Sephora VIB Perk Alert: Bare Minerals Foiled Eye Tutorial Review and Swatches

Hey chicklets!

Hit up your inbox for a coupon for Sephora VIB’ers as it’s a nice one.


Sephora VIB members can get a free Bare Minerals Foiled Eye Tutorial with any purchase. Cool right? Check your inbox, print the coupon, and head in store to snag it or add it to your cart when checking out on Sephora’s website.

No coupon? No problem. My friend Jai didn’t get a coupon and he still was able to snag it by asking nicely about it.

Here’s the deets.

The set is normally $32 bucks and comes with two full size Bare Mineral Eye Colors in Disco and Night Owl plus a Double Ended Eye Brush. It has an awesome packaging which features a super cool tutorial and step by step instructions (check out me raving myself blue about the cool instructions that BE does up with their tutorial sets by clicking here) for an easy eye look using the shades or a look featuring the foiled version and how you can achieve it.

Best part about the set is the fact that it’s one of BE’s older gift sets so it features full size shadows and not the dinky little pots included in sets like the Bare Minerals Rocker Eye Kit.

I probably wouldn’t indulge if I was buying this for myself but I gotta admit for free, I’m on it. It’s a great kit featuring full size products, a super eye brush, plus creates a really fun look for day or night use. I have another set like this that I purchased years ago which you can see here.

Loves it.

Nice set plus hey, freeeeee!

Anyone haul it?

Do share!

Have you consumed today’s ?

  • 5/6/10 16:20 kelly:

    I picked this kit up when it launched and I still love it!


  • 5/6/10 16:34 Larie:

    I got the VIB coupon too, so I used it when I did a mini-haul the other day (another eye cream fail…sigh). I haven’t tried it yet but the swatches you have are so pretty, now I want to go home and do that!


    • 5/6/10 16:44 the Muse:

      ha larie which eye cream spill!

      ha have fun foiling 😀


      • 5/6/10 19:04 Larie:

        The Hylexin Serious Dark Circles from Bremenn Research Labs…it doesn’t do much of anything (at least not that I’ve noticed over the week I’ve used it), and the consistency is weird – it’s so hard to rub in, and it sort of…pills on your skin; I don’t know how to describe it, but it’s not good, haha. Needless to say – it’s going back to Sephora. Sigh.


  • 5/6/10 16:44 Lillian:

    Wow, fab free gift!


  • 5/6/10 17:11 LINDARRAGNAR:

    oh muse i got the email totaly eyeing it up 😀 now I know its worthwhile lol

    thanks for the swatches


    • 5/6/10 22:00 the Muse:

      my pleasure linda I figure it’s free might as well 😀 grab yourself a rosebud salve for 8 bucks and proceed to get this free :) if you aren’t wanting to dish out mega money on a purchase at Sephora 😀


  • 5/6/10 17:15 Kristina:

    Snagged this the other day! Haven’t tried it yet though. I was afraid the colors wouldnt be appropriate for daytime wear and judging from your pics – foiled isn’t a day look. Maybe I’ll give it a whirl dry tomorrow.


    • 5/7/10 16:03 the Muse:

      na prob not good for day when foiled krisitina 😀


  • 5/6/10 17:47 stalkthepostman:

    Glad you guys found it!! I called around to every Sephora in Vancouver
    and Calgary (have friends in both places) and every store was sold
    out within HOURS of the email being sent out! Ridiculous. Especially
    because so many offers from Sephora are not available to Canadians –
    finally, we had one we could use and they were sold out immediately.


    • 5/6/10 21:55 the Muse:

      aw jeez sorry to hear it stalkthepostman :( that’s crazy they sold out so fast!


  • 5/6/10 18:06 Aimee Pan:

    Wow boy am I GLAD that I didn’t get this! I’ve been on the fence about it forever and now I’m super glad I didn’t go for it .

    Is this the same awesome eye brush you raved about in the Rocker post?


    • 5/6/10 21:55 the Muse:

      aimee it’s free LOL what’s not to like!? ;-D

      Nope this is NOT the same brush not even close to as good as the rocker one 😀


  • 5/6/10 19:53 Crystal:

    I didn’t get the coupon. :( Did you have to spend a certain amount?


    • 5/6/10 21:54 the Muse:

      no crystal just be a VIB sephora member. Not a beauty insider but a VIB insider.


  • 5/6/10 23:45 kali:

    Yeap! This baby was sold out within HOURS. I couldn’t believe either and was sooooo mad. But then I called my store on Monday and they got a new shipment in! So for all of you who tried to get it over the weekend when the coupon was emailed, call your store again to see if they got a new shipment in. Sold out online though. =(

    I <3 GWP

    Btw, as always, I was curious to see if people were going to try to sell this on Ebay like they ALWAYS do with free stuff and I was right! Don't buy it on Ebay and just try and get it for FREE at your store!!!!


    • 5/7/10 15:36 the Muse:

      phew kali that’s loco! maybe get someone from here to snag it for you 😀

      ya figures, evil bay!


  • 5/7/10 13:50 Rachelle:

    wow, i didn’t get this e-mail! i’m a VIB, but i guess it might not be open to québec residents. darn :(.


    • 5/7/10 13:53 the Muse:

      aw prob not rachelle SNIFF :(


  • 5/7/10 22:33 Alli:

    Ugh, I’m so jealous. I haven’t been receiving any sephora emails since the fall and I’ve called and called and emailed and emailed and no one helps me! I’m missing out on these sweet VIB details. Did you have to put in a code?


    • 5/10/10 9:31 the Muse:

      no code alli just used the coupon and went to the store. Hope this helps!


  • 5/11/10 19:45 Cassidy:

    I love these eyeshadows, but they are totally out of my budget. :(
    Do you think there are any cheaper dupes?


    • 5/11/10 20:26 the Muse:

      cassidy they are free hun? with your VIB card…so def not out of your budget :)


  • 7/16/10 12:09 Ru:

    I made the biggest mistake in the world and didn’t run out to get this… sigh- I regretted that dumb move and it will never happen again!! You are right, I wouldn’t indulge in this myself, but free…? Well of course!


  • 8/21/10 23:59 Swt Azn Qt:

    When did this start and end?


    • 8/22/10 6:12 the Muse:

      hi swt this is an old post really can’t remember when it started or ended I assume around the time I posted. Hope this helps.


  • 8/22/10 15:32 Swt Azn Qt:

    It’s alright and thanks for the quick reply! =) By the way, would you also happen to know if this VIB Bonus is available to Canadians as well?


    • 8/23/10 9:58 the Muse:

      hi my pleasure swt.

      I’m not familiar with the promos from Sephora Canada sadly.


  • 8/23/10 23:49 Swt Azn Qt:

    No worries! I’m sure I can find more information on it with Sephora! =) Sadly, I just wished I could have gotten it though…but I don’t think I qualified for VIB Status just yet back then…so that’s why I wanted to know the exact date they came out with this offer…! =( Oh well…at least I qualify for VIB Status just recently! =D


    • 8/24/10 11:45 the Muse:

      wish I know swt :) I’m not familiar with the specials or programs Sephora Canada has ongoing 😀 I wrote this in may so maybe that helps? congrats on your VIB status!


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