Soap and Glory Solar Powder Bronzer Review and Swatches

Soap and Glory takes on bronzer this year with it’s new Solar Power…ahem I mean Solar Powder Bronzer. Whatcha think? Bronzer lover?

I’m not. Last year, I kinda discovered the joy of a nice bronzer but for the most part I’m not so fab at application plus I don’t like bronzers that are brown and matte looking, which is the case with most.

Soap and Glory Solar Powder Bronzer is available at Targets at the moment and I was all up for testin’ it. Hey, I love me some Soap and Glory so far be it for me to say no to a bronzer by the brand!


What is it?

A mix and match dual sided compact that includes both a lighter and darker shade of glowing bronzer. The compact includes two shades of brown bronzer one of which is a lighter nude shade and the other a more darker muddy shade. Sadly, it doesn’t have a ton of shimmer or sparkle aside from the spray over of fine sparkle on the S&G emblem embedded into the powder. Most times I like my bronzer to be a tad on the shimmery side as it seems to wear well and easier for me however this sadly sports no such formula.

The good….

Packaging is pretty darn cool. It features a vintage pin up girl on the cover and opens to reveal a full size mirror with the powder on one side. Flip it over and a slim line brush is tucked away for easy application on the fly. Packaging simply thrilled me to bits, I thought it was rather fun. I find it applies best when worn with a bit of cheek stain under it particularly one that’s coral or peach. In my photo below I’m using Vincent Longo Cheek and Lip Stain in Baby Boo with Soap and Glory Solar Powder on top. The bronzer seems to deepen the cheek stain and gives a golden, coral glow. You can use the bronzer not only on your face but also dusted on shoulders and décolletage, personally didn’t try this but it does multitask as a face and body product.

The bad….

I felt like without stain I couldn’t see much pigmentation plus the formula was rather chalky. However, with a little stain I felt like the bronzer performed flawlessly and creates a rather pretty little glow on my face but I was disappointed at how chalky it was on it’s own.

Overall, it’s not the best bronzer I’ve ever tried in terms of pigmentation and formula but I can’t deny I LOVED how it took my cheek stain to a whole other level. Those who like to use cheek stain already and want a little bit of a push to their current color might consider checking this out. It’s worth a try in my humblest particularly if you’re a little scared of bronzer as this isn’t heavily pigmented so you can’t over do your look.

Available now for a reasonable $11.99 at Target.

Have you seen this at Target?

Anyone haul it?

Do share your thoughts on Soap and Glory Solar Powder.

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  • 4/6/10 16:49 LINDARRAGNAR:

    not gonna lie that compact is uber cute

    and I love the hidden brush (which looks like the perfect side)

    thats really side that the shimmer is only a spray on I think that thats sucha misleader for us that love sparkles :'(

    atleast its at a nice price and blendable :)


    • 4/6/10 18:45 the Muse:

      hey linda sad sigh I hate over spray shimmer 😀 it’s such a let down. but yes for the most part it’s sadly matte le sigh but the price isn’t bad at all and I love with it does for stain!


      • 4/6/10 20:59 DINOGOESRAWR:

        oh muse.. same with me! you see a shimmery overspray, and you think “OMG SPARKLES!!!” then, you break it out, and realize its just an overspray. *sob sob sniffle*


        • 4/12/10 15:46 the Muse:

          heck yes dino le sigh! false advertisement LOL!


          • 4/12/10 16:52 DINOGOESRAWR:


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