Tarte Summer Collection 2010: Tarte Waterproof 12-Hour Stay Amazonian Clay Shadow

If Tarte Waterproof Amazonian Clay Eye Shadow is anything to go by I’d say we’re in for a Summer of long wearing makeup.


QVC has a sneak peek of the new Tarte Waterproof 12-Hour Stay Amazonian Clay Shadow which are available in a trio for $31 (A201738). If you’re a MAC Shadestick fan these should appeal as they are a long lasting plush eyeshadow inflused with Amazonian white clay which delivers intense pigment.

They aren’t officially launched from Tarte and are available only from QVC at the moment but I suspect it’s a sneak peek of what Tarte Summer 2010 will be about.

The trio includes the following shades:

  • Golden Beige
  • Bronze
  • Plum

Whatcha think?

I’m not big on MAC Shadesticks but won’t deny they do the trick as a great base, these could prove the same.

  • 5/10/10 13:05 Kristina:

    Wants em! I went in the other day looking for Tarte’s new clay liners but my Sephora hadn’t gotten them in yet.


    • 5/10/10 13:25 the Muse:

      I’m kinda wanting the golden beige myself kristina 😀


  • 5/10/10 14:25 Sarah G.:

    I wonder if they really have the staying power. I’ve yet to find an eye shadow in stick form that will stick to my lids all day, even with UD primer potion underneath. I’m very temped to try these…..


    • 5/10/10 14:46 the Muse:

      sarah not sure but the waterproof element sounds pretty tempting!


  • 5/10/10 15:29 LINDARRAGNAR:

    Ohh I hope they get these into sephoras soon. I love shahdesticks!! <3333 + something about it having clay makes it a super interesting item.


    • 5/10/10 15:37 the Muse:

      should be linda plus they have gel liners coming out too 😀


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