Guerlain Fall Collection 2010

A brief glimpse at Guerlain Fall Collection 2010, one word, stunning!



  • 5/7/10 17:01 LINDARRAGNAR:

    oh my goodness, I am speechless…………………I think that compact is the most beautiful artifact ever. I think it even hasa mirror? I am so wanting this hopefully its not like 80 $ D:<


  • 5/7/10 17:15 Lillian:

    Oh… Oh wow O__O So much beauty!


  • 5/7/10 17:54 Ebontien:

    Holy…there are no words. And the rush of the summer collection just barely cooled off yet ….

    So far as I can tell there’s only one printed LE item. One I can manage…if there are more….time to start saving eh?


  • 5/7/10 18:16 Anitacska:

    Oh, that’s different! And have they dropped Natalia?


  • 5/7/10 20:06 Jennifer:

    omg that eyeshadow palette… I’m putting that on my wishlist for when my self-imposed no-buy is over (== when I get a raise at work)

    To think how I used to poo-poo expensive makeup… T_T

    And those lipsticks look like little itty bitty staplers XD


  • 5/7/10 20:11 electronicfly:

    zomg they’re so pretty!


  • 5/7/10 22:21 Ruth:

    OMG it’s amazing, I wonder what the new lip product is in the third picture ??????


  • 5/8/10 0:31 Kaoru:

    The more I look at the packaging and colors of that palette, the more I want it. I was just about to place an order with a Guerlain palette that’s okay, but not perfect. I’m totally saving my money now, and purchasing this one when it comes out, instead. I mean, just look at it!


  • 5/8/10 3:18 Johanna:

    I love Guerlain! I have the Rouge G lipstick in Greta and it’s wonderful — deep red that’s very moisturizing. Plus the packaging is so James Bond. Guerlain is one of the few companies that has mastered creating a red lipstick that isn’t drying.


  • 5/8/10 6:30 Janet:

    That packaging is GORGEOUS!


  • 5/8/10 10:21 Chelle Chioa:

    One word: fierce! I love it! <3


  • 5/8/10 23:43 Lee:

    OMG! I am totally in love! This is so different from the previous few years and definitely has the wow factor!


  • 5/9/10 1:22 Anna:

    OMG! I’m in lust with the eyeshadow palate- do we have any idea on price.


    • 5/10/10 9:09 the Muse:

      not yet anna 😛


  • 5/10/10 22:01 dina:

    the packaging is ridiculous ~ LOVE!! :)


  • 6/7/10 20:25 Kirstie:

    OMG… the packaging is beautiful. I have never tried any thing from this brand before… is the quality good?


    • 6/8/10 7:17 the Muse:

      kirstie yes quality is good :)


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