Beauty Blast from the Past: Jouer Cosmetics

Anyone up for stepping through our beauty past?

Check out a Beauty Blast from the Past in Jouer Cosmetics!


I started following Jouer Cosmetics on Twitter recently. They are such a sweet, chatty bunch who could resist. God, I heart Twitter!

So who remembers Jouer’s old packaging when it was sold at Sephora? The brand went through a major package revamp a year or so ago but lord knows the Muse remembers the old style packaging well.

Hell, I even have two of the sets they released as special Holiday releases.

Packaging is way sleeker now than it was way back when but one things remains the same, the very cool interlocking feature which allows you to customize each palette. A few years ago the interlocking palettes were chunkier and boxier now. They now sport a slick curved design plus Jouer carries ALOT more product now than every before, hello lipsticks, lipglosses, and mascara!

Anyone remember the old Jouer?

Any favs from the old (or new) line?

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