N.Y.C. New York Color Blushable Creme Stick Review and Swatches

Hey chicks!

N.Y.C. New York Color Summer Collection 2010 should be hitting your drugstores shortly. Let me tell you, they have a killer new gloss (tell ya about it soon), that you so NEED to get.

The collection also includes new Color Blushable Creme Sticks.

Check ’em!

What Is It?

A cream stick blush for quickie application on the go!

The Good…

Well…for $3.99 you can’t complain too much about these little guys. They have a super creamy formula, are incredibly pigmented, and currently have won my sister’s heart over (she loves these things with a passion).

The formula is quite creamy making it a breeze to blend without feeling greasy or sticky. The twist up design makes them a snap to tote around with as you can twist quickly, apply, and go.

I tried four shades which are Plaza Pink (Nude Peach), Mauvin’ Uptown (Bronzy Mauve), South Street Seashell (Reddish Tan), and Urban Spice (Beige Bronz-y Brown).

The Bad…

The newer shades that I tried aren’t too flattering on my skin tone. My sister is considerably darker than I am and she likes how pigmented these look on her face but on me they come across as very muddy even Plaza Pink which is a nude peach casts a strange glow on my face.

Who Might Like Them?

  • Clinique Blushwear Cream Stick users!
  • Anyone who wants a super cheap blendable cream blush that’s pigmented and cheap!
  • Anyone who likes deeper, richer shades of color blush.

Who Might Not Like Them?

  • Fairer skin types may find they apply a bit too muddy.

Final Thoughts….

I didn’t love these to be honest as the shades just aren’t great for me but maybe with a release of more flattering colors I might consider looking at them again in the future. These have gotten some serious raves on MUA so obviously alot of folks are lovin’ them so they may be worth a look at during your next drugstore trip.

Anyone try?

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  • 5/27/10 12:53 Cindy (Prime Beauty):

    I reviewed these also and really like them. I tried Plaza Pink and a new LE one Pink Flash which is a pinky coral–love this one! There is also an LE one called Berry something which looks like it might work for you. I agree the older shades are kinda muddy.


    • 5/27/10 13:08 the Muse:

      cindy berry *perk* must look for that πŸ˜€


  • 5/27/10 13:26 ashleigh:

    Muse, I can’t find these ANYWHERE here:( I think I might have to order online because I want one so badly!


    • 5/27/10 14:09 the Muse:

      duane reade Ashleigh? Also heard Walmart hun!


      • 5/27/10 14:11 ashleigh:

        no duane reade here muse:( tried walmart, but they are renovating so nothing ‘new’ has come in.


        • 5/27/10 14:27 the Muse:

          aw jeebs sorry ashleigh….I guess online would be best!


  • 5/27/10 13:33 Jeweled Thumb:

    I really like the ones that came in one of their Limited Edition collections. I found the shades very wearable and I’m even lighter than you (NW10!). The colors were Pink Flash and Wild Berry if you can still get your hands on them. They are shimmer free and very very easy to work with!


    • 5/27/10 14:37 the Muse:

      thanks jeweled thumb will have to see if I can snag those πŸ˜€


  • 5/27/10 14:24 elizabeth:

    omg, i just bought one of these last night! I’m ridiculously pale, and I got big apple blush, which i love – it’s really natural looking on me. i kind of want to go back to rite aid and look for more now…


    • 5/27/10 14:28 the Muse:

      i’ll have to track down big apple elizabeth πŸ˜€


    • 7/26/10 1:32 elora:

      I’ve gotta second Big Apple Blush!! I was a skeptic because of the low price and bought it on a whim, but I LOVE IT and it looks SO natural. Definitely try this color!!


      • 7/27/10 12:43 the Muse:

        elora thanks for the heads up πŸ˜€ I had it in my cart a few times nut haven’t gotten it yet πŸ˜€ sounds like a must have!


  • 5/27/10 16:03 Erica B.:

    I have them all even the LE ones and honestly alot don’t work on my darker skin. They come off way too ashy. I will keep them for a base for my powder blushes.


    • 5/27/10 16:37 the Muse:

      erica interesting to hear it. my sis is pretty tan and she loves ’em πŸ˜€ but on me to muddy le sigh!


  • 5/27/10 16:06 Sarah:

    I have NEVER seen these before their shock something collection. I got wild berry but i have never seen them on the stands normally. Hmm.. Love the one i have


  • 5/27/10 17:45 Robyn:

    the colours look cheap if that makes sense


  • 5/27/10 19:45 Ashley:

    Aaack I’ve been reading soo many raving reviews on the this so today I finally went and bought (some)… They were on clearance for $2.97 so I got Berry New Yorker, Mauvin’ Uptown, South St. Seashell, Urban Spice and Big Apple Blush! I haven’t tried them but I am so excited. I didn’t see Plaza Pink though.. I wanna collect them all like Pokemon πŸ˜‰


    • 6/15/10 16:29 the Muse:

      LOL ashley I hear ya on pokemon, same disease here when it comes to makeuP!


  • 5/27/10 19:52 ndoodles:

    Thanks for the swatches! Which one would you say had the least amount of shimmer and more of a creme finish? I just hate shimmery cream blushes.


    • 6/15/10 16:28 the Muse:

      mmm they all have a little shimmer noodles but the darker bronzy shades seem the ones with the creme :)


  • 6/8/10 0:06 Lauren:

    Let me tell you muse, I am in love with these!

    I currently only own wild berry (from the LE summer ones) and big apple blush, and im loving them. Wild Berry is a bright fuchsia cream but can be sheered down very easily, whereas Big Apple Blush is more of a rosy mauve blushed color that has a bit of shimmer and would look probably natural on anyone. These should work for you since they worked for me, because I’m pretty darn pale! (NC 15 in MAC thank you!)


    • 6/8/10 10:55 the Muse:

      hey lauren AWESOME suggestions picked up both and had WAY better results!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • 8/5/10 11:47 cess:

    Hey just wondering if anyone knows where I can buy these online? I am from Australia so I couldn’t find anywhere =( If anyone could put them on ebay OMG I WOULD BUY STRAIGHT AWAY!!!


  • 8/16/10 23:17 Kitty:

    Muse, just wondering but did you switch the labels for “South Street Seashell” and “Urban Spice”? Because I’ve seen swatches of “Urban Spice” before and it looked much more bronze.


    • 8/17/10 12:56 the Muse:

      possibly the lighting kitty…?


  • 10/10/10 16:27 Brooke:

    ooooh i luv these lots n lots n lots n lots they r beautifulllllllllll!!!!! xxx


  • 1/7/11 11:46 Nabeela:

    Amazing review & such beautiful colors!! im very gutted that this product isnt available in the UK (annoying) lol!! i was wondering if anyone would want to do a swap since i cant get these in the UK and im really interested?


  • 5/11/11 0:25 Lin:

    Hi Muse,

    I’ve never used cream blush before. I usually use liquid foundation-press powder- and then after i applied blush and everything I will use loose powder. For the cream one, do I use it right after liquid foundation and before press powder, or just after press powder? :p

    Sorry I was digging through ur old posts. πŸ˜€


    • 5/11/11 9:50 the Muse:

      hi lin I normally use it after bb cream and before powder blush. If you prefer a more glow from within look you can apply it first and follow up with foundation and pressed powder :)


      • 5/21/11 17:50 Lin:

        Thank you Muse!! I will go get them soon!


        • 5/23/11 16:49 the Muse:

          my pleasure Miss Lin!


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