New in Beauty: Bourjois Paris Mascara Elastic

Ahh another day, another new Bourjois Paris Mascara.

Wanna check out the new Bourjois Paris Mascara Elastic?


Ahh those fierce claims of incredibly visible length. This time Bourjois promises 130% more length aka your lashes will reach from here to the moon.

Bourjois Elastic Mascara has a new “stretchable” formula that forms extensions even on the shortest, finest lashes. Enriched with hevea from the rubber tree, the formula promises to stretch up to 130% beyond their natural length.

Sounds interesting.

Ok, you’ve convinced me I want rubberized lashes.


Available at select Boots UK locations and hopefully sometime soon in the US.

Whatcha think?

  • 5/26/10 16:24 Robyn:

    something about the bottle creeps me out


    • 5/26/10 16:25 the Muse:

      ha robyn!


    • 5/26/10 23:55 Sarah:

      same! haha


  • 5/26/10 19:47 Dee:

    Hey muse…I received Too Faced Naked Eye Palette today…I’m really loving it…


    • 6/15/10 16:50 the Muse:

      hey dee haven’t tried mine yet but will soon glad to hear it’s awesome :)


  • 5/27/10 8:30 Stephanie:

    Count me in! I think it sounds kind of cool. I would definitely buy it.


  • 5/27/10 9:28 Comrade_Garlic:

    The first thing that popped into my head was the movie “The Letter”. Bette Davis plays the wife of a rubber tree plantation manager. I hope that this will give me Bette Davis eyes.


    • 5/27/10 14:40 the Muse:

      aw LOL comrade great reference 😀


  • 5/31/10 16:43 lulubell:

    I bought this the other day and actually really like it, I’m gunna post a review on my blog soon.


  • 7/14/10 6:43 Ruthless:

    Just bought this. Bourjois is from what I understand, a drugstore brand similiar to Revlon-the price tag in Canada is pretty hefty.

    I like this Mascara, it doesn’t flake on me. However, it’s still not as defining as the Grow Lucious mascara (see Revlon reference above) and it’s more expensive


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