BeautyDIY Spearmint Fresh Hydrating Gel Review

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So we all know I really dig on mint right? Now I really love mint in my skincare which is somewhat unheard of because hey I imagine mint would be considered a little irritating on your face but I happen to have bulletproof skin and nothing phases me!

A few weeks ago I reviewed BeautyDIY Spearmint Oil-Cut Triple Hydrating Icy Gel and this week I have BeautyDIY Spearmint Fresh Hydrating Gel to review for ya.

Check it!

What is it?

A moisturizing gel enriched with Hyaluroinc Acid and spearmint oil to moisturize skin with a cooling sensation!

The Good….

This is a gel moisturizer that works great for either normal skin types or oily ones. The formula is extra light so it doesn’t offer intense hydration however the Hyaluroinc Acid keeps skin feeling moist all day long. The gel absorbs easily into skin and smells like spearmint which kinda reminds me of a pack of gum. The scent isn’t the only cool thing about it as it feels cooling on the skin which makes it an ideal Summer moisturizer.

You can also multitask if you like and use it as a 10 minute mask by slathering on a thin layer and proceeding to wash off or as an emergency skin treatment for sun burnt skin!

The Bad…

It’s not nearly moisturizing enough for drier skin sadly. It tends to be sticky if you use too much.

Who might like it?

  • Anyone seeking a lighter, cooling moisturizer for the Summer.
  • Mint Lovers!
  • Anyone who has oily skin that needs a fast absorbing moisturizer that isn’t heavy.

Who might not like it?

  • Anyone with drier skin that needs as much hydration as possible even in the Summer.
  • Anyone who doesn’t have time to wait for their moisturizer to dry down (this stays moist for a minute).

Final Thoughts…

It’s not the best moisturizer in the world but it’s a nice one for Summer when my skin is performing either normally or a bit oily. It’s cooling sensation is novel and the scent is rather gorgeous. It’ll never become something I’d use daily but for warmer days I like it very much!

Available for $12.50 at Sasa.


This product was purchased by the Muse for review purposes.
Read my full disclosure statement here.

  • 5/21/10 15:09 muyya:

    oh this seems interesting, i love gel moisturizers. i might get this after when i’m finish with my Elizabeth Arden green tea gel moisturizer, which has been discontinued. And I keep asking myself “Why are all the things i love, get discontinued or it’s a limited edition?” T.T

    Oh, oh well…
    Luckily the BeautyDIY moisturizer is cheaper! In these times, i’m seriously under a tight budget. Thank you for the review.


    • 5/26/10 13:42 the Muse:

      god I ask myself that daily too muyya 😀
      my pleasure I think you’ll be surprised by how much you like this!


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