and Cream? I can get on board with that.

You get:

  • Philosophy Raspberries and Cream Shower Gel
  • Philosophy Raspberries and Cream Body Lotion

Check it by visiting QVC.

Philosophy Shower Gel fan?

What are your favs?

At the moment my fav is Flirty Girl! Loves it!

  • 3/2/10 16:53 Kate:

    I’m becoming more girly in my old age. Love that pretty pink color!


    • 3/3/10 10:36 the Muse:

      aw kate awesome you’re discovering your girlish good nature :)


  • 3/2/10 17:38 Sami:

    I like hot cocoa. I love chocolate smells. Haha


    • 3/2/10 18:23 the Muse:

      nom, nom Sami especially right now with the cold weather and all :)


  • 3/2/10 22:40 Sarah:

    OOOOOO…. The body lotion sounds like it would be positively delightful. I love Philosophy’s scents. Cinnamon Buns is fantastic :)


    • 3/3/10 10:33 the Muse:

      me too sarah 😀

      LOVE cinnamon buns!


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