Reader’s Request: Bath and Body Works Passport Tahiti Island Mimosa Body Mist Review

I’m plotting my holiday for Spring and debating where I want to go. Until I decide I have Bath and Body Works Passport Tahiti Island Mimosa Body Mist to keep me feeling tropical, sunny, and warm even when the wind and rain is kickin’ it up a notch outside my window!


First off, let’s get the bad down. This STINKS in the bottle. It gives me a migraine. Yak! I don’t even know what it smells like first sniff but a warm spot on a tropical Tahitian beach isn’t it. It’s kinda floral at first sniff and musky. Hard to explain.

The good news is you shouldn’t chalk it up as a complete loss cause because it actually smells amazing once you spritz it on!

Bath and Body Works Passport Tahiti Island Mimosa Body Mist keeps a dominate floral exotic floral base but also has a faintly fruity citrus note going with a nice dry down of juicy peach. As per it’s name, mimosa, it does have that citrus edge but nothing orange or grapefruit, something more blended and unique. Plenty sweet happening but also something tropical, fresh, and every so slight exotic. Lovely really!

Surprisingly the mist is one of the longer wearing ones I’ve purchased recently and a few sprays will get you through the day without it being completely sucked into my skin and proceeding to die a quick death. It wears quite long for a mist and doesn’t fade as quickly as many I’ve tried.

The Bath and Body Works Passport Tahiti Collection extends to another scent as well, Coconut Vanille, as well as a range of body washes, lotions, and potions available in both scents.

Overall, if you’re yearning for a little bit of a tropical getaway while you wish and hope for the warm weather, this could easily whisk you away to the tropics.

Very pretty and quite unique.

Anyone try?



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Available now from Bath and Body Works.

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  • 3/25/10 1:27 Paloma:

    This sounds like my kind of body spray! I think you should totally do a review on all of the Dove go fresh body mists….especially the pomegranate and lemon verbena…..I’m huge on pomegranate, and nowadays it’s all the rage with EVERYTHING from food to cosmetics to bath….so I got it thinking it was going to smell great, but it seemed a little overwhelming….sort of like those dollar store perfumes you get, thinking it will be a steal. Lameness is, I actually smelled it in a magazine after I bought it and the one in the mag is SO much more subtle.

    anywho, I wanted to see your opinion on it so that I knew whether or not I’m alone…..and stuff


    • 3/25/10 13:06 the Muse:

      mmm I think I have a few hanging out paloma see if I can get a review up 😀 pom and lemon=YUM! I’ll go see about that one 😀 sounds like a nightmare though le sigh!


  • 3/25/10 8:08 Hana:

    Oooh, if you say this lasts on the skin pretty well I may have to grab it! I’m really feeling the summery scents lately.


    • 3/25/10 13:03 the Muse:

      hana yea…surprised as normally I get an hour out of BBW at most but this sticks around a good long while 😀


  • 3/25/10 10:49 JoElla:

    I haven’t sniffed this yet but it sounds yummy! I was afraid it would be more like the Mimosa flower and not the actual drink. I prefer the drink scent as (and the actual drink! LOL)


    • 3/25/10 13:01 the Muse:

      joella starts out like that actually, floral-ish, but it dries down peachy and fruity 😀


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