Cosmetic Storage Solutions: You Need To Save Time and Space

Time gets away from me in the morning when I’m busy applying my 30 some odd products. That’s why I obviously NEED some place to store not only my cosmetics but some place that will give me the time of day.

Check this out!


The Lips-n-Eyes Cosmetics Organizer puts an end to the frustration of being late for work when you’re busy applying your makeup. This organizer has 23 slots for makeup a top tray PLUS a clock! Exactly what I needed.


Aw hells yes but the novelty is too good to not enjoy!

Whatcha thinkin’?

$24.98 if you need to save time and space.

  • 4/20/10 14:10 Paula:

    Yeah, I can’t do that one. I would much rather have one of the Laura Grenier’s storage boxes on my vanity. But, I did get something cool for my regular, not every morning usuage storage needs: 15-drawers! Picked it up over at Office Depot. :)


    • 4/20/10 14:18 the Muse:

      hey paula laura griener is AWESOME šŸ˜€ I keep most of my crap in her boxes šŸ˜€ I really need one of these, Christine swears by ’em plus it has wheels right? I’d roll that bitch around my room as I apply my makeup lol!


      • 4/20/10 21:59 Cristi:

        “Iā€™d roll that bitch around my room as I apply my makeup” LOLZ!! I totally would too!! XD

        Hm… about the organizer pictured above, I couldn’t ever keep something like that around. My cats would have a field day stealing/knocking over my makeup stuffs! ^^;

        I really dig that it has a clock though. Nice touch. :)


        • 4/21/10 10:09 the Muse:

          LMAO cristi šŸ˜€ right? LOL you NEED the clock šŸ˜€


    • 4/20/10 17:01 evo:

      where did you get that storage unit?? i need one! i don’t think i’ve seen these in canada yet. :(


      • 4/20/10 17:14 the Muse:

        which one evo? the clock one? the roller one that paula showed us? or the cabinet I have?


        • 4/20/10 17:30 Paula:

          Because I am quite the enabler, here is the Office Depot link to the 15-drawer organizer I posted up there:


          • 4/21/10 10:18 the Muse:

            LOL paula!

          • 4/21/10 11:57 evo:

            You are the enabler! heehee. Unfortunately I don’t see this on the Canadian site. :( I wonder if it’s available in stores.

        • 4/20/10 18:05 evo:

          the rolling one! i’ve seen christine and pursebuzz has them. i don’t think i’ve seen them here. i’ve already filled up my 7 drawer cart with everything i have. LOL


          • 4/21/10 10:17 the Muse:

            evo I really want the helmer one from ikea just to experience it once šŸ˜€

  • 4/20/10 14:41 Kate:

    Terrible! Plus all of lipsticks/lip glosses wouldn’t fit in there.

    Right now I’m using a office desk organizer for all of my makeup and a plastic basket thing for the rest of it.

    I use miss Sassaby organizers though!


    • 4/20/10 15:37 the Muse:

      omg me too kate! I use office desk organizers too!!!!!!


      • 4/20/10 17:52 Kate:

        I almost wonder if people secretly design office organizers to double as cosmetics cases. I swear the one I have now is brilliant for cosmetics! Far better than any caboodle makeup case thing.


        • 4/21/10 10:18 the Muse:

          THEY DO kate!!!!!!! LOL! I swear I use office organizers for ALL my stash it’s pretty damn funny!


  • 4/20/10 14:46 Paula:

    Yeah, I think Christine has two of the single drawer ones – they are taller. I don’t need that (*yet). It does have wheels – I started without the wheels on it, but then was all “heck, no, i wanna move this around”. LOL! You’d def dig it.


  • 4/20/10 15:40 Kat:

    No way, this is absolutely amazing. Ab-so-lutely.


  • 4/20/10 16:39 Lillian:

    Oooh this would be useful! But i just bought new storage X/
    I’m a new follower by the way :)


    • 4/20/10 16:51 the Muse:

      hi lillian šŸ˜€ good to meet you! *hugs*


  • 4/20/10 17:24 Marcy:

    Not sure if I like the nail polish slots – would rather if there were more holders for lipsticks and eyeliners XD The lack of eyeliner space is what is bothering me I think about the holder. Like the clock though!!!


