YSL Summer Makeup Collection 2010: YSL Solaris

YSL Summer Makeup Collection 2010 coming atcha!


Here’s a little glimpse into the YSL Solaris Collection featured for YSL Summer 2010.

  • YSL Touche Brilliance


  • Fuchsia Sunrise
  • Coral Sunset

  • YSL Gloss Pur


  • Pure Coral
  • Pure Sorbet
  • Pure Hibiscus
  • Pure Redcurrant

  • YSL La Laque


  • Ultra Orange
  • Black Tulip
  • Ultra Violet
  • YSL Fard Lumiere Aquaresistant


  • Ultra Blue (LE)

Whatcha think?


  • 4/14/10 15:22 LINDARRAGNAR:

    Oh I love the promo picture but the collection is very lack luster, other then the pink pen thing and the blue eyeshadow

    very sad


    • 4/14/10 16:25 the Muse:

      Linda felt the same way girl 😛


  • 4/14/10 15:24 Nia:

    Wow, when I first saw the picture I thought this is for the UD summer collection, but then I saw this is for YSL. Wow, not bad.
    Still, I am probably not getting anything. But looks good.

    How are you doing? I am sitting at home in my PJs being sick and feeling sorry for myself 😉


    • 4/14/10 16:25 the Muse:

      hey nia prob me either, debatable 😀

      How’s all?

      I’m good, tired but good! Awww feel better. it’s the weather 😛 makes folks sick changing on and off!


  • 4/14/10 16:52 Su:

    the pic doesn’t inspire me to take a look at collection at all…
    I enjoy YSL ad pics but I don’t like this one…I feel it doesn’t show any summer feel at all ( her makeup )
    well… anyway what comes down last is quality but where is the pretty packaging and designs ( for collection )
    lol I am such a sucker for pretty designs


  • 4/14/10 19:59 Andrea:

    I love the promo pic! I wouldn’t have expected something that sexy for YSL! (Usually I feel like they are kind of an “old” brand..)

    I will have to see the products in person though, I’m not completely sold on anything yet..

    Do you know when it’s coming out?


  • 4/16/10 9:57 Jen:

    I like the nail polish color. That’s about it.

    (I don’t get why she’s wearing a bra under the jacket. Like… ONLY a bra. wth???)


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