New in Beauty: Summer Romance by Ralph Lauren

The summer wind came blowing in from across the sea……….

I can’t help but think of Sinatra as the warm days of Summer approach, honestly they can’t come fast enough for me. How about you? Looking forward to Summer? Honestly, I love Fall and Winter but after such a long, cold one I think I’m about ready for some fun in the sun!

Anyone a fan of Romance by Ralph Lauren? I used to wear it quite a bit way back when but haven’t touched it in a while.

If you happen to love it you’ll be quite excited to hear Summer Romance by Ralph Lauren is the latest release in the Ralph Lauren Romance Collection.

Check it!


Ralph Lauren Summer Romance is a tropical twist on the classic romance scent with blooming flowers, succulent exotic fruits, and a milky sweet musk.

Hmmm sounds very me!

Top notes include passion fruit with a base of exotic woods and apricot musk and a middle of hibiscus and tiare flower. Sounds like a twisted fruity floral blend to me.

If it’s tropical I’m on it.

Count me curious!

It’s available now at your local Macy’s and

Whatcha think?

Are you a Romance fan?

Thrilled by the idea of the Summer Romance scent?

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  • 4/7/10 12:36 dina:

    look forward to giving this a sniff, i too was a romance fan back in the day! hoping the woods are less prominent than the other notes though :)


  • 4/7/10 16:04 Miss_M:

    I’m not really familiar with RL fragrances, but this one sounds really lovely!

    I’m dying for some sunshine here. We had a few okay days with a bit of sunshine (and lots of rain!), but we are still far away from spring. I’m still wearing my bl**dy wintercoat and boots! :(


    • 4/7/10 16:22 the Muse:

      hey miss m how are you sweetness! ugh that’s not good. It’s been gorggggggggg here! but who knows how long it’ll last ;( april showers bring may flowers, I’m waiting for a tsunami of rain to launch at us!


      • 4/8/10 10:00 Miss_M:

        Hi Muse!

        I’m doing great! How are you? I read on Twitter that you are quite the busy bee lately :)

        Lucky you to have such great weather already, enjoy it while you can! I guess we have to wait another month or so before spring finally arrives, since we had such a long miserable winter.

        Meanwhile, I’m going to put this fragrance on my ‘sniff-list’, I’m going into town tomorrow and see if Douglas already has this one on shelves :)


        • 4/12/10 15:28 the Muse:

          good Miss M always busy always 😀

          We had a long one too my dear girl but it finally looks like it’s gone for good 😀 I tried a little bit on Friday and it smelled mighty nice from what my nose did catch 😀


  • 4/7/10 23:14 Guida:

    Ooh la la! Haven’t seen this one yet, but I love Romance, and that’s one of my favorite perfumes ever! I love floral and tropical scents, so I’m sure I’ll love this one. I’ll see if I can find it around here.



    • 4/8/10 0:09 the Muse:

      Hugs Guida 😀

      How are you?

      I loved Romance too, haven’t used it in a while, the “tropical” appealed to me in this scent!


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