Sephora VIB 15% Coupon Code

Time to haul hard kids!

Sephora’s VIB event has started (a little early mind you). Official launch was tomorrow but the promo code is a working already!

Jump for it!

Use VIBMADNESS to get 15% off your total order at

Or go check your mail box or e-mail box as a coupon should be inside that you can use in store!

Come back and tell me all about whatcha haul!

Tomorrow I’ll do a post with some great ideas on what you might want to buy during the event and tell you all about my haul.

Happy Shoppin’ my dears!

Ends April 19th, 2010

  • 4/7/10 21:38 LINDARRAGNAR:

    Sweet cannot wait till I get my email and or enough money for the guerlain kajal some more dylans candy bar stuff, and maybe that set by benefit called legally bronze 😉


  • 4/7/10 23:28 jonnie:

    I’m so excited! A little bit annoyed that I get 30% from UD and 20% from Ulta without having to spend a ton for it but only 15% from Sephora for spending very much indeed… I definitely buy more when there is a larger discount. Oh well, guess that blackhead thing will wait for now! 😛 I’ll be sure to post my haul when I decide… :)


    • 4/12/10 15:33 the Muse:

      I agree Jonnie wish it was 20 from sephora!!!!!!! 😀


  • 4/7/10 23:45 frost:

    Hi! I’m going to the US tomorrow, and I’m not a US resident..Would you have the e-coupon that I can use in stores?


    • 4/12/10 15:32 the Muse:

      hi frost I do not sorry :(


  • 4/8/10 8:42 Kristina:

    I didn’t know the code was working early so that’s the first thing I did when I got up this morning! I ordered some Ceramic Skin Smoother, Benefit’s Nice Melons (Thanks for the heads up on this one!), and Stella Nude. I’m sure I’ll think of something else I want later… I hope the code works more than once!


    • 4/8/10 9:01 the Muse:

      it will kristina 😀 work more than once. Good hauling! Promise to tell me how you like Nice Melons? :)


  • 4/8/10 9:40 Marina:

    I always like reading your ‘what to buy’ kind of posts. Probably will not be hauling, since I really want the UD SOL nail polishes (still debating ordering though…) and I have friend coming to visit and I definitely want to go all out when she’s here.


    • 4/12/10 15:29 the Muse:

      aw thanks marina glad to hear it 😀 aw live it up with your friend and wait on the makeup for later 😀


  • 4/8/10 10:53 JoElla:

    Something must be seriously wrong with me. I am not even tempted to order anything! Quick someone call the doctor STAT!


    • 4/8/10 11:35 the Muse:

      911 911! LOL Joella 😀 I’m kinda not tempted either! I was talking to Christine yesterday and she said the same thing as me, I kinda feel forced to buy anything maybe we are experiencing beauty burn out 😀


  • 4/8/10 11:11 Audrey D:

    i’m so sad. i never received my lil postcard or email about the sale and i’m a VIB! i had to learn about it on beauty blogs. darn you sephora! i’m so sad :(


    • 4/8/10 18:49 the Muse:

      audrey did ya check spam sweets


  • 4/8/10 12:38 LL:

    Do you have to be a VIB to use this? I think I may just be a regular Beauty Insider member. =\ Is it listed anywhere in your account?


    • 4/8/10 12:42 the Muse:

      hi LL just use promo code VIBMADNESS, it should work perfect


  • 4/9/10 15:13 CD:

    Code did not work for me, so they do seem to care if you are VIB (I am also Beauty Insider but not VIB).


    • 4/12/10 14:26 the Muse:

      use BI15 CD that will work


  • 4/11/10 0:58 Christine:

    I never got an email or a postcard about the BI sale and I only got an email about the VIB sale, so you aren’t alone Audrey. haha


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