  • 4/20/10 17:31 The Makeup Block:

    My makeup is a bit everywhere. I have a plastic hello kitty lunch box, a bigger lunch box( i don’t know what it is with the lunchboxes?!) , a big hello kitty vanity case and a toolbox like thing for all my makeup, but most of the time most of my makeup is sprawled across my bathroom counter top, lol :)


    • 4/22/10 13:24 Ashe:

      I laughed really hard at your comment in regards to the lunchboxes, but all the HK stuff sounds like me. XD


  • 4/20/10 17:53 JC:

    You know, it’s a great idea for storage but I wouldn’t use it cause I have too much cosmetics! =) All kidding aside, I don’t think it should be left in the bathroom though b/c water vapors can cause mold and ruin the products. Thanks for sharing Muse!


    • 4/21/10 10:18 the Muse:

      agreed jc prob wouldn’t be so fab for the clock.

      My pleasure!


  • 4/20/10 23:11 Kirstie:

    I don’t think that this would be good for me… there are no places to put Tarte cheek stains or eye shadows. It is really meant for a lot of lip sticks and/or glosses. But the idea behind it is good!


  • 4/20/10 23:21 jackieg02:

    I need a makeup storage intervention. I totally dislike what I got going on now and I think this thing you showed looks creepy.

    I like the storage solution that someone twitpic’ed earlier, and I have looked for that in Office Depot, but I can’t find it in store. Only online. I think I really would like to see it in store first.


    • 4/21/10 8:40 the Muse:

      lol jackie I thought gaudy not so much creepy šŸ˜€ Have you tried anything from Lori greiner? She makes some seriously awesome storage units!


  • 4/21/10 1:28 Ann:

    It’s amazing! My most used make-up is just all over now. This would make it more organised.


  • 4/21/10 9:05 Stephanie:

    That’s pretty cool! I’m not sure I would use it, but in theory it’s a great idea. And the clock is a nice touch!


  • 4/21/10 10:07 Pavlina:

    Wow, I am so buying one of those. Way better than my wee overflowing “daily” makeup rotation I keep in the bathroom. I love this, :)


  • 4/21/10 14:34 Robyn:

    meh hates it cause sods law dictates the lipgloss/mascara you would want would be the one not in this storage thing

    (is sods law a brittish thing or do you get me?)


    • 4/21/10 15:14 the Muse:

      LOL true robyn!

      LOL yes I got ya šŸ˜€ we have “Murphy’s Law” šŸ˜€ but I totally know sods law lol. My xboyfriend is very British and have alot of British friends (my best friend is) so def familiar with it all šŸ˜€


  • 4/21/10 15:16 Rengirl:

    It looks way too limiting and the bulk/storage potential ratio is way off. I think it’s easier keep some kind of clock next to my vanity. Put me in the desk/office organizer camp! Reasonably priced and works very well.


  • 4/21/10 19:59 Charmaine:

    Hey you!

    oh, it’s awful! but I like it for its awfulness, and the clock, that is too fun! for me I would like it even more if it came in fun colors. but I keep my stuff in a few of those Sterilite clear-ish plastic drawer-thingies, and since I have SO many GWP bags I keep stuff stashed in some of those, too! might as well not have them go to waste, yeah? lol *hugs*


    • 4/22/10 15:25 the Muse:

      LOL charmaine my thoughts exactly, gaudy! šŸ˜€ I always stink at using samples tbh!

      Hugs to YOU dear long time no speak!


  • 4/22/10 13:27 Ashe:

    I like this unit but I think it’s more handy for like, “This is what I’m using at the moment and in the morning before I leave,” rather than a long-term storage deal. This is supplementary and most of us on here need an actual room for beauty products to go with this.

    Having said all that, I love your beauty storage posts!!!


    • 4/22/10 13:30 the Muse:

      hi ashe I didn’t really love it myself but I agree good for morning uses but not for entire collections šŸ˜€


  • 4/22/10 20:57 Brittany:

    Awww I’m definitely going to get this for my mother. She’s such a makeup addict and former cosmetoligst who taught me everything I know. She’s been in the hospital for a while now though so maybe it will cheer her up and make her finally get better :(


    • 4/23/10 11:12 the Muse:

      aww brittany I hope she feels better REALLY soon!


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