Too Faced Summer Collection 2010: Too Faced How To Create The Perfect Lip

Too Faced Summer Collection 2010 takes an interesting turn with the season and concentrates on lips.

Jump ahead for a peep on How to Create the Perfect Lip with Too Faced!


  • Too Faced Glamour Gloss $19-A super-shine lip gloss collection with a natural plumping and cooling action.

Get a pain-free plump pout with this Glamour Gloss collection! The innovative formula provides the plumping results of Lip Injection with a sensual cooling sensation. The twelve richly pigmented shades offer a chic range of choices for today’s glam girl. The natural-plumping system utilizes rice lipids and dehydrated marine spheres that work directly with the body’s hydration system to collect moisture and plump lips. A combination of Omega 3, 6, and 9, Natural Vitamin E, Jojoba and Avocado oils hydrate and moisturize lips for a youthful appearance. Available in 12 shades.

  • Too Faced Border Line Anti-Feathering Lip Pencil $18.50-A one-color-fits-all anti-feathering pencil that will revolutionize the way you wear lip product.

Keep your lipstick and lip gloss from traveling beyond your lip’s borders with Borderline, a matte, colorless lip pencil designed to fill in and plump up vertical lip lines while it locks down your favorite lip products. Apply to the area just outside the natural lip line to forego feathering and to pamper your pucker with skin soothing, moisturizing, and firming ingredients.

  • Too Faced Lip Insurance Lip Primer $19-A lip primer that locks down lip color and prevents fading, bleeding, and creasing.

This unique, creamy formulation is like Shadow Insurance for your lips. It’s applied over the lips to promote suppleness and glides on smooth for maximum staying power. Your glosses and lip color will not feather, fade, or transfer even under the most lip-challenging conditions. The Vitamin-E-enriched formula pampers lips while unique pigment binders protect lip colors from any pout imperfections.

  • Too Faced Perfect Lips $18.50-A liner that’s formulated to create the “perfect” natural lip color.

This singular liner sensation blends seamlessly into your lip line to create a shape and definition that works with all lip products and colors. The anti-feathering, waterproof formula won’t fade, budge, or smudge. Natural antioxidants and Vitamin E protect, moisturize, and prevent the lips from aging, while Jojoba Oil nourishes, smooths, and soothes for a perfectly in-place pout.

So whatcha think? I’m kinda all about the Too Faced Lip Insurance Lip Primer since my gloss likes to slide around and migrate to my upper lip, it likes to take the escape route and ends up anywhere else but on my lips.

I find it interesting Too Faced is concentrating on lips for the Summer but I have a funny feeling they’ll surprise us with more as we get closer to bikini wearin’ weather.

  • 4/5/10 12:48 Aimee Pan:

    Oooh the lip primers & pencils are VERY intriguing.. will have to purchase them to try out? 😀


    • 4/5/10 12:50 the Muse:

      def aimee! 😀 the lip primer=SHALL BE MINE 😀


  • 4/5/10 13:17 Kate:

    Well the gloss is a no brainer, but the lip pencil is intriguing. Unfortunately i would probably buy the sucker, use it once, and then it will languish with my unused collection of eyeliners.


    • 4/5/10 13:39 the Muse:

      mmm same here kate, no good with lip pencils! 😀 but the gloss yes please and the lip primer!


  • 4/5/10 17:26 Wendy:

    I’m interested in the lip insurance… I love the TFSI so if this is as great, I’m sold!


    • 4/5/10 17:55 the Muse:

      ditto wendy, quite excited about lip insurance myself 😀


  • 4/5/10 22:35 Melissa:

    one of each please and thank you. I hope these appear on sephora BEFORE my coupon expires. :)


  • 4/6/10 0:48 Gia:

    I LOVE Too Faced. However, it seems like the pencils and lip insurance all do the same thing. Am I going crazy? It seems like basically the same thing but worded differently on each product. The pencil is under your lip stuff and the gloss is over your lip stuff. Do you use them together?


    • 4/12/10 16:04 the Muse:

      Hi gia haven’t gotten ’em yet but def perform separately as you aren’t wanting to use them all together 😀

      one keeps your lip color from feathering, one keeps it in place all day, etc…you can prob use the primer and the liner together!


  • 4/6/10 10:20 Laura:

    I will try out the glamour gloss as I am a gloss whore. I pray its not like mirror mirror. That stuff was a thick sticky mess. My hair would stick to my lips and then be sticky all day long.


    • 4/6/10 10:44 the Muse:

      OMG laura mirror mirror is my fav gloss EVER 😀 can’t believe you don’t likey!


  • 4/8/10 18:45 jerseygrrrl78:

    I picked up the Border Line pencil about a month ago and am totally digging it. I’ve actually started wearing bolder lip colors again because it really does keep them from creeping onto my upper lip. Also if you apply it to your lips instead of around them it fills in the cracks and makes a smooth base for applying lipstick. Not as good as a primer because it doesn’t make the lipstick last any longer but it “evens out the pavement” so to speak, hehe :)


    • 4/12/10 15:26 the Muse:

      thanks for the mini review jersey girl 😀 cheers! Sounds good to me 😀


  • 4/10/10 20:34 Renata:

    Except from the lip gloss, I want them all! Love lip liners, and these sound tempting.


  • 4/18/10 1:14 Andrea:

    I need the lip primer!


  • 6/17/10 14:02 Claudia:

    I’m still not sure wether I’ll be getting the lip primer since I still have the one from Urban Decay which works fairly well
    wonder how the two compare


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