NP Set for Target Spring/Summer 2010: NP Set Spring/Summer Collection 2010

What up lovies? Happy April Fool’s Day! No worries, there won’t be any tricks today, I’m fresh out. Although easily amused and quite the comedian, the Muse doesn’t deliver well on April Fool’s Day gags, so sorry ’bout that kids.


Ready for the weekend? I’m closing up my office early tomorrow, ’round 12 or so, so I can get my geek on and head to the theater to see Clash of the Titans. Can’t wait for project revamp on this movie, remember Harry Hamlin in the original (that was when he was actually an actor)? Bestest movie evers! Must have seen it a three dozen times growing up.

I need to hit up Target sometime before this week ends to grab myself some Sherlock Holmes lovin’ too.

And of course have to check out the Spring/Summer Beauty goodness launching in stores.

I’ve been keeping you abreast of all good things happening in the beauty department at Target this week so jump ahead to hear about the NP Set Spring/Summer Collection 2010.

Check it!

  • NP Set Eye $17

  • NP Set Pasarella Powder Foundation $30

  • NP Set On The Double Pen $13

  • NP Set Pre-Foundation Pore Perfecting Primer $26
  • NP Set Pre-Foundation Bronzing Primer $29
  • Np Pre-Foundation Primer $29

  • NP Set Pretty Presto! Palette $17 (Review)

  • NP Set Glamorista Mascara $15

  • NP Set Eye Primer $15

  • NP Set Romance Palette $32

Whatcha think?

You so need to try the Pretty Presto Palette! I love it! Too cute for words! I also have the Romance Palette which I will review for you shortly, it’s a winner.

The bronzer primer looked interesting, never heard of a primer for bronzer…hmmm! Some of the items need a little shaving price wise as they are kinda costly for Target but we’ll see, could be total winners.

Anything on your wishy list from this selection?


Check out NP Set for Target at

  • 4/1/10 13:20 Bora:

    Er, is it just me or does that Glamour mascara look like an *exact* dupe of the Bourjois liner effect mascara? Well the wand anyway.

    The romance palette looks lovely. I’ve never tried Napoleon Perdis (not available in the UK or Korea) but the range looks good.

    And thanks for not doing any April Fools day posts. I’m too gullible and have bad memories of being the butt of April Fools pranks as a child to have good feelings about the day. I already had a heart-flip and crushing disappointment from Christine @ Temptalia’s April Fool’s post!


    • 4/1/10 15:47 the Muse:

      oh yea kinda bora 😀 if you ever need NP hun I’m here!!!!!!! give a yell 😀 LOL awwwww I swear I was gutted when christine’s was an april fool’s joke LOL!


  • 4/1/10 14:16 dina:

    the apricot on that two sided pen is so, so pretty!! and the romance palette ois of course calling my name 😉 hope they have these ins store to ck out 😀


    • 4/1/10 14:45 the Muse:

      dina romance palette=AWESOME! you needs it 😀 swatchies and review upcoming!


      • 4/1/10 15:38 dina:

        wahoo, can’t wait chica! going to stalk it @ target tonight too, although they never seem to have new beauty stuff very quickly. there is a quad sonia kashuk palette that i keep stalking online, there is a pick on the promo but don’t see it for sale yet ~ very similar to the showstopper palette fr winter but real pretty lavender-ish?


        • 4/1/10 15:45 the Muse:

          hey d!

          you should have told me! I’d have met up with you! I’m running late at work today le sigh! lol be funny if we seen each other! this this one? I think they already have it! 😀


          • 4/1/10 15:48 dina:

            no it’s this one, see it in the background? i’m weird i know, but it caught my eye
            yes i’m going to stalk toki @ sephora, if they even have it yet. that’s it, we’re making a date very soon!!!! 😀

          • 4/1/10 15:54 the Muse:

            OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! you’re right! I wants! shimmering lilac!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wonder what’s that’s all about!? Oh yessssssss! dinner my treats 😀 weather is lookin’ up too!!!!!!!!!!!!! what’s the next big mac launch? that’ll be our date day :D! bring your CC!

          • 4/1/10 16:07 dina:

            anytime, i am there!!! 😀
            p.s. temptalia’s mac collection needs to become reality!! gorgeous 😛

          • 4/1/10 16:20 the Muse:

            d I hate you! I’m searchin’ through target for that damn palette lol!

            YES! 😀 I look forward to it 😀 and hells yes I’d buy that collection in a heart beat!

          • 4/1/10 16:31 dina:

            I KNOW!! nowhere to be found . . . :( grrrrr . . . maybe by some miracle it’ll be instore, you’ll see me on news 12 arrested for running around in circles at target appearing delirious & obviously delusional 😛 that (or my email) will be your signal to make a run for it!!
            clearly @ this point in the day my productivity level is taking a dip . .. .

          • 4/1/10 16:36 the Muse:

            lmao dina I can see it now, “I came for the lilac palette…i just wanted the lilac palette…it’s purple and shimmery…it’s the lilac palette I came for…” This is janine rose reporting live from Target and as she said she just came for the lilac palette, more at 7!

  • 4/1/10 15:34 Jennifer:

    Can’t wait for your Romance palette review! That thing look so good O__O


    • 4/1/10 15:34 the Muse:

      jennifer I gotta say it looked a little boring in the promo but it ROCKS in real life 😀 quite a cute little palette!


  • 4/1/10 20:35 aquahartz:

    Wow! I so want the Romance Palette & the Pretty Presto Palette!! Hafta check out my local Target.
    Anyways, the other day I just bought the NP pre-foundation pore perfecting primer. My review: love the smell. The texture is jelly like liquid, just like some other mattifying primer, but its more hydrating. It has soy in it, so its supposed to be good for ur skin :) Oh, I find that its a little bit tooo hydrating for my skin for the time being as my skin is a bit oily at this time of the year. Should be good for winter (soon in Melbourne) when my skin is all dry.
    All in all I like the primer, it does do its job good.
    Have u tried it, Muse?


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