For the Pin Up In Us All: Diva Tweeze Tweezers

No secret that the Muse adores anything kawaii so she’s pretty much hung up at the moment on Diva Tweeze Tweezers. OMG the cuteness!

Each tweezer is $6.99 and as you can see decked out like a cute fashionable chicklet! I’m not much for slanted tweezer, prefer needle nose, but these are too bloody sweet to resist. Natasha and Layla are by far my favs, which are you loving?

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  • 5/12/10 10:45 donna:

    soooo cute! i totally want one! 😀


  • 5/12/10 12:17 Fuuka:

    I want Jade and Sierra. Their hair is so adorable!!


  • 5/12/10 17:20 Rena:

    Bianca and Jaya. They remind me of the paper dolls i used to play with as a kid.


  • 5/14/10 22:15 Ruby:

    oh wow, these look like american versions of the asian tweezers they had at i got it as a free gift when i ordered from there, but they dont have that many choices when it came to diversity….


  • 5/17/10 10:34 Gabriela:

    So cute!!! I love them.


  • 5/20/10 22:52 valerie:

    I saw these today at a local boutique in Canada.


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