The Body Shop Cucumber Freshening Water Review

Oh, The Body Shop Cucumber Freshening Water let me count the ways I love thee!


  1. You don’t dry my face out!
  2. You nourish my skin!
  3. You keep me moist and dewy!
  4. You smell oh so pretty and fresh!
  5. You’re cheap as day old chips!

Need I say more?

If you’re seeking out an affordable toner option might the Muse take your hand and lead you to try out some Body Shop Cucumber Freshening Water. It’s back for a limited time, back from the past, back from the 80’s…if you wanna keep it around for good, you better vote!

At $8.99 or 3 for $20 this is probably one of the most affordable luxuries in the toner world. It works a treat at removing leftover makeup, dirt, and oil but it’s also great at hydrating your face every so slightly with cool cucumber.

All skin types can benefit from this and personally I felt it was extra mild. No dry, tight feeling after use, simply glowing, refreshed skin. I like using it prior to my night cream as it gets my face feeling extra clean plus it’s ideal as a prep for moisturizer. I was talking to a reader and she had mentioned dumping the contents into a spray bottle and using as a mist, which sounds perfect for Summer.

I’m really loving The Body Shop Originals Collection at the moment and can’t say enough good things about it.

Such a great line at such an affordable price!

Muse Approved for purchase on this guy, likey lots particularly because it’s one of the few toners that doesn’t dry my face out.

Have you hauled it?

I know many of you have.

Shout our your mini review!

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  • 3/2/10 17:16 Miss_M:

    LOL, I think you pretty much said it all, Muse. I don’t have to add anything about this fresh little number !! 😀


    • 3/2/10 18:25 the Muse:

      miss m our love of the originals makes us soul mates dear!


      • 3/3/10 14:54 Miss_M:

        Oh, yes…we are indeed !! 😀

        I hardly bought anything from TBS for a long time, because they discontinued most of my favourite stuff, but now that the Originals are back, I will visit their store on a regular basis again :)

        I hope they will bring back their Japanese washing grains as well !


        • 3/3/10 16:26 the Muse:

          miss m I normally head in for makeup but now the originals kinda got me exploring the rest of the skincare bits and bobs 😀

          Ooo japanese washing grains?! Likey the sound of that!


          • 3/4/10 6:56 Miss_M:

            TBS make-up is also great, I used their powder foundation for years and still use some of their e/s. Their limited edition stuff is also really pretty every season 😀

            The washing grains were really popular back in the day. They came in this cute white cylindrical paper carton with a black Geisha on it. When you mixed the grains with a few drops of warm water they formed a nice exfoliating paste :)

          • 3/10/10 15:27 the Muse:

            hey miss m! 😀 I agree 😀 there le makeup is so lovely 😀 wow sounds lovely!!!!!!!!!! bring it back TBS bring it back 😀

  • 3/2/10 17:28 Emily:

    I think I will have to take advantage of the 3 for $20 deal and pick this up. I haven’t used a toner before, but this sounds like an affordable way to get started. :)


    • 3/2/10 18:24 the Muse:

      emily go for it 😀 it’s good stuff and a great way to get into toning 😀


  • 3/4/10 17:58 glitter princess:

    love your review i got this,the cleanser,carrot cream and the dewberry show gel and body cream absolutly heaven :) X


    • 3/4/10 18:42 the Muse:

      thanks glitter you’re a sweettart! 😀 I like the dewberry too! 😀 hope you scored the 3 for $20!


  • 4/23/10 7:19 anita:

    Got the cucumber toner too because I liked the smell :) Its a very nice product! I think I will buy it again! thanks for your great review!


    • 4/23/10 10:05 the Muse:

      hi anita thanks hun glad you enjoyed the review.

      Great stuff right?!


  • 9/3/10 1:47 Christine:

    FYI, now online (not sure if it’s in stores) the originals like this awesome toner are 2 for $10!


    • 9/7/10 10:43 the Muse:

      awesome christine thanks for the heads up!


  • 11/16/10 12:27 Bleek:

    Do you think this would work well for combo/oily skin? I’m looking for a replacement to my Mario Badescu Cucumber Cleansing lotion.


    • 11/16/10 12:31 the Muse:

      It’s prob not going to mattify skin Bleek or control shine the way the MB one does so wouldn’t be a dupe or a replacement.


  • 1/9/11 0:48 lillia:

    i got it (plus ice blue shampoo and fuzzy peach body wash) for 3 bucks a piece! totaling to 9- i got a great deal, they have an amazing sale right now!!


    • 1/10/11 11:07 the Muse:

      awesome lillia glad you caught ’em on sale!


  • 6/6/12 0:11 Emilaine:

    Hey! i kinda stumbled apon this old post :) i love the body shop and was wondering if this product is still available? thank you! oh.. and i have dry skin. is it good for dry skin? Thank you sooooooo much! 😀


    • 6/6/12 9:51 the Muse:

      hi emilaine I don’t think the body shop carries it anymore sadly :( it was part of their “originals” launch but I think they dc’ed some of those items sadly :( it’s great for dry skin.


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