Rosette Hello Kitty Collagen Wash Review

Morning dears!

Sometimes I ask myself, “Do you really NEED another Japanese foaming facial cleanser?” and I proceed to remember why I don’t need another one. Could it be the dozens that already grace my bathroom closet? Yes, that would be it.

However, I can’t resist a tube of foaming face wash that has Hello Kitty’s face plastered on it.

Damn straight I’ll indulge in that!


What is it?

Rosette Hello Kitty Collagen Wash is a foaming facial cleanser that contains natural collagen from Japanese brand, Rosette. It’s a mineral oil free cleanser that creates mounds of rich, soft foam to cleanse skin, moisturizer it, and make your face bright and happy again plus hey it smells like apple and has cool Hello Kitty packaging, that’s enough to make anyone a convert.

The Good….

I absolutely adore the packaging. You probably remember I reviewed the other Rosette Hello Kitty items from Rosette a few months ago but I must say I love this pink tube the best of the three products released. The product is a typical foaming Asian cleanser that removes dirt, makeup, and oil while leaving skin super squeaky clean. The cleaner resembles an old style shaving cream (thick and creamy) and lathers up to a full foam of lather. A little drop goes a very long way at creating endless bubbles! It feels slick on your face as you scrub away, that would be the collagen, and leaves your face quite bright after use.

The Bad….

I do have to follow up with moisturizer right after use as it makes my face a tad tight even though its formulated for dry skin. It’ll break my heart when I’m done with the cleanser and have to toss out the packaging le sigh!

Who might like it?

  • Hello Kitty fans!
  • Anyone who never tried an Asian foaming cleanser before and wants to indulge (this is a super great place to start as Hello Kitty rocks it).
  • Anyone who likes scented skincare (the apple scent is addicting and yummy!)

Who might not like it?

  • Anyone who already owns dozens of Asian foaming cleansers already (this isn’t much different from those aside from the scent and packaging).
  • Anyone who doesn’t like feeling tight after cleansing.
  • Anyone seeking to remove waterproof mascara or waterproof eye makeup.

Final Thoughts….

I only paid a few dollars from this after purchasing it on JpMon. I’m very happy with it particularly because of the fun packaging however you probably don’t need it if you have a million foaming cleansers already, I surely didn’t but couldn’t resist the damn Hello Kitty face smiling at me.

Very cute and worth a haul in my opinion.

Sasa has it for close to retail (under $8) if you have a lemming!

What do you think?

Loves it?

Don’t like Hello Kitty with your skincare?

Love Hello Kitty?

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This product was purchased by the Muse for review purposes.
Read my full disclosure statement here.

  • 4/28/10 11:07 Erica B.:

    Yes, these need to be mine!!!!


    • 4/28/10 11:08 the Muse:

      haha erica 😀 they have the entire line at Sasa including the peel and HA gel :)


  • 4/28/10 11:36 Comrade_Garlic:

    It’s sad I’m trying to devise a way to refill my tube. At least I got the HA gel, so I can refill that container.


    • 4/28/10 13:21 the Muse:

      LOL comrade when you do find out a way LMK ok?


  • 4/28/10 18:43 Hana:

    Super cute! I want it! I wish my friend would go to Asia again so she could bring me back some stuff. XD I’ll have to ask if she’s going this year.


    • 4/28/10 21:51 the Muse:

      hana you can get it locally on sasa they ship to us :)


  • 4/29/10 1:54 puranki:

    aww to bad. I was hoping of an improvement after the apple wash.
    Since that one sadly wasn’t really great, though it had a nice apple scent :/
    But the regular range is great. Have you ever tried a scrub from rosette?


    • 4/29/10 13:10 the Muse:

      apple wash or peel puranki? 😀 as this is the wash haha! I have indeed. Rosette is a passion of mine 😀


      • 5/1/10 4:36 puranki:

        ah yes, I meant the peel 😀


  • 4/29/10 2:40 Ceriene:

    Lol! I’m with you with owning wayyyy too many Japanese foaming cleansers. Looks like I’ll have to pass on this one. :<


    • 4/29/10 8:24 the Muse:

      ceriene its an addiction 😀


  • 4/29/10 11:13 knownever:

    sooooo cute! Sanrio knows how to hook those Kitty freaks!


  • 5/3/10 3:22 christine:

    I was at this store that sells japanese products but jack up the price by alot. and I saw this cleanser for about $20USD =/


    • 5/3/10 9:37 the Muse:

      eep that stinks christine!


  • 5/6/10 23:47 kay:

    A friend of mine sent me this one and i can say that it’s really good and perfect for my skin. my problem now is that i came back to my hometown for the summer and left my hello kitty wash at my boarding house, which is miles away from here.. :(


    • 5/7/10 15:35 the Muse:

      aw sorry to hear kay! :(


  • 5/17/10 18:57 Jill:

    haha if you have a lot of japanese foaming cleansers ,i’d be glad if you donated some to me the stores i know sell them soo expensive my poor pocket can’t afford


  • 7/1/10 9:37 Alex:

    Can you unscrew the cap? It seems like a terrible waste of cute packaging :(


    • 7/1/10 9:39 the Muse:

      nope alex sadly not


  • 7/6/10 3:46 momo:

    unable to get hello kitty collagen wash in SASA , SASA do not carry the Rosette brand anymore? Pls advice me where can i buy this hello kitty cllogen wash in singapore? thanks you.


    • 7/6/10 9:04 the Muse:

      I haven’t a clue momo, I live in the US so not sure which shops in Singapore carry the line. If Sasa doesn’t have it, try e-bay.


  • 7/6/10 3:58 momo:

    pls tell me where can i get ROSETTE HELLO KITTY products.


    • 7/6/10 9:01 the Muse:

      momo read the post it has all the details in it, hope this helps!


  • 6/22/13 3:28 Katarina:

    Hi :) I bought this product today and I was super excited to try it out, but I’m scared it could end up making my face dry or break out in pimples more. Could you please tell me if it does?


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