New in Beauty: Nordstrom Beauty Exclusive MAC Opulash Mascara

Hey chicklets, looked what passed by my desk today!

Nordstrom Exclusive MAC Opulash Mascara ($14)

Interesting, I don’t think I ever seen Nordstrom get any single one product from MAC as an exclusive side from collections of course.

MAC Opulash creates aesthetic extremes when it gets going, for a dramatic end look. It’s all in the brush: enlarged and engineered to grab roots, lift, hold, replicate, exaggerate, and build-out like an architect intent on astounding with structural sleight-of-hand. Pick up the brush- see it volumize and curl – and you’ll know the difference. Large diameter backs you up, tapered front tip makes inner corners sleeker to reach. No clumping or Spider-Woman Syndrome. Superlative separation, sublime innovation: Everything a MAC Artist lives for!


You know me and MAC mascara never get on so well but sounds interesting…..

Will it be a fail?

Or a win?

That my dears remained to be seen.

Maybe I’ll pick one up at Nordie’s when the pre-sale begins April 12th. It’ll be officially available, exclusively at Nordstrom, from April 22nd to May 27th.

Will you haul it?

  • 4/8/10 19:38 LINDARRAGNAR:

    ohh jeez that brush is so pretty and big I bet it would actually live up to the hype

    I’ve never tried a mac mascara cuz you said you don’t like them!!! But I may have to find a nordstroms and try this sucka out


    • 4/8/10 21:58 the Muse:

      lol linda I’m flattered you put that much importance on what I say 😀


  • 4/8/10 19:41 Vickie:

    I don’t think it is exactly a Nordstrom exclusive. My counter at Macy’s already has the space for Opulash in their schematic–it just says Opulash–coming soon.


    • 4/8/10 21:58 the Muse:

      interesting vickie! My release said nordies exclusive! thanks for the tip!


  • 4/9/10 21:25 cat:

    **GASP**Must…add….to …. rediculously unecessary collection of mascaras!


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