We may one day look back on the master race and think how wicked they once were….Prior to Moffat offering them in the rainbow range

  • 5/4/10 10:49 Lillian:

    Oh so true. It always made me happy that in the new Doctor Who where most of the monsters are now CGI or very well designed the Daleks still have weapons made solely of a toilet plunger and a paint roller stripped of it’s sponge part.
    Also i can’t stop laughing at the comment on the article ‘who exterminated all the pies’ XD


    • 5/4/10 10:52 the Muse:

      aw hells yes lillian 😀 the joy of the toilet plunger LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! lmao!


  • 5/4/10 13:22 Kate:


    I did say to my husband as the colorful daleks rolled out, how they looked like those rainbow colored Macs you could buy in the late ’90s.

    I sort of wished Moffat saved the Daleks for a bit later when he was more established.

    Now I’m worried the Face of Boe will pop up with a facelift!!

    PS Did anyone else wish they had a Dalek around to serve tea?


    • 5/4/10 14:04 the Muse:

      aw kate believe me totally not lovin’ the taste the rainbow daleks 😛 God forbid! but…mmm…Jack is kinda vain LOL so a face lift for Boe wouldn’t be too far fetched LMAO

      Yes, I’d dig a dalek serving me tea bring it 😀


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