Cargo Cosmetics Most Wanted Cheek Color Kit

Yes well, I need a way to demystify facial contouring because seriously I haven’t a clue!

Maybe Cargo Cosmetics Most Wanted Cheek Color Kit can help?


What is it?

A trio of shades to help simplify facial contouring and offer an easy system to contour and highlight your face flawlessly.


  • Highlight Shade: The translucent texture provides a soft, delicate glow and smooth finish to the upper cheekbones.
  • Blush Shade: The silky formula is a pro-favorite that’s perfect for the apples of the cheeks.
  • Contour Shade: This matte shade works to create a balanced shadow effect under the cheekbones, making cheekbones appear sculpted and defined in an instant.

Looks easy enough right?

Bet I screw it up though.

$26 from QVC, Item Number A203849.

  • 5/10/10 16:28 Megan:

    Hey lady!

    This kit is called the CARGO Contour Kit! Not sure if you meant to put “most wanted” or not!


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