Total Beauty Launches Beauty App

Total Beauty has launched a beauty app for us junkies!

Listen up iPhone, iPod, and iPad users!


Total Beauty has just launched their very own iPhone, iPod touch and iPad app and it’s live in the Apple Store!

What is it?

An app that lets you browse over 280,00 unbiased reviews from readers like you! From skin care, to beauty tools, to that new blush from MAC you’re lemming, you can search out and read reviews on current and new products from Chanel, MAC, Olay, Cover Girl, and many, many more brands!

How great would it be to hit up your local drugstore and have this little app handy to find out weather that brand new concealer sitting on the shelf is worth the $12 buck price tag or is just plain trash? Or hit up your high end counter and wondering if you REALLY need that $48 foundation, is it really worth the investment?

Now you can search out your fellow cosmetic junkies opinion on all these things before dishing your cash out!

Pretty darn nifty right?

Haven’t tried it myself yet but quite eager too as there aren’t nearly enough great beauty apps around!

Thanks Total Beauty.

If you try it, let me know what you think!

  • 4/26/10 21:26 Marina:

    That’s dangerous 😉
    I’d never really checked out wholesale or discounted beauty sites, but when you posted the giveaway, I checked it out ASAP. Since, I’ve discovered All Wholesale Cosmetics and put in my order. I’m so excited to get my stuff! I got everything for $17, excluding shipping. I bought UD’s Flipside shadow, since I’m enamored by the liner. I also got Too Faced’s Galaxy Glam shadow in Amber Asteroid (tried it in store a while ago and thought it would look great) and lastly, a Rocket City Space Case in the neutral eyeshadow shades. Can’t wait to try it out! Have you used any of these before?


    • 4/27/10 9:29 the Muse:

      AWC is great Marina 😀 Love that site. I have UD flipside and love it 😀 also have a galaxy glam shadow, nice stuff 😀 You’re going to love the Rocket City Space Case, it opens so slick 😀 I don’t have one but remember trying it when Sephora carried the brand a few years back! Enjoy!


      • 4/27/10 15:54 Marina:

        Thanks! I’m sure I’ll love the Space Case. I love all things techy and sci fi, so this is a total trip for me. Makeup and geeky/cool packaging? Yes, please :)
        I just feel so into Geek-pride today. My friend and I were have a loooong conversation about Lord of the Rings and everyone thought we were insane. Oh well, their loss ;p


  • 4/27/10 0:13 LINDARRAGNAR:

    this is great!!! too bad I forgot my password for itunes so whenever i try and download an app for my phone its Like Access Denied D:<


  • 4/27/10 4:57 Coco:

    Wow that looks super handy!
    *going to go download it now*


  • 5/5/10 12:01 beth:

    aww! thanks for the love, izzy! :)


    • 5/5/10 12:30 the Muse:

      my pleasure beth 😀


  • 5/20/10 4:02 Gemma:

    I wish they would make one for make up alley. This one doesn’t have a lot of products and some of the reviews that come up are old.


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