Wants It: MAC to the Beach Marine Life Multi-Colour Pressed Powder

Tomorrow is the end of the month and right after comes May and 27 days later…MAC TO THE BEACH arrives!

Tank you baby Jebus!

I can barely stand the wait.

I’m most excited about the Marine Life Multi-Colour Pressed Powder, I must has it as soon as possible and if possible I may need a back up or two or three.

Be honest…are you a little worried it might not be as pigmented as it looks? I’ll be devastated if I can’t get a warm peachy glow from it….but than again I may never know because I seriously can’t touch that gorgeous design.

Le sigh.

Has to be of MAC’s most exciting releases for me this year.

Want it?

Do share!

  • 4/29/10 20:22 LINDARRAGNAR:

    I want this powder and the pearlglides so effing bad :'( I think ima explode before the 27th :d

    I really hate using beauty products with cute designs (I feel like Im hurting it) same way with pinatas lol


  • 4/29/10 20:36 Vonvon:

    Yes Yes!! I have been lemming for this the moment I saw the pix a few months back! Can’t wait! Can’t wait!!!


  • 4/29/10 20:56 Marina:

    Want this so bad! I mean, it’s perfect. It’s my favorite cheek color, and it’s sea life…I think seahorses are darling…and my name literally means (roughly) “of the sea.”
    I’m not usually interested in MAC much, but this is something I’ve been anticipating.


  • 4/29/10 21:06 dina:



  • 4/29/10 21:14 anna:

    unfortunatly it’s just an overspray, but the pink and coral would make great blushes, thats why i want it


    • 4/30/10 15:03 the Muse:

      ditto anna :)


  • 4/29/10 21:26 Phyrra:

    I think it’s GORGEOUS packaging!


  • 4/29/10 22:07 Erin:

    I’m worried about the glitter after the overspray is gone. I’ve seen some swatches where the glitter looks chunky. If I can find out this info, I’ll know if it’s worth me buying or not.


  • 4/29/10 23:27 jojoba (My Makeup Reviews):

    WOW that’s beautiful!


  • 4/30/10 0:50 Angela:

    Super gorgeous, definitely put me on the wants list!


    • 4/30/10 8:25 the Muse:

      me too angela πŸ˜€


  • 4/30/10 3:39 Gemma:

    The ma at mac told me yesterday this is getting released in the uk next week. Cant wait im going to be stalking as the marine life powder is def going to be sold out.

    I also want peach lipstick beach bound i think. xx


    • 4/30/10 8:23 the Muse:

      damn gemma I wonder if we are getting it early too..ha. How are you today love? Happy weekend!


      • 4/30/10 14:25 Gemma:

        Hi Muse
        I love your new layout by the way.
        I got the cyndi lipstick yesterday, i love it such a pretty colour and very wearable. I am surprised we are getting it before the states.

        Have a good weekend xx


        • 4/30/10 14:54 the Muse:

          thanks gemma *hugs*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yay! πŸ˜€ gaga wasn’t wearable but cyndi was gorg! Have a happy weekend!


    • 4/30/10 9:35 Anitacska:

      To be honest I’m a bit wary of what the MA’s at Mac say, because they were completely wrong about the Colour Craft release date last year, so I will only believe it once I see it online and on the counters.


  • 4/30/10 5:17 Petra:

    I don’t really know why, but I am completely un-excited about this whole collection. I’m thinking about skipping the entire thing. The highlighter is very pretty, but besides the overspray, it doesn’t really speak to me. We usually receive collections about a month later than the US, but yesterday way our preview for this collection. I couldn’t go in the end (work :(), but I’m kinda dissapointed because I fear we will not be receiving neither Pret a Papier nor Art Supplies. I was really looking forward to those, but this just leaves me… emotionless. Don’t hate me :)


    • 4/30/10 8:22 the Muse:

      omg petra really? gasp! I love it. I must say that PaP was a great surprise for me and I’m sorry to hear you aren’t getting it as a few pieces were very special. I was surprised by it!


      • 5/3/10 13:13 Petra:

        Well, it’s here. The Marine Life is already sold out, but it’s kindof dull once the overspray is gone-to me. Firecracker es and the glittery body oil is already sold out as well(it launched today lol). I picked up the Float on by liner (lovely) and Sweet and Punchy es, as i missed out on Rated R. Very pleased with them, but oh how i wish we got Art Supplies and Pret a Papier instead-it’s official: we will not be getting these. Insert many sadfaces.:(


        • 5/3/10 15:32 the Muse:

          you’re so lucky petra πŸ˜€ nothing here yet! Little disappointed to hear the overspray is the only joy πŸ˜› I still can’t wait to see it in person πŸ˜€

          PaP was actually kinda special :( I’m so sorry you guys didn’t get it!


          • 5/4/10 5:12 Petra:

            Well, i’m sure it will sell out quick, so hurry when it launches. :)
            It’s pretty, but the product its self wasn’t special to me (and MAC is more expensive here).
            For exc. I really liked the Naked Honey highlighters (as a bronzer :)), despite the overspray, but I know many were dissapinted with that one.

