Victoria’s Secret Heavenly Flowers Eau de Parfum Collection

If you’re a fond fan of Victoria’s Secret Dream Angels Fragrance you’ll be ever so happy to see the release of its new limited edition Heavenly Flowers debut!


Inspired by the fresh peony heart of Dream Angels Heavenly, Victoria’s Secret Heavenly Flowers is an enticing touch of floral with a luscious fruit and sun-splashed blossom blend. I smelled it in store and it’s a rather fresh, clean floral blend, quite nice really.

Victoria’s Secret Heavenly Flowers is available for a limited time.

  • Victoria’s Secret Heavenly Flowers Eau de Parfum $49

  • Victoria’s Secret Heavenly Flowers Sheer Fragrance Mist $22

  • Victoria’s Secret Heavenly Flowers Softening Body Lotion $20

  • Victoria’s Secret Heavenly Flowers Solid Fragrance Bracelet $20

I honestly failed to find the appeal in this. It’s quite crisp and clean and rather ideal for the warmer weather but I lean towards more fruity, tropical blends as the hot weather sets in and the floral just didn’t appeal to me. I generally like the Angel scents but I do feel they are a bit repetitious with very similar notes.

I didn’t find anything extra special about Victoria’s Secret Heavenly Flowers so I skipped.

Oh well!

Anyone sniff?


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  • 4/12/10 21:44 jonnie:

    Dream Angels: Heavenly = major perfumey gag factor. A girl in one of my old units used to bathe in the stuff and it made everyone around her very sad.
    Dream Angels + Flowers = a fate so horrible I can’t even begin to contemplate it without going into a fetal position and sucking my thumb. Yikes!


    • 4/13/10 15:56 the Muse:

      hey jonnie I find I grew out of dream angels a long time ago! Alot of girl’s use it and it totally induces the gag factor for me too 😀 It uses to a fav of mine, all of them, but I honestly can skip now 😀


  • 4/12/10 22:24 dina:

    other than the cute packaging i haven’t yet talked myself into this! to me i think it smells alot, alot like phil’s field of flowers


    • 4/13/10 15:55 the Muse:

      oh that’s a helpful hint dina as I haven’t smelled FoF yet and I’ve been dying to check it out 😀 btw I ordered the two spritzs from phil on qvc!


      • 4/13/10 16:56 dina:

        :) i got the FoF spritz from qvc but smelled the r&c and a&c ones in nordstrom and managed to talk myself out of them, miracle of god that never happens!!! i think its the cream edgy i’m shaky on? hope you like them! hey did you get that mally eye thing? i saw it’s off waitlist


  • 4/13/10 0:07 jackieg02:

    I am a fan of Heavenly, but this scent did not appeal to me. It was just a little to floral for my liking.


  • 4/16/10 3:04 Gia:

    I need that Bracelet! So cute! I like heavenly I do. But I notice that it is such a heavy scent you only need one spray or two to last all day. Even though I notice this other girls DON’T!! Ugh they just overpower and it makes me gag. Just a small spirtz is all you need.
    I’m much more of a sexy little things line type of perfume. I always get comments on my scent (good ones) and never have to deal with people smelling exactly like me!


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