Are You A Cat Person? New Steam Cream PPQ Designs

I’m a HUGE fan of Steam Cream, god love this stuff, so I’m quite excited to see some new tin designs that have recently popped up.

If you’re a cat person you’ll wanna take a peep at these!


PPQ collaborates with Steam Cream to create some uber super cute designs that I’m really lemming hard.

Check ’em!

  • PPQ Steam Cream Box Set £22.97

  • PPQ Letters

  • PPQ Emmanuelle Polka Dot Cat

  • PPQ Emmanuelle Gingham Cat

I imagine the designs will be pretty collectible so even though I have a ton of tins laying around I ordered them anyway.

Sigh…Steam Cream tins, quite like pokemon, must collect ’em all.

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  • 5/12/10 3:34 regina:

    hey muse i was thinking of hauling some steam cream. it looks promising^^. do they have any promotions going on?


    • 5/12/10 8:58 the Muse:

      not that I know of regina! Sorry wish I could give you better news :)


  • 5/12/10 11:16 Sarah G.:

    Hey Muse do you think this would work well on sensitive skin? I’ve been using a salicylic acid face wash which has been making my chin peel a little by the time the afternoon rolls around. I’ve yet to find a moisturizer that will keep my skin smooth all day….


    • 5/12/10 11:43 the Muse:

      sarah no. I think the fragrance might be a bit much. You can purchase it and if it fails to work on your face you can use on your body :)


  • 8/19/10 12:14 Bellatrix:

    are all the ingredients natural or at least the fragreaces?, do you know and is it aimed at any skintype in particulare?


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