          • 5/4/10 9:04 the Muse:

            def petra πŸ˜€ can barely WAIT!

            ahh see I disagree I liked Naked Honey well enough but wasn’t that incredible for me πŸ˜€

            Aw I agree MAC is more $$$ within Europe, Asia, Etc.. :(

          • 5/4/10 9:56 Petra:

            I’ll keep my fingers crossed for You and the others who are really interested in it – hope You all manage to snag it and will be very happy with it! :)

          • 5/4/10 15:11 the Muse:

            hey petra! πŸ˜€ hopefully we like it!

  • 4/30/10 6:54 rachel:

    i’m not sure but I think they’ve moved the release date forward, we’re getting it in ireland on the 13th May.


    • 4/30/10 8:21 the Muse:

      awesome rachel! πŸ˜€ hopping a plane haha!


  • 4/30/10 9:33 Anitacska:

    I’m buying two of these, one to use and one to look at! :) I did the same with the Chantecaille LE powders and at least Mac is a lot cheaper, lol.

    I’ve heard 13th May as the release date for the UK before, but next week would be even better! Woohoo! :)


    • 4/30/10 15:58 the Muse:

      LOL anita sounds like me. One to look at, sleep with, and caress LOL! and one to use πŸ˜€


      • 5/1/10 2:29 Vonvon:

        I am so with you, Muse, and Anitacska….been considering getting 2 of these…..can’t wait for it to get here! πŸ˜€


        • 5/3/10 12:05 the Muse:

          def need a back up vonvon πŸ˜€


  • 4/30/10 10:35 Yui:

    I’m with you here. It’s absolutely gorgeous to destroy the seahorse. Maybe I need to get 2 to actually be able to use one. :)


    • 4/30/10 14:58 the Muse:

      I think so Yui back up in order πŸ˜€ ha!


  • 4/30/10 14:11 Erica B.:

    I came across swatches on another blog for this line and now I am counting the days down. Its so pretty!!!


    • 4/30/10 14:54 the Muse:

      erica πŸ˜€ gorg isn’t it?! I’m counting too πŸ˜€


  • 5/2/10 19:34 bb:

    I personally think that the design looks a bit tacky…But i did love when MAC collaborated with Hello Kitty and Barbie. I’m just not feeling the whole packaging, and needless to say, i’m not a fan of coral colours…Lol sorry if i sound so pessimistic


  • 5/3/10 11:03 jonnie:

    Hmm… not a big MAC fan, but this looks pretty nice! I’d want to see swatches first tho.


  • 5/3/10 16:24 Clara:

    This is on my To The Beach list, as well as the Pink Rebel Lustre Drops and In The Buff Nail Laquer!

    God, I hope the release date sticks to May 6th! I went to MAC Near where I am on work experience and the MUA told me ‘next thursday’ which at the time meant May 6th. He said they already had all the stuff in stock, they’re just holding its release until then. I plan to go in my lunch break, but if MAC has failed me and it does come out later I have no chance of getting it because I am in school 5 days a week, and I know my fellow makeup junkies will clean out stocks and not save even a smidge for little clara ):):): πŸ˜› Love your blog, as ever Muse! <3


    • 5/4/10 9:54 the Muse:

      I heard the 27th am I nuts clara? man must go and make sure I got dates right πŸ˜€

      aw thanks *hugs*!!!!!!!!!


  • 5/4/10 10:11 dina:

    so your and clara’s post got me curious and i called nordstrom & the mac store and both said 5/27. (nordstrom also said preselling now, no testers unfortunately).



    • 5/4/10 15:11 the Muse:

      hey d! owe ya an email I think please for the love of god get twitter my friend :-D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      aha I thought it was the 26th or so πŸ˜€ I was half right lol! I could go for presale on this….but we wouldn’t have our shop date SNIFF! but maybe it’s a good thing as if we wait I get to see your tummy and massage it for luck haha!


      • 5/4/10 17:17 dina:

        i was thinking possibly presale too!!! we could always just make it another day and find something else to shop for πŸ˜‰ !! hopefully very soon! email me & let me know what works for you when you get a chance.

        p.s. if i twitter it up you will be my 1st tweet :)

        & i’ll take as much luck as i can get!!


  • 5/5/10 14:44 Clara:

    Just to update, Muse, and anyone else as depressingly addicted to this collection as me….

    I was emailed by one of my YouTube beauty community friends, who told me that she had already ordered her lot from the UK MAC website. I ordered The Marine Life Powder, Pink Rebel Lustre Drops and In The Buff Nail Laquer before you could say ‘To The Beach!’

    Hope you all get what you want….can you believe the 131 brush is sold out online ALREADY?! <3


    • 5/5/10 17:45 the Muse:

      man clara I’m SO jealous that the UK gets it before us this time around!!!!!!! Doesn’t surprise me! 131 is awesome πŸ˜€ Enjoy your goodies!


  • 5/11/10 7:39 iya:

    prices of MAC here in spain is doubled !! but still I am very crazy about mac ! OMG canΒ΄t waittttttttttttttttttttttttt !!!!!


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