Beauty Most Unusual: Jennifer Lopez and David Letterman Share a Drink

Ok, this has to be the craziest stunt I’ve seen David Letterman pull off to date.

Jump ahead to see Jennifer Lopez and David Letterman share a drink together….a drink of her new fragrance.

Who says that was water in the bottle?


I’m curious because lord knows if it wasn’t that’s beauty most unusual at it’s best.

Have you ever sipped your favorite fragrance?

  • 4/22/10 13:21 Ling:

    Hahaha… OMG! That was funny.. that happened to me too when i was in a hurry and wasn’t looking when i sprayed my favourite bottle of juice right smack in the mouth, while i was talking to my sister. Hm.. it tasted bitter, maybe because fragrance mostly contains water, alcohol and other chemicals.. Delicious scent, Yes, but never the most delicious drink one would dreamt of.. : )


    • 4/22/10 13:24 the Muse:

      LOL ling! I never had the experience to be honest aside from occasionally catching a taste when I spray my neck or something and tug my shirt over my head at the end of the day and it catches on my face/mouth and fragrance is still clinging to it but aside from that never sprayed it directly in my mouth!


  • 4/22/10 15:35 Marina:

    I’ve had sprays go into my mouth before, like I accidently inhale right after spraying. Yuck!


    • 4/22/10 15:43 the Muse:

      Oh that I’ve done Marina and proceeded to choke LOL!


  • 4/22/10 17:34 LINDARRAGNAR:

    OH muse when I was really little I drank a whole 1.7 chanel no 5 that was my older sisters :( i was like 4 ahha My parents had poison control on speed dial and I was just throwing up lol

    I will never taste perfume again!!1


    • 4/23/10 10:09 the Muse:

      LOL linda OMG scaryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy and expensive LMAO!


  • 4/24/10 2:14 fathima:

    That has not happened to me but…I have seen it see i have two elder brothers who likes playing pranks on each other[they wont do that to me co i woul tell mom] so anyways my second brother [donno how he did it] filled my bigger brother’s mouth freshener bottle with davidoff coolwater!..and u can guess what happened …lets just say my elder brother never liked coolwater as much as he used to after that


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