Cargo Summer Collection 2010

Cargo Summer Collection 2010

Cargo may be long gone from Sephora but no worries the brand continues to update and is now sold at Ulta and Beauty 360 locations yay!

A little glimpse into Cargo Summer Collection 2010 coming atcha today!

  • Cargo Swimmables Waterproof Pencil Collection $18

Cargo Summer Collection 2010 Waterproof 1

A set of four Cargo Waterproof Pencils in the following shades:

  • Frosted Steel Blue
  • Metallic Hot Turquoise
  • Funky Purple
  • Sparkling Deep Green
  • Electric Green
  • Cargo Get Wet Kit $39

Cargo Summer Collection 2010 Waterproof 2

A set of some of Cargo’s best selling water-resistant products to get you through the long, hot Summer.


  • Cargo Better than Waterproof Mascara
  • Cargo Water Resistant Bronzer
  • Cargo Swimmables Waterproof Pencils in Metallic Hot Turquoise, Funky Purple, and Sparkling Deep Green

I just wanna throw it out there and say I need the Cargo Get Wet Kit simply because I adore mermaids. OMG how cute is that packaging?

Whatcha think?

Interested in Cargo’s Summer offerings?

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  • 5/3/10 12:15 Phyrra:

    Wow I love those liner colors!


  • 5/3/10 14:25 Tohnia:

    I love the liner colours and that Get Wet kit has the most adorable packaging!


  • 5/3/10 16:29 VampiressDoll:

    Ahh Mermaids, I Love Mermaids!
    Beautiful ocean colours….wants. :D


    • 5/3/10 17:01 the Muse:

      god me too vampiress! Mermaids just so great :D


  • 5/3/10 18:32 Heather:

    Holy gorgeousness! Those liners will be mine. :D


  • 5/3/10 21:14 Marilyn @ Lipgloss and Spandex:

    OOOOH, those look gorgeous! I love CARGO, and can’t wait to buy this set.


  • 5/3/10 23:52 KaylaK:

    Just picked this up yesterday at Ulta, I love it! The pencils are awesome! The one deep forest green kind of reminds me of Undercurrent Pearlglide from MAC.


  • 5/4/10 1:16 nicole:

    Any idea when these are hitting the shelves? I need those eyeliners!


    • 5/4/10 9:04 the Muse:

      hi nicole already on ulta’s website :-D I imagine store will see them shortly hun!


  • 5/4/10 7:43 gio:

    Those liners look gorgeous!


  • 6/4/10 8:58 Rachel:

    I picked this up yesterday @ Ulta as well & have already dug into everything in it- absolutely love everything, the formulas are impressive, considering I expected everything to be on the dryer side since they’re waterproof. I especially love the liners- they are just too beautiful and creamy for words! I’m heading back to get the liner set now…


    • 6/4/10 9:03 the Muse:

      rachel awesome to hear hun ;-D


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