Clinique Fall Collection 2010

Not much of a Fall Collection really but Clinique is embracing bigger, brighter eyes for the upcoming Fall Season. Here’s a little sneaky peek (no info as of yet but feel free to drool over the pics).


Feel free to express your hopes for cool Fall Trends in the comment box.


  • 5/5/10 12:11 yuki:

    I love their mascaras!! I have one and it really makes my super short and almost non-existant eyelashes thicker! nice nice~~


  • 5/5/10 13:19 KaylaK:

    Since I work for Clinique this is nice to see! I notice we have a new eye pencil coming out judging by that photo, but it seems the rest of what is shown is already in our existing line. I know Clinique is known for natural or conservative shades but I wish we would come out with more fun colors!


    • 5/5/10 15:34 the Muse:

      kayla the bronze palettes looks fun! 😀


  • 5/5/10 13:32 Tinkerchelle:

    I heart Clinique mascara, but I do NOT want to think about fall yet! I’m just getting into the groove of Spring, LOL!


    • 5/5/10 15:14 the Muse:

      me either chelle LOL!


  • 5/5/10 14:48 JoElla:

    I like the colors! I always love the clinique colors, but have a hard time pulling off most of their eye shadows. Love their liners and ideas!


  • 5/5/10 19:26 Samantha:

    I have that EXACT eyeshadow. It was a clinique giveaway two years ago.


  • 5/5/10 22:42 dina:

    fall!! :( just ordered the brandied bronze summer palette! in any case, i hope clinique has something more exciting up their white lab coats for fall, kinda a snooze


    • 5/6/10 9:36 the Muse:

      dina I’m sure they’ll have sumthing 😀 damn I’m jealous I want that palette!


  • 5/6/10 14:32 Kelsey:

    that cream shadow looks like Sparkling Nude, which I love


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