Hard Candy Meteor-Eyes Black Hole Review and Swatches

Missed the boat on MAC Style Black? I sure hope not as Cinderfella was such an awesome shade!

No worries, don’t panic. Style Black is long gone but Hard Candy Spring 2010 is here and has a super cheap version of Cinderfella….dupe-tastic anyone?


I really wanted to love on the Hard Candy Kal-Eye-Descope Baked Eyeshadow Duos but sadly…I dunno something was really off about those guys. I only tried one shade but pigmentation was zero and the formula was just really a pain to work with.

However, no such probs with the new Hard Candy Meteor-Eyes Baked Eye Shadow!

What are they?

Sparkling, dazzling, highly pigmented shades of baked shadow available in seven shades for $6 bucks each!

The Good….

I tried out Hard Candy Meteor-Eyes in Black Hole and it’s a damn great dupe for MAC Cinderfella. Only difference? MAC’s version comes across as a more grayer shade of black and Black Hole is more of a truer black shade.

Formula is quite pigmented on this and it blends fairly well with plenty of silvery shimmer in the mix of things. Although a baked shadow you won’t experience any problems with the color as it has a nice smooth, silky texture. You can use wet or dry if you desire. I find wet creates a dramatic look but is a tad messy at times.

Probably the best part about the shadow is the fact they have it available in seven shades. It’s as if you get an extension of the shades released with MAC Style Black. Shades include Black Hole (Black), Aesteroid (Blue Teal), Space Cadet (Emerald), Intergalactic (Bronze), Lunar Eclipse (Dirty Gold), Supernova (Purple), and Outer Space (Gray).

Price is a mere $6 bucks!

The Bad….

You’ll experience major fall out but hey, same prob with MAC Mineralized Shadows. The shadow is easily built up but if you over blend it’s easy to rub the color away from the lid rather quickly so I do suggest trying to use these as single shades rather than combined with several different eyeshadow colors.

Who Might Love ‘Em?

  • Anyone who was wishin’ for more shades from the MAC Black Style release.
  • Anyone who loved the MAC Black Style Eyeshadows!
  • Anyone who likes pigmented, baked eye shadow formats!
  • Anyone who desires a little sparkle in their shadow.
  • Anyone who likes a smoky or a colored smoky eye look (these would do you well at creating a rather awesome smoked out eye).

Who Might Not Love ‘Em?

  • Shimmer haters!
  • Anyone who can’t cope with fall out woe.

Final Thoughts…

For $6 bucks? You need them all. Too good a deal to not pick up. Very much a likey and a Muse Approved for purchase.

Now I seriously need to get my hands on the other shades….Hard Candy has tweeted that Spring/Summer 2010 will be at Walmart or is at your local Walmart already. Just be patient, it’s a coming kids.

What do you think?



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This review contains a sample product sent for consideration by PR.
Read my full disclosure statement here.

  • 5/19/10 11:19 kelly:

    Glad to hear they added pigment back into their shades! I will have to check these out! The previously baked shadows were NOT good.


    • 5/19/10 11:30 the Muse:

      NOT at all kelly. def did not likey!


  • 5/19/10 11:26 Phyrra:

    I’m gonna have to check out the blue-teal shade. Its siren song, I can hear it now!


    • 5/19/10 11:29 the Muse:

      you’ll LOVE it DD 😀 I needs it myself!


      • 5/19/10 11:32 Phyrra:

        I’m thinking some Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy + one of these new baked shadows = fun!

        They look like they’re better pigmented than the shadow duo I bought last year that sucked.


        • 5/19/10 11:50 the Muse:

          those totally washed up on me le sigh…was so disappointed. Hard texture 😛


  • 5/19/10 12:11 Kat:

    ahhh! I want to see swatches of them all! I think I wants 😀


    • 5/19/10 12:35 the Muse:

      wish I had ’em all Kat 😀


  • 5/19/10 12:46 Bonnie:

    Love the color and the shimmer. WANT!


  • 5/19/10 13:52 laura r:

    hi Musey, i wanted to tell ya i can see the disclaimers again. (yay!) and also, i just hauled some stuff from Beautyticket (including some SMashbox Reign which i was SO drooling over when you first reviewed it! i was shocked to see it show up there because i thought it would sell better than that. but win-win!)
    otherwise i’d be headed to Walmart. but i bet if i go later in the summer i can scoop up more. i’m making a long list of HC to get!


    • 5/19/10 13:59 the Muse:

      hi laura must be something with your browser hun? the disclaimers have always been there??? weird.

      w00t awesome I adored that collection. ooooo baby your list should be awesome lots of goodies released from HC yay!


  • 5/19/10 15:18 Marina:

    This is exciting :) I love baked shadows, and now that they’ve actually put out ones with better formulation, I might look into it!


    • 5/19/10 15:56 the Muse:

      def worth the look marina must better than the prior round imho!


  • 5/19/10 16:21 Nik:

    When I heard Cinderfella and Style Black my heart skipped a beat! I loved that collection! I saw a pic of backstage make up at Carolina Herrera and there was a Cinderfella/Young Punk shadow looking duo! Like the Magic, Mirth and Mischief mineralize duo! Even though I have two of each of those I am tempted to get it in duo form, is that wrong of me!!!!? Haha :)


    • 5/19/10 16:35 the Muse:

      NOT at all Nik 😀 I’ve been known to get colors again even if they are in a palette and I have a single…lol no shame in my game as far as that goes. We are just beauty junkies on our next fix!


  • 5/19/10 18:45 Paloma:

    Wow, the HC shadow is MUCH more pigmented than MAC’s……and much cheaper! How nutty is that?


  • 5/20/10 15:29 JR:

    I have no patience lolz. I want these new eye shadows and that moon glow stuff too now! LoLz.


    • 5/20/10 15:38 the Muse:

      ha JR I hear ya babe!


  • 5/20/10 17:41 jackieg02:

    I NEED to find this…along with the other new stuff from Hard Candy. None of my local Wal Marts have this displays out yet!!!!


    • 5/21/10 11:00 the Muse:

      jackie should be soon hun! :)D


  • 5/20/10 23:57 Marilyn @ Lipgloss and Spandex:

    OOOOOH that looks awesome! The regular baked eyeshadows are a little poor in pigmentation, but I do like them foiled (which also helps solve the fall out problem!) I will definitely have to give these new Meteor-eyes shadows a try.


  • 6/12/10 20:06 peri:

    i know…im late to the party lol. i work at walmart and ive been looking and looking for the new stuff, but we’re going through a remodel…some of it was finally put out within the last few days and i just noticed these eyeshadows…i bought supernova like 20 minutes ago and its super pretty…really pigmented and sparkly.


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