Cake Beauty Citrus Squeeze Sinfully Smoothing Brown Sugar Scrub Review

Oh baby almost the weekend now. Thank the gods above as I can use a little R&R. Whatcha up to the weekend, any cool plans? I wanna hit up MAC tonight as my best friend Jai and I were gobsmacked over Christine’s swatches of MAC Pret-a-Papier. Holy shiz! Dude, who knew it was that great?

I really though the collection was boring as hell at first glance of the promo images but its SO me. The collection features some mighty great shades of peach and coral that I must has please like NOW. So yup, a MAC hit is in our future tonight.

Oh totally off topic but I got this weird dry patch of skin going on above my eyelid, like around the brow area, and its basically driving me BONKERS! Yak! I’ve been applying and reapplying moisturizer but it just looks all scaly and flaky, not cool. /rant over.

Speaking of dry bits and pieces, my elbows and knees need serious helpings of moisturizer. They are currently out of hibernation today as I wore a Spring dress to work, not a good idea btw its freezing, so I had a hard scrub down with Cake Beauty Citrus Squeeze Sinfully Smoothing Brown Sugar Scrub.

Check it!

What is it?

A natural exfoliating treatment infused with good for you ingredients and a fresh lemony scent with hints of vanilla. The scrub features turbinado brown sugar and a trip of vitamin rich oils to leave skin soft and smooth after a single buff using it.

The Good…..

Whoa. Dude, that turbinado brown sugar is BIG! The formula is major chunky, it kinda resembles rock candy to my eyes. If you have serious dry skin, you’re going to want to try this bad boy out for size. The formula is made up of incredibly chunky pieces of granulated sugar that’s dosed in rich oils with an orangy, lemony vanilla scent going on. It almost smells like a slice of orange cake to my nose. The extra large grains of sugar do a mighty find job of scrubbing down rough skin plus the grains don’t dissolve super quick so you have time to enjoy a nice, long scrub with it. One thing I loved about the scrub is the fact that it wasn’t filled to the brim with a ton of oil. The grains of sugar are soaked in oil however the oil isn’t IN the actual tub of product. Philosophy is legendary for scrubs that are filled to the brim with oil and I find this a little messy and tricky to use plus a damn hazard in the shower, hello Muse slip and fall action. This is quite dry until you begin scrubbing, only than does it release a nice slick feel on legs, elbows, or anywhere else you’re scrubbing. Its slick yes but not greasy or oily. After stepping from your shower your skin will feel super soft and you probably won’t even need moisturizer as the scrub is plenty hydrating enough without but of course, I do suggest following up with some.

The Bad….

The large size of grains could prove too much for anyone with sensitive skin as I do deem it a hardcore scrub that can prove a tad harsh when you’re scrubbing away.

Who Might Like It?

  • Women who have really dry, rough skin around their elbows, knees, or legs.
  • Anyone who likes a really hardcore scrub to get skin super soft and hydrated.
  • Chicklets who LOVE yummie smelling bath and body products.

Who Might Not Like It?

  • Anyone who has sensitive skin and might not like a harsher scrub.
  • Anyone who’s very sensitive to smell and fragrance in their body products.

Final Thoughts…..

Overall, I really enjoyed this one as I have super dry skin around my knees and legs and I’m constantly having to attack these areas to get them soft and smooth. This scrub does a great job of smoothing out my rough bits and pieces and hydrates quite well. Likey alot!

Anyone try anything from Cake Beauty yet?

I ordered some of the balms recently, eager to get them!

Available now from Sephora.

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  • 4/22/10 11:36 dina:

    holy super size sugar!! i like my scrubs to feel like they are doing something so i’m not crazy for super-fine ones. i’ll have to ck this out again!! i think i got this before from a discount website but it seemed dried out (maybe old or prev. opened) so i sent it back. even though the oil isn’t in the container this looks like it has much more slip than the one i had. 😀 thanks dear


    • 4/22/10 11:38 the Muse:

      LOL dina right? freaking huge! oh that stinks :( basically these filled like they were laying around in a bowl of oil but scooped out, drained, and plopped into a tub 😀 I kinda dig that b/c philosophy I always spill it all over the place, that stuff is GREASY! This is more drier but when I’m in the shower scrubbing it feels nice and hydrating minus the mess of oil! ;-D


  • 4/22/10 11:38 Johanna:

    Hi Muse! This kinda looks like a cheaper alternative to Fresh’s Brown Sugar Body Polish. I think I’ll have to pass on this as its so easy to make a sugar scrub at home, or purchase one for the fraction of the price at Marshall’s . When I do splurge on a body scrub, my favorite is Lush’s Aqua Mirabilis.


    • 4/22/10 12:08 the Muse:

      hey johanna oh lord hun def not a do it yourself beauty girl 😀 so I def like to purchase them already made 😀 I like Aqua Mirabilis too 😀 and buffy is my fav!


  • 4/22/10 14:45 Colleen:

    Hi Muse! I picked up the Cake Beauty Plane Set during the Sephora sale. Just received it yesterday and I am in love! I’ve only tried the mousses/lotion, but they are great. I am completely addicted to the smell of Desserted Island (very vanilla/coconut). I’ll have to check out the scrub as I’m really liking this brand.


    • 4/22/10 14:50 the Muse:

      omg wants the cake plane set colleen 😀 cutes! 😀 sounds yummie!!!!!! going to Sephora tonight 😀 hope they have some Cake!


  • 4/22/10 17:35 LINDARRAGNAR:

    oh this scrub look so nice and the scent smells good too bad that sugar crystal looks so BIG !! looks like it would hurt :( Ima pass so sad


    • 4/27/10 16:42 the Muse:

      its HUGE linda 😀 If you’re sensitive you might wanna avoid but if you like extra scrubbing action you’ll love this!


  • 4/22/10 20:40 Audrey:

    Sounds yummy :9 I’m always looking for a new scrubs to try, especially because I get ingrown hairs like a beast when I epilate.

    The flaky, scaly patch you mentioned sounds like dermatitis, to me. I get the exact same thing, right between my eyelid and brow, every now and then and I use a steroid cream prescribed by a derm to get rid of it. But I’ve heard some derms will just suggest using Head and Shoulders as a face wash because seborrheic dermatitis is the same condition that causes dandruff. I’ve never tried this personally (shampoo as body wash, maybe; shampoo as face wash, I can’t get with), but it’s what my boyfriend does and it works for him 😛


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